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Breville Handy Hot Plate BHP150 / BHP250

Breville Handy Hot Plate BHP150 / BHP250

BHP150 and BHP250
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Safer alternative is Award HP2252


We have a Breville single hotplate at my work just for the teapot to sit on, there's definitely a safety issue with the temperature knob getting easily knocked up to high. I did lots of looking around to find a double hotplate for my apartment and bought an Award HP2252. If you go to the Award site you can look up which retailers stock it (in NZ). I had a small electrical shop order one in for me, $110NZD. It's not usually in any of the bigger chains, more likely in specialty kitchen shops. I'm happy with it. With a solid top it takes longer to heat up and cool down than a kitchen stovetop, but I just set it on low to begin with and be patient while it heats up.

Date PurchasedJan 2013


tanamiSouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 7 reviews

Don't get electrocuted.


Bought this over two years ago. Only used it occasionally in our granny flat. Be careful when cleaning or you rub off the dial's diagram. The on/off dial does not have a resistance when you turn it on/off. The plates rust easily, Bunnings sell a black paste you bake on. Worked fine for the first 18 months but then it developed a crack on the large plate, it worked for another six months and then it kept on blowing the fuse.

Date PurchasedDec 2015


  • 3 reviews

Not hot!


I've had this about a year. It is not hot - can't bring water to a boil. At best it is a warmer - keeps things already cooked warm but does not really cook. I was hoping for a temporary cook top during reno and an portable burner.
I agree with the safety issue - must be turned off at the ppt at all times as the knobs don't fully turn off and can easily be turned on.
It draws a lot of power without real heat - blows the circuit if anything else is on.
I would buy something decent if it were available - I could not find anything else. Sad

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Sam_PNorthland NZ

Stop! If you like good steak don't buy this item.

Date PurchasedJun 2016



  • 2 reviews

does not stay on to cook


bought a bhp250 and first and every time we use it it hests up.and cooks ok until it reaches the setting then goes off and stsys off it eventually comes back on for a minute or so but doed not cook any more waste of money dont go near these cookers

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Hi Disgruntled - if you have the receipt please return to place of purchase, however if you require assistance with return please contact customer service on 1300 139 798. Thanks, the Breville team

Alan Liefting

Alan LieftingChristchurch, New Zealand

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Nice but there is a safety issue


The Breville BHP250 dual hotplate is a smart looking unit. One drawback with it is that the control knobs are very easily bumped to an on position. This is a safety and energy conservation issue. The control knobs have no indent for the off position so the lightest touch can turn the hotplates on. This issue would be easily rectified by having an indent for the off position of sufficient depth to prevent the knobs from being knocked to an on position.

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Hi Alan - thanks for your comments, the design team appreciate feedback. Thanks, the Breville team


AliciaSydney Surrounds, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Does Exactly What It Says




  • 8 reviews

has thermostat

Timeless Traveler

Timeless TravelerAdelaide, South Australia

  • 19 reviews

Not sure about this one - Ok Now


Not sure if this was a bad batch but I bought this a few weeks ago have used it a little but what it does is heats up after reaches high heat then the light goes out and turns off for about a minute then back on again not sure if it has a thermostat or something but it just doesn't stay on , so I don't like this one.

Ok I sent this one back and they replaced it within a few weeks so far this new one seems be working not turning off and back on , very happy 19/9/14

It turns off then back on.


bookworm9992001Perth, WA

  • 8 reviews

A great product


I recently bought a Breville BHP150 Portable Electric Hot Plate Cooktop
when my new stove broke.I needed something portable to tide me over whilst my cooktop was in the process of being replaced.I bought it on sale for $48.
It is quick to heat,very compact,simple to use & just plugs into a socket.Just what I needed.
Granted,it takes a while to figure which heat setting is ideal & I fiddle a bit with the setting,sometimes having to adjust a few times because it gets too hot or too cold.
inexpensive;quick to heat;good for an emergency



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simple, compact, easy to use


Bought this double hot plate few months ago and I'm very happy with it.

It's very simple to use, compact and heats up quickly and has 8 heat settings.

It's perfect for travelling with the campervan as it plugs in to a power point and is very portable.

It's also great value for money.
compact and heats up quickly and has 8 heat settings.

Questions & Answers

Dan Tek

Dan Tekasked


I also have this breville bhp 250 and is always making some kind of clicking like noises every time i use it from start till finish. Just wondering whether this is normal or not?


No answers



Handy Hot Plate BHP250

What is the hottest one plate only reaches on the BHP250?

2 answers

It heated up to full temp then went off and didn't restart so food went cold
Returned it and got a refund, it also has no locking on the dials making it a dangerous cooking item dials can be moved into on position without realising
Look for a better unit is my advice


What Disgruntled Purchaser said. The element gets hot enough (just) to cook a steak then turns off and your steak stews.



Breville double hot plate. Why is it making popping noises.....it sounds like an electrical issue and I'm scared to even use it.....we just got this like 3 months ago..we offer use a variety of heat setting including the highest one more often than not...did we break it?

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Alan Liefting
Alan Liefting

The popping sounds may be as simple as water between the element and the pot. Since it is only three moths old you could take it back and have it checked under warranty.

suggest you stop using it and return it fir s refund I believe these hotplates are a real safety issue


Hi Ssloans - please contact customer service for best advice - 1300 139 798 or askus@breville.com.au
Thanks, the Breville team

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Breville Handy Hot Plate BHP150

Breville Handy Hot Plate BHP150

4 reviews
Breville Handy Hot Plate BHP250

Breville Handy Hot Plate BHP250

7 reviews
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Price (RRP)$69.95$99.95
Power (Watts)16002400
Release dateApr 2011Apr 2011

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