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Boon Grass / Lawn

Boon Grass / Lawn

Grass and Lawn
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Dry bottles, small items really fast and it doesn't take alot of space.

I was given the Boon Grass by a friend.

Highly recommend for parents especially the one who wash alot of baby bottles.

I use it for everything, sippy cup/bottles, baby spoon, snack container and random stuff since it can hold item straight too when you stick it into the grass.

It dry really fast as the grass is high so air flows through it.

It's compact and good size for my kitchen bench as it doesn't require that much room.

It looks pretty and we use it everyday!

Purchased in November 2018.

I love this product

I really enjoy the look of this drying rack which is important to me as it has been a permanent item on my kitchen bench since the arrival of our baby. I also have the twig accessory which is good to put teats on. The size of the grass is perfect for me and is in constant use throughout the whole day. I have found that even small items like 1ml dosing syringes sit well on the grass. At first I didn't consider needing a separate drying rack for bottles and baby items but this product has been great and I would recommend it.

Love it!

I couldnt decide between the grass or lawn, in the end went with the grass because it takes up less space and got a twig as well. Glad i did. I breastfeed but use lots of bottles for creche-4 bottles a day plus expressing equipment (shield), all fits on grass. The teats can go on twig. Now bub on solids, I dry the little containers on it too and still have enough space because he is taking less bottles. I have no complaints. I also got it when shop was having 20% off all Boon.

Love it - very cool

Looks very cool; wished I got the Lawn size because I didn't have enough room on it but then I got two of the Twig and one Stem accessory and now have loads of space to store all the bottles and accessories once they're washed, until they're used again - use it all day every day!

I love this grass to bits.

This certainly comes in handy with air drying many things including my fine crystal wine glasses. Definitely I wish I purchased this earlier. The only down side thing is that is has to take up room on the bench, but I knew that before I purchased it. I highly recommend this grass.

Great for wine glasses

This is such a handy thing to have. Used it daily with baby bottles and now, long after we've passed that stage, we still use it to dry our wine glasses. It holds glasses securely unlike the normal dish rack where they get knocked over and break. I trust it with my very fine Riedels even. Nice to be able to get white now too.

Awesome drying racks for baby feeding stuff

This is the only drying rack that worked well with our glass bottles. It drains well and safe in the dishwasher. I use it everyday to keep my baby feeding stuff organized. It fits all shapes and sizes of bottles, nipples, baby feeding tools and breast pump parts. I also like how it looks in the kitchen, it’s very modern. This rack is small for us so I need to buy two. I wish it were bigger. Overall, this product works great, I love it and I would recommend this.

Pretty Stylish Functional

I was tossing between the Lawn or Grass, ended up with grass. I could fit at least 4 bottles on it plus accessories also got the Stem both are very stylish. It definitely holds bottles and accessories in place. $30 for the Grass $7 for the Stem. I love how I smile every time I look at it or use it. It is very pretty. I think its the only funky item in our house!

Make the every day pretty

I have used three different drying racks, all functional but bulky and untidy looking plus don't fit it dishwasher or are only hand washable. The boon grass was $44 for the large lawn from nursingangel.com and $7 per flower. It holds plenty and is easy to clean, just put it in the dishwasher. Because it looks good, I don't feel the need to put it away. Recommended to mums group
Style and function

Great buy

Looks great, compact & so convenient. I often have three bottles & all bits drying at a time. I also have the tree which adds height and extra storage, perfect for teats, rings etc. It is so easy to wash. No more mess with bottles drying on bench. Great buy.

So Handy

Was given one and as gift after i brought on and seriously considered using both on my counter top. As we have a dish washer i am not a fan of massive drying racks so this is great for bottles and baby things after a wash. Easy to clean and people always comment and say how funky it is. even great for cutlery and smaller adult items.
Nice on the eye. Functional. there isn't a set description of what you can and cant use in it.
Cant put Huge items in/on.

Funky way to dry bottles and other baby things

I purchased this because I liked the look of it but I also liked the fact that its not just for bottles, the spikes that look like grass are great for drying syringes, teats, bottle tops and also bottles. It can go in the dish washer so easy to keep clean, the grass and the white base separate so you can drain out any excess water and it looks cool on the kitchen bench top. My toddler was fascinated with it when I bought it to use for his new baby brother.
slightly expensive

Looks pretty but not as functional as I hoped

Saw this at a friend's place and had to have it. Up until then as only an occasional bottle user, I was draining bottles and accessories on paper towels. Loved the idea of something aesthetically pleasing in the kitchen to replace the paper towels. It hasn't been as useful as I would like. I tend to just place things on top/occasionally pushing an item in to secure it when it starts to get crowded. If I bump this, bits fall off very easily. I think I would find a drainer with large separate spikes to hold each bottle properly, more useful. And let's face it, when you are dealing with baby bottles, even a pretty plastic piece of green grass sitting on your bench top really doesn't disguise the fact that they are baby bottles.
Expensive--could only find cheaper in the USA but not able to ship here.

Questions & Answers

How do I clean the Boon grass drying rack? I wash t everyday with soapy water but obviously it's not good enough, started to get little moudly at the bottom of the rack which is very hard to reach. It says it's not dish washer safe. How does everyone else clean it?
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Perhaps give the things a good shake before you place them in the rack? I only use it to dry items out of the steriliser so they are not overly wet - perhaps it's the buildup of excess water which is making this happen?I normally soak mine in some warm water and a couple of capfuls of bleach, rinse and it's as good as new again.


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