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Sound fade

Very attractive piece THAT'S ALL volume fade all the time since purchase. Have had trouble from the first day I purchased this product from Dick Smith who eventually closed down in this town. When I enquired about honouring the warranty I was told they couldn't do anything because the Company had gone into receivership. Rubbish.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

It’s a nightmare

I have persevered with this clock for over a year. I am sure it is possessed! The buttons don’t behave consistently and as the other reviews have said you end up on some random station or the radio doing some auto scan thing. It is a nightmare!. I have finally given up and just deciding how I will kill it off to get closure. Current thinking is driving over it numerous times or taking to it with a hammer.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Has a mind of its own

Each morning different buttons do different things. I try to play along with it but this morning I have given up and are throwing it out.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Don't even think about it

First unit failed within 6 months now the 2nd unit has failed just outside of warranty. Nothing happens touching any of the buttons. Pulled up the manual, the troubleshooting page has three items only. The second item covers my problem but the solution given does nothing. Patience has run out and time to bite the bullet and change brands to something reliable.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Don't buy this digital radio clock

Just recently purchased:
1. Buttons are problematic and don't function consistently, many times not working at all.
2. Display repeatedly changes without touching the unit
3. Switches itself off when the snooze function is off
4. Clock doesn't maintain 12 hour function, constantly reverts to 24 hour clock
5. Dimmer function on display is too bright at night

Given as a gift, will now go and pay the extra for a Bose!

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Can't get any volume from it

I think I have the date right, however have not had sound on for a while. I thought that it might have been the antenna? I asked advice, and was told to try it out in the different rooms of the house, I will keep trying, but may dump it for a different brand!

Date PurchasedJul 2014

A good clock Radio

Bought the clock radio.
Good clear crystal clear sound and easy to operate.
Buttons are easy to press and it has 10 levels of backlight dimming
The instructions are clear. Could not fault it

I was hesitant about buying it after reading bad reviews
Decided to give a go and no regrets
Highly recommended

Taking it back after 1 day no volume

I bought it today and there is no sound even when I press the volume keys. I've tried everything including resetting to factory defaults, unplugging it from the mains, using head phones but nothing.
Also unable to preset any stations. I'm taking it back for a refund. What use is a clock radio with no sound?

Not terribly user friendly

Bought this product to use as a bedside clock radio First problem was switching the unit on, had to press the on button numerous times before getting it to react. Setting up the pre select did not go smoothly and the operation of the pre select is not convenient as after the station appears on screen you must then press the select button At night the clock light can not be dimmed enough for my liking Switching off the radio I had the same problem as switching on, ie, numerous times pressing off the button before it responded On the plus side the sound was a good quality for size of unit I ended up returning unit to store and bought another brand

dont buy refurbashed bush digital radios

this was the first of two bush radios, terrible , unable to tune, unable to preselect, was returned for full refund, tried a different model same por quality once again unable to preset stations, returned for full refund, their was a time BUSH had a great name , but of late poor products

I Ended Up Throwing It!!

Well, I finally gave up. For a couple of months I kept hoping I'd get used to fumbling to find volume buttons in the dark, half asleep. That I'd accept been fully woken & have to turn on the main light because wrong buttons were pushed & I'd loose the channel& end up with some random unwelcomed one! That placing a pillow case over the glare that lit up everything ( on the lowest level), except the flat unrecognizable button area was ok. Thank goodness, I didnt throw out my old clock radio!! With easy access, with simple& seperate raised buttons to work with in the dark. Ive had enough sleep deprivision in my life thankyou very much!! Not at all practical. I ended up throwing it one night, fortunately not through the window where it deserved! Enough said!

Great clarity

Great signal in the outer suburbs. All thumbs up. Clock only bright when radio on. Easy to use. Good sound

Great as a radio but could do with improvements

Easy to setup, and good sound. The USB is handy for charging my phone. Buttons are difficult to press, and to select a preset you have to scroll and then hit the select button. Would be better if it just changed as you were scrolling. The clock is also too bright, even on the dimmest setting. I end up putting my mobile phone in front of it when its annoying me.

A good choice but some design flaws

I've had the product for at least six months. I haven't had any problems with its operation. I love how it sets up the time using the digital radio timecode and you can select the alarm only to activate on weekdays.

The two main flaws it has is that the display is still too bright for me on its lowest setting. It is only slightly worse than the old digital clock style though. Second, I find the array of 4x3 rectangular buttons perplexing. the fact all the buttons are indistinguishable from each other makes it hard to navigate easily in the dark or even from the side while you lie in bed. Eventually you get to know the position in the grid of the most important buttons however.

Otherwise all good! I don't have trouble charging my phone with the USB power port and the speaker quality is alright (however not quite up to the standard of my pure one mini digital radio).
Auto time set and weekday only alarms
Display too bright and 3x4 array of same sized buttons for control.

Questions & Answers

I purchased this model Bush Radio about 18 months ago, unfortunately the antenna which is just a very thin fragile piece of wire just parted from the Radio, there is no conceivable way to fix it, as it just came out of a miniscule hole in the back of the Radio. Can it be repaired or will I have to throw it away?
3 answers
Can be resoldered if you open it up.I have the same issue with the antenna. Tried to fix it but only managed to get the speaker covers off and the snooze button but could get no further. Tried this self repair before ditching it. No more Bush products for me and for you if you are wise.Cwmccall. How did you open the unit up?

HI, I have this alarm clock and accidentally threw my instruction booklet away. Does anyone have an instruction booklet they don't need or can photocopy it for me please? Thanks for your help
3 answers
You can get a pdf online. http://www.bushaustralia.com.au/wp-file-browser-top/bushmanuals/Audio/BCR35DAB.pdfMany thanks Many thanks

Does this unit recognize daylight saving? If so, how do I set it up?
2 answers
It gets its time from the radio stream so you do not have to do anythingThanks Pency, I realised there was no reception due to the antenna. now it's working fine.


Price (RRP) $129
Battery TypeExternal
Release dateMay 2013

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