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Breville Smart Fryer BDF500

Breville Smart Fryer BDF500

3.9 from 10 reviews

Excellent works perfectly

Had this deep fryer for about 12 months now, have used it about 20 times. It will do about 20 buffalo wings at a time or about 4 good sized pieces of flathead. Is reasonably quick to heat up from cold and cooks very well. The customisable settings are handy as well. The only downside is the plastic parts and the screen are very hard to get grease off.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Perfect results every time. Very scientific design. Easy to use & clean.

Very stylish look. Looks super cool on the kitchen bench that atracks LOTS OF attention when we have visitors or parties at home. The pre-programmed settings can very well-satisfy my needs for frying foods. I get perfect results every single time, cannot be happier. Even some of our friends who always say "I don't eat fried food. They are unhealthy" blah blah blah. Man, once they couldn't help themselves and tried the Spring rolls, they couldn't even stop eating! I had to keep making more spring rolls using this deep fryer! The taste is so much better compared to the store-bought stuff.

So far I have enjoyed using this machine many times. I have tried to fry spring rolls, doughnuts, chips (regular shape), chicken wings, apple pies, crispy snacks, fresh potato chips (thinly grated in round shape), prawn crackers. Now I am experiencing some deep-fried Asian snacks, and they turned out to be super delicious too.

As we only have a very small family, we wouldn't use this machine often (probably 6 times a year) & it is just for the fun of it. So I bought it on Gumtree & it was someone else's unwanted gift at a cheaper price of $75. It is definitely worth it. If you have a big family or hold parties often, I reckon this smart deep frying is certainly a must-have thing in the kitchen.

For those who said this machine wouldn't work the second time they used it, just make sure you SLIDE IN the part on the back. Yes, it has to be slided in and click in! then it will work. You cannot only put it there and let it sit on the rim. It won't work that way. It happened to me before until my husband figured out why it wouldn't work. LOL.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

What a great fryer!

I bought this 3 weeks ago (so I can't comment on its reliability) to replace my 10 year old Kambrook which had a malfunctioning thermostat. The whole digital setting and timer is great, and gives amazing flexibility and control-ability. The capacity is excellent and it cooks perfectly. I'm not too sure about the exposed heating elements, but most manufacturers are doing that these days, so it must be ok. It's great how easily it comes completely apart and is really easy to clean. Most of it goes in the dishwasher (elements and controller excepted). As long as it remains reliable, I recommend this deep fryer.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Very disappointed

I was given one as a gift which was sent from interstate to where I live. I don't have the receipt and I cant get in touch with the person who bought it for me. I have used it no more than 6 times, never even got to do chips in it. There is no signs of it even being used. Turned it on and it completely short fused the whole house when it went up with a huge bang. Of course they don't want to know you. They offered me to buy one at a special price which was the same price as the shops. Just a joke. Will never buy any of there products out of principle.

Date PurchasedJan 2016

bought 1-2 months ago ,worked 2 times ,today not working any more

i wish the customer service soon read and response to my review ,else i have to look for way to get it repair or refund !
i bought it via Westpac attitude credit point on line ,so not knowing how to proceed for repair or refund !
i used this two times , now plug in to power, LED has no display , AC definitely available , press reset bottom from behind gave no response !

Date PurchasedOct 2016
Hi Chris Luc55. Please contact customer service for advice - 1300 139 798. Thanks, the Breville teami shook the wire on the heating element , then retried again ,then it worked again , i used it two more time and it still worked ..i use it rather rarely ,after once in two months , will try to use it this summer ,hope it will continue to work, thank for reply.

Easy to Manage, Easy to Clean, Great Results.

Cooks fish, fries and other foods to our tastes with ease. Metal construction with no hard to access spots makes the handling of oil - and clean up - simple and quick. Thoughtful design, large capacity, properly-sized heating element able to maintain ideal cooking temperatures and digital control resulted in superior hot straight-to-plate dinners at an unbeatable price.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
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Hi Jim - thanks for your comments. The Breville team

So far, so good!

I just purchased this deep fryer, and am very impressed so far. I like the easy to use readout, the multiple preset functions, and the way it beeps when up to temperature, or time is up. I also really appreciate the custom cook function, for my favourite recipe: just the way I like it. Another Breville success!

Looks good, has fantastic functions and the LCD screen is a treat!

Purchased this product late last year to compliment the rest of the Breville "Smart" range. What a mistake. Never in my life have i used an appliance that smokes my house out so badly. I had a $20 deep fryer before using this one, and i never had as many problems or nearly as much smoke. It seems i have to change the oil far more frequently with this product then i have had to with any other of my previous deep fryers. Store refuses to swap appliance over because they don't believe there is no fault. Again, Breville is useless - What a surprise. You'd expect better from a $150 deep fryer Last Product that i will ever purchase from these right royal rip off merchants.

Perfect !

This is the First deep fryer we have Ever owned ! And we love it !!
Makes frying easy with all the cooking selection choices, and auto temp set , we dont need to muck about figuring out, looking up temps and times , fool proof , a great price and design !

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Well, here we are, 8 months on and on our THIRD FRYER ! electronics have died in both cases ! only use the thing once every couple of weeks ! so frustrating ! Is Nothing built to last anymore ? must say thanks to appliances online who have replaced both with little fuss ! Also Wishing i could have bought an Ex tended warranty with this, worried we are going to need it ?!

Perfect for deep frying

I bought this 'smart' fryer after returning a Sunbeam Multi-cooker that was pretty hopeless as a deep fryer, taking ages to heat and re-heat. Was hesitant about the Breville because of the amount of oil required (up to 4 litres, minimum 2), but am completely won over. The fryer heats and re-heats quickly to a pre-programmed temperature according to what you are cooking. This temperature is adjustable during the heating process if desired. An LCD display shows the temperature plus options for cooking different foods. Flexible and easy to use. The lid can be used during frying but I have never done so. Perhaps I would briefly, if cooking frozen items, to protect surroundings (and me) from spitting oil. I expect that if the lid were left on when there was a lot of steam, there would be condensation running down the sides as someone complained of in another model. I just wouldn't leave the lid on for that long. I don't deep fry often, but when I do I'm delighted that I chose this product after my previous lemon.

Questions & Answers

We bought the Smart Fryer BDF500 4/05/ 19 turned it on got "reset" message tried to reset got no result. Left if for 24hrs turned it on still got reset message. Ready to throw it out the door. Can anyone help?
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Try taking it back to the shop you bought it from. Sounds faulty

I am using Rice Bran Oil as recommended in the booklet. I find that the second fry of chips makes them very brown and over cooked looking, they are not nice and crisp. Should I change the oil or the temperature? I am using the programmed time/temp for both first and second fry.
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I have not tried using rice bran oil, but I have found it beneficial to reduce the times of both the first fry and the second fry, depending on the variety of potato used and the smaller quantities I usually cook. It takes a little experimentation, but it's not difficult to change the timer settings (the book shows you how to do this). Good luck.Thank you, I will try reducing the time for both fries. I did read a review on another site, and the person giving the review said that the fry time was much shorter than set on my unit. This is probably the reason mine is overcooking the chips.


Smart Fryer BDF500
Price (RRP) $169.95
Release dateApr 2012

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