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Bundaberg Ginger Beer

Bundaberg Ginger Beer

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  • 5 reviews

The best!


Refreshing, great tasting and awesome bottle packaging. Drinks taste so much better in a glass bottle ! Is however quite sugary.

Mark T.

Mark T.Wide Bay-Burnett, QLD

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probably the best Ginger Beer in the world


See the title, I have not found better yet, i used to seek it out in the UK when i lived there too, and it was way better than anything else.

Purchased in October 2019 at Woolworths for $13.00.


KylieHunter Region, NSW

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Refreshing icy cold


Probably my favourite ginger beer. Refreshing served over ice especially in this dreadful heat. The perfect amount of ginger to not be overwhelming. The pull tab makes it harder to open, a lid would be better to keep from going flat.


DonGold Coast



Sometimes impossible to uncap bottle even using a lever. Carlton had same problem and changed back to screw top hence a full page ad in the
Courier Mail the other day. Love your product but hard to enjoy sometimes.



Rubbish product, wouldn't give it to my dog. 40grams of sugar which is enough to do some damage. Nothing more to say.



The amount of people I know who cut themselves or will the drink everywhere because of these horrible lids, a weak person would never get it off, drinks great, but not buying no more I'm over these lids

I thought I would try something new


I'm a big fan of the Jamaican Ginger beer and thought I would expand into other brands. Got to say, this is not high on the list. 1st., tons of sugar...40mg. and it still tastes bad. Leaves an unpleasant after taste.



  • 3 reviews

Great on hot summer days, but the sugar level...OMG


a friend intro ducted my family to ginger beer. At first I thought it was ok, then I really got a taste for it...hocked! One day I was reading the nutritional label, and found it to contain 50% of the daily intake of sugar...couldn't believe it. So now I have alittle, as I can't afford the calories. Mixing it into mineral water is a great option.

Open Sesame!


I am concerned by the number of people who say they have changed brands or cut themselves due to the Bundaberg Ginger Beer lids. Pull the ring straight out first then lift to peel off lid. This should solve the opening issues. Oh! And invert the bottle before opening to redistribute the sediment. Hope this helps!



  • 2 reviews



My partner and i purchase the 750ml bottle screw cap bottles. They tend to past us longer and there's no need for the bottle opener. At $2.80 a bottle at woolworths its cheap for a mum like me im not going to say no and neither should you xx


pebbleWA, 6530

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I really like Bundy Ginger Beer but it's as bad as Coke


Having been drinking soda water instead of alcohol or other unhealthy soft-drinks I thought maybe I could drink ginger beer on those occasions when you would normally have an alcoholic drink. But actually looking at the label I just realised that it has as much sugar in it as a can of coke! That's so disappointing...like I may as well have a Bundy Rum and Coke then.
So I must say I am rather disappointed because I thought ginger beer could have been a great option, I guess I will have to stick to soda water then...cold and fizzy but no sugar. If they could make a ginger beer with a lot less sugar ...(and not fake sugar either) that would be great.



  • 13 reviews

Diet? ????


This review is for the diet ginger beer and Diet sarsparella made by Bundaberg. Undeniably they are really good but I have given them 2 stars for the fact it is Diet and still contains cane sugar. Couldn't work out why my Blood Sugar Levels were so out of whack as I am diabetic, then I saw on the label that it contained sugar. Like many diabetics I'm used to Diet being sugar free. Very sneaky. Would be happy to revise this review and buy once more if it is made SUGAR FREE


MandySouth Australia

  • 7 reviews

Love it


Pretty good for a ginger beer but the "festive christmas edition" is even better with cinnamom and clove....
yummy scrummy!!
I too do prefer the screw top though



Quench relief


I occasionally purchase Bundaberg Ginger Alex. I find that it, almost immediately, quenches my thirst. I also enjoy a small bottle (stubbie) when I feel slightly nauseous . I love it 5/5,stars from me



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It's the only beer I have been drinking!


It's not a real beer but I really love its smooth and refreshing flavour. I usually stock up on this drink as it is my go to drink when I want to pretend I am drunk but I am not. A healthy way for a mum like me to treat myself after a hard day's work of taking care of my bub.

Gwennys girl

Gwennys girl

  • 3 reviews

Pull top lids are a disaster


Love the ginger beer, but unfortunately the pull cap lids are too difficult to open. Have cut my finger twice. Often the metal doesn't tear where it's supposed to, making the lid really hard to pull off. With the old screw tops the lid could be screwed back on, keeping the remaining ginger beer fizzy. Hubby said NO more Bundaberg, so we now buy Saxby's which is not as nice, but at least we can open the screw lids.



It is amazing but the company should change the lid i keep cutting my finger, cant live without it. Whoever don't like this has problems.

SO GOOD but feel to sweet


really good and so refreshing. they should change their lid system. it spills every time i open. else its very good.



Unable to open lid due to disability progression of MS means i have to find another brand. Not alone. Have cancer suffers who find the ginger settles their nausea drink other brands simply due to the lid issue.

scarred fingers

scarred fingersSydney

  • 2 reviews

Is there a class action for lid scars


I have just spilt my last drop of blood on my clothes and the last first mouthful of ginger beer on my shoes. Bar staff hate the stupid lids and everyone else comments on how bad they are. I switched to the screw top diet version ages ago but they have now been changed. Saxby have screw lids. Michael Anderson

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Questions & Answers

Litza Papas

Litza Papasasked

Is Ginger beer fattening

No answers



if bundaberg ginger beer is brewed, why is it necessary to carbonate it?
after all, alcoholic beer is brewed but no need to carbonate it. with the recent sellout to a japanese or chinese company, product quality has declined.

No answers

Alicia Pearson

Alicia Pearsonasked

Is bundaberg ginger beer healthy for you?

3 answers

Probably not. very sweet. But quite nice. Not a proper ginger beer.


In my view the benefit from ginger and the way the beer is fermented and processed is good. it comes down to the sugar use (cane sugar far better than white) and it says on this bottle processed the old fashion way. All things in moderation is the saying and still sticks in my view. A store bought ginger beer this one is my fave at present. Havn't tried any organic yet.


No not good for you
To much sugar.
Not brewed the old fashioned way
We do need sugar in our diet, but we get enough from the fruit we eat, but don't drink fruit juice either, way to much sugar without the benefits of eating the whole fruit.
Only have 1 sugar drink per week (coke, ginger beer etc) should only be drunk as a special treat. Try lightly sparkling mineral water instead, you might be pleasantly surprised

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