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Cherub Baby Food Pouch Spoons

Cherub Baby Food Pouch Spoons

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Very handy, especially when you're on the go

Very great idea for parents on the go. Super handy, easy to use, just screw on and squeeze out and feed to the baby. No mess no fuss and happy baby

Purchased in September 2018 at Baby Bunting Physical store for $12.95.

Fits other pouches

I love these spoons as it serves as a trainer feeding utensil for my bub to start solid feeding. It also doesn't only fit the same brand of pouches as it also fits Heinz and Sinchies. Wish it had more colours but the red and yellow version are attractive enough to lure my bub into eating my prepared baby food. It came free with the food pouches I purchased but it worked fine and plastic spoons supposedly changes colour to white when it is too hot and I have to see that yet as I often serve my baby food purees at room temperature.

Great Spoons

I love these spoons. They fit in almost all of the food pouches that I have at home. It's a hygienic feeding utensil that I can wash easily then attach to the food pouch. With its bright colour my little boy loves to eat the purees I prepared with them. The spoons make it non-messy during feeding time and it helps my boy transition into using spoons when eating. It changes to white when the liquid puree is too hot for eating. Sometimes, I forget that the heated pouch comes fresh from the microwave and the colour changes alerts me that the food is too hot for feeding.

Convenient Spoons

I like the design of these spoons that can fit almost all brands of similar food pouches. It is convenient and comes in vibrant colours of yellow and red. I used the spoon when feeding my little darling as it doesn't get messy when placing purees into food pouches and then placing the spoon for easy dispensing during feeding time. The colour change technology is also helpful though I seldom see the food being too hot as I serve it just warm enough for my baby's tummy. Wish they have more colours for the spoons and other versions that can fit other containers such as bottles.

Good price and quality

The best pair for all major brands of food pouches in the market. At first, I thought this would only fit the Cherub brand but then it also fit other food pouches that I previously bought, I was finally convinced this is a good product made by a company that doesn't only want the for exclusive use of their products. I have never experienced any leaks so far since I bought it last October 6. Wish they had more colours to choose as it only comes in two bright colours of red and yellow. It's also a steal at only $5 for a pack of two spoons. What I also like about it are the colour change technology as it turns pale when baby food running through it is too hot after placing the food pouch in the microwave. I also like the bonus items such as the carrying case and the cleaning brush which makes it easier for me to keep things clean before every use.

Fits my bub's needs

Food pouches are all over nowadays that's why I purchased these food pouch spoons. They can basically fit in other food pouch brands found in the market. I have tried a couple already and was able to screw it on easily. My bub is still young and has a hard time sipping through straws and once coughed hard because of it. I think this is a unique innovation because it is a spoon and your bub doesn't really use it as a straw, just squeeze it to let the food out. Also, the colour change feature is great and shows if the food in the pouch is too hot, the coloured spoon becomes clear. I bought several of these and enjoy using them.
cleaning is quick, BPA free

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