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Bright Starts Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1

Bright Starts Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1

2.9 from 49 reviews

Ideal seat!

This is the best seat! So easy to use with clips in the front and chair clips for safety. The inserts all come out so really easy to clean and to adapt seat size for growing baby, so your toddler has a booster seat at the table. The fold away tray is super handy. Also have a bumbo but is so flimsy and unsafe with no clips for waist or chair like the ingenuity one. You should never use any seat without clips at a height, that’s just common knowledge. The best little seat for on the ground and as high chair plus easily portable. also great price point for what it is. Highly recommend!

Wonderful, Useful and Easy (as rated by smart people)

Bad reviews should be deleted, especially when the reviewer states to have noted used it correctly!!
It is simple to tie onto chair and adjust. So too is the harness.
The hideaway tray is a godsend space saver and I love the cup hole. Easy to clean and the fact that the vision comes out for an older baby is the reason why it is the perfect chair

Does the job

I bought this instead of a highchair. You need to attached it to a chair if you want to use it as a high chair. The only concern I have is that the whole chair rocks when my baby is really happy and energetic. Sometimes, this scares me so we only use it at meal times and I usually seat beside her.

10/10 feeding chair

We originally had an expensive high chair that looked great but wasn’t working for us.
Our baby couldn’t reach her food and was u comfortable.
As soon as we brought the ingenuity chair, she sat up straight, could reach all her food, and was willing to trying and eat a bigger variety of foods.
It’s portable and easy to strap on and off a chair. The tray table packs away easily, and it’s easy to clean

Brilliant booster seat to strap to a chair

I bought this seat so my parents who are travelling with my oldest son can use it strapped to their appartment kitchen chair and it works brilliantly. Bub has not tried to escape it and loves being sitting like an adult on a chair. He moves quite a bit but the seat endured all his movements and did not budge

My toddler can now move more freely

Prior to using this product, we used the IKEA high chair for my baby. However, when my baby turned two she was having difficulty moving her legs in it. Good thing we found this product online and it was on sale that time at Toys r Us so even better. The only thing we wish they improve is that the straps while thick and study, appear too short. I can't loosen them any further.

Excellent product

I bought this after a friend recommended to me and I am super happy with it. It is very easily moved to different areas/chairs and very secure. My baby loves it she is 14 months old and I still use it. Follow instructions for safety and don’t leave your baby on a bench unattended. I always put her right next to me while I do cooking preparation or when I wash the dishes.

Great seat, super handy

Bought the ingenuity seat when my daughter started solids as she would get stuck in the bumbo. I love it! It's super portable and she doesn't get distracted by her feet because she can't see them over tray. Despite the reviews saying it is dangerous I have had not problems with it, it's never once tipped or moved with her in it. I would definitely recommend!

So much better than the Bumbo Multi Seat

I bought this as my baby was starting solids. This was to replace an overpriced Bumbo Multi Seat which the flimsy tray table broke so it was completely useless. Thank goodness a value for money product ($59 as opposed to $99+) was available. Works well, the tray is easy to clean and serves its purpose! Don't waste your money on a more expensive product!

Don't Buy

I never normally review products, but after what happened to my daughter I thought it was necessary. I was given this seat gift and thought it was reasonably safe until, our 6 month old fell out of the seat. This happened as the front latch was not fully forward as we had just removed the tray. It is a terrible design and is very unsafe. She was strapped in and we are very lucky she was not seriously hurt. I have been advised from our hospital many babies are hurt from these type of chairs. Please just get a high chair, it's not worth it.

Great if used as intended

As with all ‘containers’ for babies, the use of these should be limited. I use it as a high chair at mealtimes. Of course I am not stupid enough to put it on the kitchen bench or let my baby play in it, as it’s not good for her posture. These things cannot teach a baby to sit, only floor time can do that. I’m simply using it between when she needs to start supplementing her diet with solids, and when she’s able to sit well by herself.

Very handy..great space saver!

This is a great product if used as recommended and strapped securely to a dining chair. Easy to clean too. Only issue is a little awkward to buckle baby in and unclip and tray a little small and not easy to pull out. Still happy with this purchase and would definitely recommend instead of buying a second high chair or if you have a small space.

Good when attached to chair

Its fine when attached to a chair.
On the floor it is dangerous if your baby moves around a lot.
I use it all the time when camping and at other peoples houses for dinner it is a spacesaving child seat. I got it giveb as a gift but I probably wouldnt purchase again myself.

Love love love! Such a handy seat to have

Such a handy seat to have. We were gifted this at our baby shower and actually threw out our basic 4 legged high chair to use this compact easy to clean chair. We've taken it on every holiday with us because it's so simple to strap to any chair. Easy to clean and store. Love the range of colours and the price tag is great. Excellent item, highly recommended

Best baby purchase!

We purchased one of these for our son a few months back and it has been used multiple times a day since. We take it everywhere, it is so handy to have and having the tray is awesome. We have hardly used our high chair because this is our preference for sure!

Mega dangerous

This is now the second time! ! I threw this chair in the bin! My baby was just finishing her snacks (on this old and a small 7 month old) she got excited and the whole chair flipped onto the side. Again I had this chair on the bench, if I wasn't there she would have ended up on the ground. Purchase at your own risk!!! So dam dangerous!


Baby was sitting on the bench in seat and leant forward to reach out to a toy and whole seat flipped forward and baby fell out so dangerous !! Luckily I was standing right there and caught him so nothing happen but hate to think what could of happen if I wasn't in arms reach never using it again !! So wishing I had brought a bumbo now !!

When used as per directions ... perfect

I was sceptical buying this chair based on reviews i had read, however after doing my homework i discovered the seat has recieved negative comments when it has been used in unsafe situations. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS, use the straps provided to secure seat the chair. This seat is fantastic, we use it everywhere and always make sure it is secured with provided safety straps.


My baby rocked forward slightly and the whole thing flipped forward and she whacked her face on the kitchen tiles. Luckily nothing serious! The design is faulty!! I cannot believe this is sold to the public! All models need to be recalled. The base is too flimsy. Mine is going into the trash.


This chair needs to be recalled! My 8 month old had a concussion yesterday and we had to call the ambulance. They took us in and we spent quite some time at the hospital. Today, baby seems frightened/still hurt and it is just SO HEART BREAKING AS A FIRST TIME MUM.

The chair tipped over forward and baby landed flat on their back from a meter high. I didn't make it in time to catch her. I am unbelievably upset and shaken up that this has happened to our otherwise cherry, bright and beautiful little baby girl.

If you're thinking of buying one of these chairs, DON'T. It is not worth the hassle, scare, stress. Don't even take one of it being offered to you for free.

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Once the back support is clicked in, how do I remove it without damaging the clips?
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How safe is this product, l am looking at buying one for my grandson but after reading the reviews, l am really concerned.
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Don't bother. Just watched our 6 month old topple over in the same way the reviews mentioned. Ours is going straight back to the store.Seriously, if you use the straps that come with it (underneath the seat in a compartment) so that is secure and won't topple over when the child leans over, you won't have that problem. Only just started using it but if that's the only complaint people have then it's a pretty good chair.I'm not too concerned either - I bought this last year in anticipation for my baby's birth but his 18 month cousin got to use it. We always used it strapped to a sturdy seat (e.g. like a dining chair). Reading the reviews I personally wouldn't put my child in it now without the base being secured to anything but having said that I had never intended to use it unsecured (even though I'm sure it is advertised as being able to be used that way).


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