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DeLonghi F28311

Latest review: A must have if you like to cook your own instead of store bought chips, fish, scallops, chicken nuggets. This has a rotating basket and is super easy to clean. I love home made hot chips and this is

Tefal Oleoclean Pro FR804060

Latest review: I deep fry food very rarely and do have an old (still working) Sunbeam deep fryer, but the fact that this will filter your oil was what tempted me to buy it, Especially as I don't use it often, I

Tefal Filtra Pro FR406860

Latest review: This is a great product. The sides do get a little warm, but not melt your skin warm. It has a filter, which is just a strainer at the bottom. You take out the heating element, then lift the "filter"

Kambrook Air Chef KAF200

Latest review: I have had the Kambrook Air chef for over a year. So far so good, except we made the mistake of not removing the fry basket from the drawer before shaking the food about for more even heat

Breville Smart Fryer BDF500

Latest review: Had this deep fryer for about 12 months now, have used it about 20 times. It will do about 20 buffalo wings at a time or about 4 good sized pieces of flathead. Is reasonably quick to heat up from

Sunbeam MultiCooker Deep Fryer DF4400 / DF4500

Latest review: We purchased this unit based on its brand name and it's simple rounded design similar to the ones owned by my parents and grandparents in the 1980's. I must say that this unit is TERRIBLE. It doesn't

Kambrook KDF460 / KDF560

Latest review: I got this on special from Big W so at hald price it was cheap enough. My joy, however, was short lived as despite the fact that it probably lasted the best part of a year it's not as if I cook deep

DeLonghi F26237

Latest review: This fryer is easy to clean, mess free and cooks well it has a reasonable sized basket too. I really recommend this for its ease of use and it produces great results. It doesn't seem to use much oil

Cuisinart DF-250A

Latest review: This has to be one of the best fryers, can't really fault it.. oil heats up quickly, although it does have a shallow wide basket which i was first skeptical about but when i first used it just seems

Cuisinart Compact Deep Fryer

Latest review: It served the purpose at that time when the kids were young. Now I use the oven but interested in the Air fryer a famiy size as my friends use it alot & I have seen it work. Philips products are

Russell Hobbs RHDF35D

Latest review: We thought we had a good buy. Maybe we are unlucky but it turned out the handle didn't want to click into its gear most of the time. This made me end up with a hot basket in my hand and I couldn't do

Sunbeam Stainless DF6300

Latest review: I admit i love sunbeam . Their products may be dear but they last! I bought my fryer in around 2010.its still going. You can't scrub the dial of course as with oil the numbers will wear off. It has a

Contempo Stainless Steel Deep Fryer DF-035

Latest review: I bought this recently at Big W for what I thought was good value at A$35. It takes about three litres of canola (or other suitable) oil to fill between the recommended minimum and maximum

Tefal Compact Pro FR3220

Latest review: Quick delivery from Appliances Online. A little more expensive than the $50 ALDI deep fryer but smaller and only needs 2 litres of oil. More suited to the size of our apartment and does the job for

Bellini BTDF60 Stainless Steel

Latest review: I've had this fryer for about 3 years now. It's not used a lot, but I've never had a problem with it. For the price I paid ( cheap) I am very happy. It's easy to use, easy to clean. It cooks evenly

Smeg PGF30

Sunbeam FP5610P

Siemens ET375GA11E

Miele CS 1411 F

Gaggenau VF 230 114