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Braun Silk-epil 5

Braun Silk-epil 5

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Works like a shaver not epilator

Don't buy this model. It's like a shaver, doesn't pull hair from the roots. Hair grow back in a few days as stubble. I dont recommend this epilator at all.

Braun Epiil 5

Brought this for my daughter for her as a birthday present. Only used this twice was an ineffective product the razor attachment didn't even work. Returned to the manufacturer for money back as part of 60 day trial offer.

Terrible. Like a shaver, not an epilator

I have used epilators for over 20 years. This does nothing but cut off the hair like a shaver. A few days later my legs are hairy again. Very disappointed.

slows down and stops

This epilator has not had a lot of use, it has slowed down and now it has stopped working altogether. I have cleaned it after every use so l can't see that hair is stopped it from rotating. Very disappointed in this product.

Motor slowly dies after a good start

Excellent hair removal and shaving for the first few months. Motor has slowed down so it can only remove one or two hairs every 5 seconds or so. Would not purchase again.


I paid 120 Canadian and didn't last even one year. I've only used it once a month. Prior to this I had a cheaper brand paid 40 and lasted more than a year!!

Very disappointed Braun

I purchased my first Braun epilator in the late 1990s and it was great, lasting many years. I replaced it about two years ago with the Braun Silk-epil 5. It has slowly deteriorated over the past year: the motor is very slow and sometimes doesn't start at all or the rotating head won't turn; plus it often shaves the hairs rather than cutting them, leaving me with regrowth after a day or so. I'm disappointed that this model had nowhere near the quality apparent in my earlier model.

Major Fail

I purchased this the other week, needing to upgrade my silk epil xelle that's 6 years old. I was hopeful with the new pivoting head, promise to get rid of small hairs and great reputation that this would be wonderful. I am no stranger to epilating. Both my previous epilators have been Brauns and I have been very happy with both.

This one however revved at half the speed on high as my old one does on low (I compared them). It takes me 45 minutes to do both legs in total (above and below the knee) with my xelle. I epilated for an hour and 10 minutes with this and had only made it to the knee.

Having used the efficiency head, I gave it a try with the massaging head. Both seemed to sit a few mm's above the tweezers rendering them pretty useless. I tried for a further 10 minutes and got up to check my legs in the light. Patches of missed hair was everywhere! No wonder these are so gentle. They're not plucking much!

I gave up and returned them to the store for a refund.

The only thing I liked was the fact it was corded (so many aren't now and they die long before they should due to batteries not recharging anymore) and the variety of heads that came with it.

Not happy

I was not happy with the outcome at all. I used it and at first it was really nice but in my second attempt at using the product, my legs were covered in ingrown hairs and now they still look hairy despite having completely gone over them with the product :(


After years of waxing both at home and professionally, I took the plunge and bought the Silk Epil 5780 at the post Christmas sales (my first ever epilator) and I am *so* glad I did! This little machine is fabulous!!! It removes hair beautifully, doesn't hurt a bit and is surprisingly quiet. I don't have the cord socket problems reported by others - I pushed the end in until it 'clicked' into place (although, perhaps Braun have since rectified the loose cord problem?) I have no hesitation in recommending this product - it does what it claims on the box!

How to fix the cord issue!

It has been 8 years since I bought a new Epilator - my old one was an Emjoi, and at first I was sorry to see it die.... Not any more! My new Braun is fantastic, heaps faster, more thorough, hurts less, and when I am finished, my skin is not red one tiny bit. At first I had the same cord issues as everyone else, but after Google-ing the problem found out that you simply need to push the cord in really hard - until it clicks! Problem solved!

OK but cord keeps slipping out

I have had mine for about a year and I should have taken it back straight away because the cord literally falls out. I have mine sticky taped on but it still cuts out sometimes because the cord comes out. The epilating works OK but you do have to go over the same areas many times. I've never had another epilator though so I'm not sure if that's normal. But I would recommend epilating in general, just try a different model perhaps. The little light on this one is great and it doesn't hurt after the first few times! I am planning on complaining to Braun about this cord problem so I'll comment back how it goes.

Good, but not quite there yet.

I now own 3 Braun epilators and an emjoi, along with many wax systems, creams, razors - I even bought a home electrolysis kit (big mistake) many years back - so I'm constantly seeking the holy grail of easy home hair removal that results in smooth skin. Still not quite there yet. On the plus side, the 'braun 5 young beauty' is definitely the gentlest of all the epilators I have owned. I didn't use the cooling glove as it wasn't necessary. The little light is great addition. I also like the fact that it's not rechargable as the cordless ones never last long enough between charges fo my liking. It does grab extremely short hair. In fact I suggest you follow recommedations to shave the area first if hair is long & wait a few days, as it's no good on longer hairs. On the con side it doesn't do uneven surfaces such as bikini area very well. What I am doing now is using it for about 70% of the hair removal then I go over the missed hairs with my old braun eversoft (way more painful but better at getting longer hair on uneven surfaces) & that gets about 90% of the hair in total. The other con is that the cord keeps slipping out, so much so that i think it could be a fault in the unit as I can't believe they would manufacture them with such a lose fit. Should probably get a replacement one but can't locate my sales docket unfortunately.
very gentle, love the light, extremely good on short hair.
dodgy cord socket, not good on uneven surfaces.

Very dodgy cord socket will not stay in will not purchase another after many years of a previous modelTo the reviewers who suggested to those with dodgy cords to push the cord in hard until it clicks -THAN YOU!!! It worked - almost gave up though thinking it may not apply to mine as you have to push really hard.

Never had one before.

Wow I love this product. I am 40 and have waxed my bikini and underarms since I was 16. The last few waxings I got burnt, I think my skin has turned sensitive?!? Anyhow I started reviewing the epilators and decided on another type, but living in country town I couldn't get it. Got this one instead.
Love the light on it. Easy to use. My underarms were the easiest!! No pain. Bikini was the same. Happy happy!!!

Questions & Answers

I have silk epil 5 wet dry 5-541. Is this model suitable to use on the face please?
2 answers
I think that the Silk Epil 9 (wet/dry) comes with a extra cap to do the facial area, if you require that in particular.So are you saying that the Silk Epil 5 is NOT suitable for the face but no 9 is ?

hi .. how much time it takes to finish shaving your legs???
2 answers
It really depends on how much you need to remove! For me, doing both legs (ankle to just above the knee) on a weekly basis, I'd say about 10-15 minutes.Yes, I would agree, it would take me about 10 minutes as well, mine require slightly less frequency though. Everyone is unique!!


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