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Heinz Baby Basic Weaning Spoons

Heinz Baby Basic Weaning Spoons

4.4 from 17 reviews

Perfect for weaning

These Heinz baby basics weaning spoons are perfect for introducing solids to your little ones diet. They do stain with some foods usually an orange colour. We have the bright pink ones so the staining doesn't show up as much as the other colours. They are colourful and fun for the little one to use.

Pretty good

The spoons are soft and bendy so they're excellent for introducing solids for the first time. Unfortunately they get stained extremely easily though. Also, they're quite deep so the baby has a hard time getting everything off the spoon. Overall, they're pretty good but i'll be trying a different brand next time.
Very soft and bendy
Stain easily

Don't bother

Yes it's soft for the baby but the tip stained the first time I used it!!!!! Waste of money. Looks all dirty and too embarrassed to use. As far as I'm concerned this product is fault and company refuses to acknowledge unhappy customer. A light blue spoon has now a yellow tip. Not happy!!
Soft for the baby's mouth
Stained the first time I use it

Fantastic spoons

I've used these spoons with my 2 kids (now 5 & 2) and am currently pregnant with our 3rd and will still use them on her. They've lasted that long they are soft on bubs gums and are a fantastic spoon to learn to eat from. Fantastic colours and overall are just a great item!
Cheap, soft on babies gums

Great spoons for great food

Heinz baby basic weaning spoons are a great first time spoon for your baby. They are soft on their gums and made of a pliable rubber so that it shapes with your childs mouth. The child can bite down on them and not hurt their teeth or gums. They can in a variety of colours for both boys and girls
Inexpensive, bpa free, baby loves them

these are awesome!!

these make it easy to you and bubba to feed with very lift weight and flexible. they make it easy to scape the food of the face too the the slide of the spoon very soft. they come in a 4mt or 6mts pack but not the bigger then that. do stains easier cause there so soft
flexible, lightwieght and funky colours
they dont make them in a bigger size hehe. and they do stain with pasta or some vegs.

Great for weaning

We bought the four-pack of 4+ month spoons to start weaning our son onto solids. So far we are very happy with them, and would recommend to others. I especially like the variety of colours to choose from, no silly 'pink or blue only' option!

The flexible tip makes scraping food from around the mouth easy, and it's nice knowing that tender little gums can chew on them safely. The solid handle is short, which makes it easy to maneuver food into the mouth.

The 4m+ size spoons hold the right amount of puree for those just starting solids, and the narrow tip fits well into little mouths.

I keep one of my 4-pack aside for foods that stain, like sweet potato and carrots, and this means I have three spoons that still look as new.
Good value, flexible, sized for small mouths, lots of colours
Tip stains with some foods

Fabulous product

We got a few free as part of a baby showbag thing, so figured we'd just try the, Of the three different brands we had samples for, these were the favourite and we now own about 20 of them. :)
Great shape and design. Soft and easy for bubs to hold.
Stains easily.

Nice and Soft

These spoons are nice and soft for baby learning how to eat. Also shallow to make it easy to get the food in!

I got the purple/blue ones and the edges stained with pumpkin.
Soft and shallow spoon
Stain easily

The only spoons you'll need

These spoons are fantastic. They are easy to grip by parent or baby and are the perfect size and shape for baby's mouth. My son loves chewing on the soft tip which holds up really well and has not lost its shape. I love the soft tip as it can be gently scraped across baby's mouth to effortlessly remove any escaped food.
flexible yet firm; great size and shape; very durable

best spoons for introducing solids!!

love these spoons, the only issue is as the children get older and start to chew them they do get teeth marks in them, but they are nice and soft on gums and a nice shape for bub to practice holding too, the spoon part is a good shape so that really runny food isnt going to run off and it is small enough to fit easliy into bub's mouth
soft, flexible, small size but still holds enough food

Great size, perfectly soft

I never imagined a spoon shape would influence the way my bub would eat. I got a few sample spoons from a baby expo and found this Heinz spoon the best! it's narrow enough to fit bub's mouth and the tip is so soft and gentle. So I went out and bought a pack of 4. I love that there's a pretty range of bright colours to choose from!
Narrow, fits bub's mouth perfectly. Soft flexible tip makes for easy use with purees/rice cereal and getting food unstuck. Great choice of brit colours!.


These are great just because of their shape, when babies are starting solids they can't fit some of the wider spoons into their mouths and it it just makes a mess. They are also nice for scooping the food off baby's chin.
These are the perfect size when bub is really tiny and just starting solids, they don't hold too much food and are pretty narrow so fit in baby's mouth. Also soft for little mouths.
Not so great for older bubs as they can't hold much food at all, and not the best choice for self feeding. So they won't last more than a few months.

Happy with this nice soft spoon

I have tried a few different baby spoons but have found this one to be the nicest to use as it is nice and soft and prevents baby from getting hurt, especially when he is trying to feed himself, or when his brother is trying to help feed him. The spoon also does a good job of scraping out the bowl or jar.
Nice and soft, easy to use


These are great for when your baby starts eating as they are relatively flat and narrow which means that it easier for bubs to get the food off the spoon. At first I didn't really think I needed anything special but after trying other spoon I found these the best for when bubs starts eating.
Not too wide like some other baby spoons and not too deep, easy to find at the shops


These are great spoons to beginning solids. We first tried some others that were too wide for baby's mounth. These spoons are narrow enough for baby and have soft ends so when my baby chews on the spoon it doesn't hurt him. they are firm enough to use and still do the job but soft enough for baby to avoid hurting himself.
These spoons are soft and a small size and are narrow. They haven't stained so far. You can buy these in a 4 pack too.
Can't think of any. We paid $10 for 4 so perhaps these are expensive but they last.


These spoons are particularly excellent for starting solids, due to their flatish spoon bubs had easier access to the puree foods on the spoon. I have used both the 4mths and 6mths and they really do prove to be helpful when first starting the solids. They have some great colours (boys, girls and neutral) which match with the rest of the baby feeding accessories. I do recommend these and will continue to use until my bubs grows out of them.
Shallow spoon is perfect for beginning foods. Soft spoon is great for little mouths and great for teething aswell. Size of handle is perfect for little hands and has great grip.
These spoons are a little expensive considering you go up in sizes in just 1-2 months.

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