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Biotene Mouthwash

Biotene Mouthwash

2.3 from 20 reviews

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Not worth the money.

Website says it works but I see no difference. Didn't work at all. For 16 dollars a tube may as well just light a match to your money. I certainly would never recommend this product to anyone. False advertising.

Purchased in March 2019 for $16.10.

Biotene Dry Mouth Gel causes severe burning sensation

After only one use, my mouth started to burn, included my lips, tongue and throat. After rinsing my mouth with distilled water for 5 minutes I still had no relief from the burning sensation.

It just don't work

I gave this product a try and to my surprise, did not work at all. I tried two different types, mouth wash and the rub. I would not recommend this product.

It is too sweet even though it says no sugar but then you read on and it says a sweetner in it ?????

It would be good if I didn't wake up with a yucky sweet taste in my mouth, surely you can do without a sweetener and then I might recommend it to my friends

Burnt the back of my throat

It worked well but then I sprayed and accidently sprayed the back of my throat, instead of my mouth. I started coughing and couldn't stop and felt like I was choking, it felt rough and irritated all day and made my voice hoarse and it was very difficult to speak. Reaction lasted over 5 hrs. I called company and the call centre person said they couldn't help.

Doesn't work

Do NOT waste any money on this ineffective product. I've been searching for something to help dry mouth for years. Dr. Prescribed Pilocarpine tablets and no more problems. This is effective relief. I have purchased Biotine at least six times in the past, always hoping it may have become more effective, each time to be yet again disappointed.

I drank lots of water because of the dry feeling, and as soon as I drank, my mouth felt dry again using this product.

Biotene Mouthwash

Have found the new product much better for my mouth. The previous taste caused a burning sensation not apparent in this formula. A positive change. Also better for inflamed mouth and throat tissue.

Warning---new formula is crap

I've used Biotene PBF regularly for over a decade and was totally shocked to find that the "new look" product no longer contains any of the enzymes that made this product unique and effective. It appears the product name and packaging was sold to another company who made a major change in the formulation. Do not buy!

Great product, works for me!

I've been using Biotene mouthwash for over 12 months as a dry mouth at night-time was causing me a lot of sleep loss. It has certainly improved my sleep quality and personally I find the taste quite pleasant. You don't need a lot each rinse and I consider the benefit of better sleep far outweighs the moderate cost.

It made it worst!!!

So I only had super mild dry mouth I diagnosed myself, I was being lazy and I never drink water as I just never have time or the craving I'm like a camel and I thought this could be quick fix. I tried it and within 15 minutes my gums became sore and I haven't had issues with my gums in years!! Then my throat has completely swollen up and I cannot speak, it is so sore. My throat feels so dry and like razor blades. Don't buy this product it clearly isn't doing the job.

Didn't Do The Job

Due to dry mouth from medications, doctor and dentist recommend this product for me. I was disappointed. Felt like I was just swishing an oily liquid around and within a minute of spitting it out my mouth was just as dry as before. I thought it was because I had only just started using it and things would get better after a few doses, but not so. It's not cheap either, so I don't understand the hype with it. I actually found chewing sugarless gum was a better way to.

Product has changed

Biotene is no longer any good for DRY MOUTH they have removed the enzimes which is what made the product good.

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why do companies need to be greedy and make such profits and destroy good products??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/ ALL FOR MONEY $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ GREED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

below average product

I bought this product at the chemist warehouse in wollongong pharmacy and found it taste dopey and actually make my mouth worse plus the aftertaste was bad / I would recommend staying away from this product unless someone already has a dry mouth otherwise it will cause a dry mouth / me personally I will never buy this particular product ever again though I would recommend it if someone has never used it before and they actually have had dry mouth symptoms

Terrific until they changed the formula. Have to agree with previous 2 articles and have returned 2

Had been using this product and asked my husband to buy more as have extreme dry mouth because of sjogren's. I cannot understand the madness in changing a perfect product for people that suffer with sjogren's and other illnesses that take the saliva out of their system. Can only assume that the people responsible for this do not suffer and also the sceptic in me thinks it saves the big national drug company money

Biotene New Formulation doesn't Work!

I've been using Biotene tooth paste and mouthwash for 12 years since I have Sjogren's which causes severe dry mouth and eyes. I noticed my new Biotene mouthwash has a new formula and it's absolutely horrible. It burns my mouth and tongue and it made the skin inside of my mouth rough texture after using over a week. I have checked reviews in the US and users are complaining a lot. At least there is Biotene PBS mouthwash which has similar ingredients to the old mouthwash in the US, but not in Australia. Apparently, Biotene reformulated everything inc. tooth paste, gel etc and none of them has enzymes anymore, except PBS mouthwash. What a shame...I'll find other brands and I hope other companies will develop better formulation than current Biotene products.

Update: I've found Oral Seven mouthwash, tooth paste and gel have identical ingredients to previous Biotene products. It looks like it's a generic version. They're not particularly cheaper than Biotene ones, but at least they can replace Biotene products for now.

burning, not moisturing, expensive

Biotene Mouthwash - new formula - yuk!

I have been using biotene mouthwash for years as I suffer from dry mouth due to medication. The formula has now changed and it's awful. Now it tastes oily, the flavour isn't very nice and it numbs my mouth for a few minutes after I use it. Why did they have to change it so radically? I called them up and they said it was to make the pH level similar to a human mouth. They've also stopped using the 3 enzymes that made the old formula work so well. Now I have to look for a different mouthwash. Not happy.
If you ring Biotene, they will tell you how to get a refund.
Taste, oilyness, causes numb tongue and mouth


This would have to be the best Mouthwash on the Market, it has a taste that is nice and it works well, Anti Bacterial and only a small amount is needed to wash and gargle. I think the packaging is up to date and the price whilst a bit more costly than Cepecol it is well worth it. If you have used this one you know its killing the germs that live in your mouth and killing any bacteria in the throat also, it is a good one and that is understated. I purchased mine from the Chemist, and I would indeed ask my family and friends to try it. For that matter I would tell anyone to give this one a go.
This is the Mercadies of the mouth Washes. It would have to be he best on the market.
It is a little expensive but well worth it.

Good product but expensive

Biotene mouth wash is an excellent product if you have sensitivities or having problems with dry mouth and ulcers. It has a milder flavour than other mouth washes that can often make you feel like you're gargling methylated spirits. It doesn't have that sting in it at all. It's gentle, leaves you feeling as though your mouth is very clean and bacteria free.

I paid about $16 for the large bottle, which is much more than a regular mouth wash, but is worth it if you're unable to use cheap ones for a while. You don't need to use quite as much as regular mouth wash to get the job done, which is a bonus.
Gentle, moisturising, alcohol free, mild flavour
Triple price of regular mouth wash


I found that the regular mouth washes (even the non-alcoholic) would dry my mouth greatly after some time. Biotene didn't have that effect at all. It is very pleasant to use and it tastes fine, nothing grand.

I wish I could afford to store Biotene permanently in my bathroom cupboard however it is so expensive that I have decided not to use mouth wash at all unless I am having a gingivitis outbreak and really need to keep my mouth super clean.

These days I don't use Biotene at all as I found that using an electric toothbrush and when needed Oral B Amosan mouth wash (also expensive however extremely effective) is more than enough.

I have to score the product a low score based on the price.
Gentle on your mouth and doesn't leave it dry.
Very expensive


I was recommended this mouthwash after getting my tongue pierced a few years ago because it is alcohol free. I found that it healed up my piercing very well and also made my teeth sparkling clean. The only downfall was because of the frequency in which I used it, I should have diluted it as it left a white furry coating on my tongue which disappeared a few months after I stopped using mouthwash.
Tastes like coconut and left a very refreshing aftertaste, alcohol free so it doesn't have the common burn and sting effect most mouthwashes have
Hard to find and purchase, expensive compared to other brands of mouthwash

Questions & Answers

can you please explain why your biotene dry mouth Spray says Sugar Free but yet the ingredients list Xylitol which is more powerful then sugar. Is this false advertising.? I wake up every morning with such a sweet taste in my mouth I have to wash teeth and tongue with toothpaste to get rid of the sweet taste so I no longer use it. Why does it have to have some form of sugar in it when you advertise it as Sugar Free.
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Does the oral balance gel kill all the germs same as the mouth wash?
2 answers
Sorry, can't tell you as I refuse to buy this product since the formulation change. Have found another more reasonably priced mouthwash, also for dry mouth sufferers.I would think so but to double check you could call up the biotene hotline - I have switched mouth wash brand these days

Where can I buy biotene, besides chemist? Thanks
2 answers
Coles supermarket now sells Biotene products however at a high price. Chemist warehouse is a bit cheaper. I am pretty sure I seen it for sale in Woolworths supermarket in fairy meadow though I wouldnt bother if I was you unless you already have dry mouth symptoms


Biotene Mouthwash
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