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Braun Silk-épil 9

Braun Silk-épil 9

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Finally found a replacement for my old Emjoi from Sunbeam

After owning several Emjoi epilators as far back as early 90's, my last one finally died on me and I was devastated as they were no longer manufactured! After extensive reviews online, it was still difficult to choose so I just walked into the Shaver Shop and purchased what felt right. This was 6 months ago and I have never looked back! My Braun Silk-epil 9 is fantastic! Can have both legs done in about 10 minutes compared to 30 minutes! At first didn't like how it was cordless as I thought plug-in would be more powerful (like my emjoi) but no, it is as powerful and so much easier not having to plug it in! It stays charged for a long time (whole duration of full legs, bikini and underarms) and doesn't take long to charge either. Has a flashing green light to indicate charging which stays green once charged. The only reason I haven't given it 5 stars is because I do find it rough sometimes under my armpits, even after a shower and applying baby powder beforehand. Its like my skin under there is sensitive, but this doesn't happen all the time. Never had this problem with Emjoi. Bikini line is fine with baby powder too (just like my Emjoi) Maybe Braun need to look at investing in gold tweezers which are more gentle on the skin??
Overall very happy with appliance as it's easy to use and saves me lots of time. Cordless is priceless!

Purchased in March 2019 at Shaver Shop for $99.00.

Value for Money

Excellent epilator left my legs silky smooth and hairless for weeks UNBELEVABLE

I have used epilators before but not like this one they have always left my legs stubbly and been very painful but not with the silk epil 9 which was quite painless and took every single hair even the tiny pesky fine ones and quickly to, It has been 2 weeks and my legs are still silky smooth like day one, I recommend this to anyone that wants non stop silky smooth legs and all the accessories to keep them that way, Excellent product braun

Purchased in February 2019 at Better Braces.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Totally worth the price

After upgrading from an Epil 7, I was amazed at how much faster and less painful this was to use. It charges quickly and holds the charge for a decent time, especially good when you are doing your legs. Highly recommend this model

Great product

I Have had this for almost a year, & have had no problems with it. Does exactly what it says it will, and works better than my last emjoi epilator.

quiet & reliable

Upgrade from much older version, which has just broken. Love that I can use in the shower. Multiple different attachments great idea. No faults as yet noted 2 months in.

Amazing product

This is a great epilator. Its very quick, and when used in the shower I personally can barely feel a thing. It's got good battery life. Also all the attachments it comes with are amazing.

Great epil I ever had

I Have bought Braun silk epil 9 a few month ago and absolutely love it.
It is very convenient that it is cordless and I can use it in the shower. Take less time to epil cause of long head and skin is very silky after few weeks of using it. Picking even short and tiny hears
My skin is less sensitive to the epilator so i use it without the massager which make shaving head is even longer.
Would definitely recommend to buy it, very handy!

I wish I could give this 5 stars....

I purchased this product going into a small appliance retailer wanting the best they had on the market at the time. This model came in a kit that was $299 (owch!).
My very first hair remover I ever owned was a braun which laster years so I purchased it, thinking that somthing so little and so expensive would be the same.
It lasted 6 months before it stopped pick up any hair :( I had it replaced. I have had the second one (same model) for 6 months now...

Great product

It does what it’s meant to! The battery life is great and the exfoliating brushes definitely is a plus. I recommend this product to anyone who’s in for a hassle free hair removal.

Very satisfied

I have used emjoi's for yrs then went onto the silk epil, I also would get a lot of hair breakage with all models but with the epil 9 I highly recommend you use it only in the bath, your skin is soft and so are the hair follicle's , I soak in a warm bath for about 5-10min before I start using it and truly I hardly feel a thing and yes I still get some hair breakage but compared to 80% success it's worth it and after I moisturizer straight away and the redness is gone within an hr I will never use dry again and with the bigger head it takes me maybe 5min more than shaving would.

Quick and Slick

I finally upgraded from my old Braun that was literally out of the Ark. It had a small head and taught you the meaning of pain endurance (in the land of epilation). So moving into the 21st century with this model was fantastic. As I was already using an epilator on a regular basis I didn't have to go through that first 'pain' sensation but I feel with the wider head and the tweezers grabbing closer would make that tolerable. I love the fact that this is a cordless model and has a really substantial charge. Keep the unit charged and you will be ready to go if you want a quick tidy-up. The light shows up the smaller hairs you may have missed. Hair does grow back more slowly and regular use makes the job that much quicker and painless. I have not tried it in the shower so I can't comment on performance in that area. I have used the other head to shave underarm for a reasonably close shave and the trimmer for more discrete areas. Not a bad trimmer but I used other devices (Veet) that trim more neatly. Don't forget to pull the head apart and clean it after each use. There is a little brush in the kit so use it. I have no hesitation in recommending this product. Wait for it to come on special though. Shaver Shop usually has something on offer.

Excellent product!!!

I don't usually write reviews but I've made the effort to sign up to this website specifically for this.
Haven't used an epilator for years until I decided to give up on waxing appointments and invest in this machine. Using it once has already paid a good 30% of its price. That's without counting the wasted time and effort of getting to a waxing parlor.
It's very practical, fast and I can use it in my own free time being a busy mum.
I found the extra brushes the machine comes with fantastic. I know they're not meant to be used on the face but I've tried the softer one and it works as a great facial scrub!
My skin hasn't felt so soft for a while.

I'll never go back to shaving again!

After putting off the purchase of an epilator for most of my adult life, while struggling with nicks and cuts of razors, less effective electric shavers, painful, messy and ineffective waxing I finally took the plunge.

I made my purchase from Myer, and was pleasantly surprised that instead of the purple coloured device as seen on their website, it was in a beautiful rose gold (around the base of the epilation head and the swivel switch). Best part? It is not Made In China, but in Germany.

Opening the packaging was easy, it opens from the back and first thing you see is the awfully thick instruction manual (written in about 15 languages), a travel power cord, a bag of accessories that includes covers for facial and bikini area epilation, a storage bag, the shaving head, and a brush for cleaning after use, and most of all, a base for charging on the counter.

The device itself is a little heavy, but fits nicely in the palm of my hand. After charging it for over an hour until the light stops flashing and a shower, I gave it a try.

I am used to waxing, I have done it a few times, but it actually doesn't hurt as badly as waxing. There is a row of tiny spiky wheels that is said to be a massage wheel, so I experienced some slight prickling sensation while the epilator worked away ridding me of unwanted body hair. Basically you hold it as you would with a razor, and glide the head along your arm/leg. Because most of my body hair grows in all directions, it made it very difficult and messy to wax, but this epilator have not had much trouble at all. In all but 10 minutes my legs and forearms are hair free. Next, I put on the bikini head cover and used it on the underarm area. Ok, this was the part where I had to constantly chant "beauty is pain, beauty is pain" to get through the process while doubling over into quite grotesque positions in front of the bathroom mirror. The result was slightly bloody (only for a few moments), but very very satisfactory indeed!

Lastly, I decided to try out the shaver head in the bikini area, the clear trimmer attachment on top effectively trims hair to a length of approximately 0.5cm, and by removing the trimming attachment, I tried out the shaving head, which gives a satisfactorily close shave. Not razor close, but I would imagine the regrowth will not hurt, if you get the drift.

Now hair-free, I took apart the heads I have used and brushed them off with the brush that had come with the device, and cleaned the heads which had come into contact with my skin under the tap with warm water.

It was a pleasant experience, and my first with an epilator. I have found THE product that does it all. A happy customer, and I will not hesitate to buy another one if this one ever dies.

Did not live up to my expectations

3.5 stars. I had such high hopes for this epilator and at $200 it wasn't cheap. Despite using the epilator at various angles it did not pull most of the hairs out of my legs. I would think it did, but on closer inspection would see it had just chopped the hair off at skin level (so same result as shaving). I would go over the same area over and over and the best I could hope for was maybe 50 percent hair removal. Also, Im not sure if others had this problem but I just could not remove the hair on my knees! It was so frustrating and I would have to shave them. Basically, for the amount of time and effort it took, I may as well go back to shaving considering the results.

Finally, I spent a bit extra to get the "spa" pack which came with 2 brushes (I couldn't feel any difference between these 2 brushes). I liked the idea of exfoliating before epilating but have to say it was much easier and cheaper just to buy some scrubbing gloves and a good body scrub. Not worth the extra money for the spa pack.

Overpriced and ineffective

Prior to purchasing the Braun SE9961 Silk Epil epilator I had owned a reliable Emjoi Gently Gold for about 15 years. It's a workhorse, it does the job quickly, effectively and with relatively little pain. However after 15 years I decided I wanted to upgrade it. So when I forked out nearly twice as much for the Braun 9 series epilator I had high expectations.

First, if you are looking for an epilator buy an epilator, do not be attracted to one offering any number of extra attachments such as the Braun SE9961 as a) you don't really need them b) they are ineffective and you won't use them - trust me. Stick to buying a simple epilator.

Secondly - others may find the pivoting and removable head useful but I have found it nothing but pure frustration. When I use the epilator the head regularly pinches my skin causing the head to come away from the epilator. This forces me to switch it off and remove the head that had locked its teeth painfully onto my skin and click it back onto the epilator. If I had my choice again I would choose an epilator that had no removable head. This model does to allow you to swap it for other attachments which frankly have been equally useless. If you want an exfoliater for example, my suggestion is go to the Body Shop and buy the Cactus Brush and save yourself a load of money.

I bought this product in May 2016, already part of the pivoting head has fallen off. The head in my view is not the easiest to clean either - hairs get stuck in places they cannot be removed from.

Possibly the most disappointing part of this epilator is that Braun seems to have forgotten that they were designing an epilator in the first place. Whilst I understand they are probably just trying to differentiate themselves from their competitors products, I'd rather wish they just stick to designing a good epilator. They have loaded this product with so many extra gadgets/l and attachments and haven't got the basics right. Namely - it should remove hair quickly and easily. Unlike my trusty Emjoi I find myself going back over the same area over and over again, despite keeping my skin taught and holding it correctly. It is sometimes astonishing what this epilator misses despite its claims to have micro-grip tweezer technology and extra wide head. Instead I find myself reaching for the Emjoi to finish up the job.

Finally - I find this epilator lacks power, even on the faster setting. How it could be used for exfoliating is mystifying - it doesn't have the power to deliver. Much to my annoyance the epilator cannot be used whilst plugged in - only once charged. You might argue that it's supposed to be cordless but in hindsight I'd rather have a plug in epilator like my Emjoi (which can also be used cordless) so that it had sufficient power to do the job - the Braun 9 series, even when fully charged often feels like its running off a weak battery.

The best so far.

Don't bother looking at any other epilator.
This is my third and definitely the best.They have improved the features and I love the extra wide head.It has halved the time and it gets even the smallest hairs.
It may be painful for first timers but persist as it does become painless.I have been using them for several years and it doesn't bother me at all so ignore first timer reviews mentioning this.
Price around as there are often some specials.

Great for bikini line, no good for legs

This works great for my bikini line, working effectively and relatively painlessly. Unfortunately, the main reason I purchased it was for my legs and it doesn't pull much of the hair out at the root! it gets about 30% but the other 70% is slapped off at skin level meaning that it grows back in a similar time to shaving. Perhaps it is due to having fine hairs but it's a bit disappointing. Other than that I love the cordless design, the light near the epilator head and great battery life.


I used to have to shave my legs literally every single day (shave in the morning and by afternoon they were prickly again). Decided to buy the Braun Silk-epil 9 and forked out $200 for it (which hurt over christmas time). It's probably one of the best purchases I've ever made. My legs have been smooth for days, I no longer have to plan every time I decide to wear shorts out in public. It hurts at first but you get used to it, and it's so satisfying.
Excellent purchase!

Easier than expected.

Bought this after learning epilation has come a long way and watching a lot of youtube reviews.
Didn't hurt any where near as much as expected on the legs and got easier as I went.
Not the same for the underarms, it will be a while before I am able to finish the underarms, just a little each time and hopefully each time it will get easier - until then, finishing the underarms with the handy shaver attachment as my skin gets used to epilation there.
This is fantastic - no more blades!

Super easy and convenient

So for those that don't know, an epilator is like a cross between a razor and a load of tweezers. You drag it up your legs/underarms/bikini line the same way you would shaving, but it pulls the hairs out as you go.
The first time you use it, I won't lie, it's a bit like torturing yourself. But it gets the hairs, you can go back and go over any bits that you missed.
This model comes with loads of interchangeable heads, I use all of them, my advice is to use it in the shower with conditioner for lubricant. And moisturise afterwards. Then use it every fortnight or as needed.

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does the epilator head need to be lubricated or not?
1 answer
nope :)

Does the epilator head need to be lubricated with oil or not?
1 answer
nope it runs fine on its own

I was previously using the Emjoi Gently Gold for a number of years, but recently purchased the Braun Silk-epil 9 Skin Spa. I find that I have to do my legs every week, wheras the Emjoi lasted 4-6 weeks before re-doing. Am I doing something wrong?
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Braun Silk-épil 9
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