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Sangean DPR-45

Sangean DPR-45

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Very good radio. Not perfect but better than most others.

I bought this for my elderly father so I was looking for a radio that was simple to use but also good quality.

* Simplicity - it has a large red power button.
* It has 5 large preset buttons, which is more than some others.
* Better quality speaker than others.

* You need to push the Info button to see the name of the song that it is playing. I would prefer if it is always displayed, as occurs with my 'Pure' clock radio.
* The display is too small - so when the name of the song is being displayed, the scrolling takes too long.
* The display is an LCD screen which uses dark colour for the writing and the back light is white. Doesn't look as good and probably not as power efficient as my 'Pure' clock radio which shows the writing in green and the rest of the screen is dark.
* It is Mono, not stereo. But then it looks like they are all mono.
* At $200, it seemed a bit overpriced. It wasn't that much better than radios that were half the price.

One of the reasons for buying it was because I thought it was good that it had DAB, FM and AM... but then I found out all the major FM and AM stations are on DAB, and so for our purposes, the FM and AM are not needed.

Overall, I'm very happy with my choice for a simple to use radio with good sound.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Love my new radio. Perfect for my use.

I purchased this radio as I'm a bus driver and wanted a decent radio with a good speaker (need to be able to hear over bus noise). This radio hangs on my window edge and is ideal. I use rechargeable batteries and recharge every fourth day (I use it for approx 7hrs/day), Saving me a fortune and the climate not using alkaline batteries. Only draw back is only 5 presets. My old radio had 10 and that would have been preferable.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

This is a great radio.

I was lucky enough to snag this radio for $29 online from a Dick Smith clearance sale. It is easily one of the best purchases I've ever made. It has very good sound quality, a tuner that can do AM, FM and DAB (which is quite rare) and feels extremely sturdy with good build quality.

The only criticism I have of this radio is the tuning knob. You push it in to select a radio station on DAB, but the problem is that the tuning knob sometimes rotates slightly and selects the station adjacent to the one you want.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

A waste of money

I was hoping this radio would be "the one" as it incorporates all the broadcasting bands used in Australia in the one device. It has been a huge disappointment. And an expensive one too!

The tuning knob is used to select a DAB+ station. But it's so flimsy that it often jumps to another station when you press it in.

It has the worst DAB+ reception of any of my DAB+ radios. Surprising as it's a Sangean. On AM the audio is as muffled as they come. Worse, it's sold as a long-distance receiver. Don't believe it. It's actually very poor. FM is just okay.

The display is a very old fashioned seven segment scrolling digital display. Virtually useless to read any of the info that DAB+ and most FM stations broadcast. Further, the whole radio locked up at one stage. Was about to throw it into recycling but it came good after a few weeks without batteries in it.

The only saving grace is that it does have a 5-inch speaker. So when you can get a DAB+ station, or on FM it doesn't sound too bad. Albeit in mono of course.

In case you think I got a dud... I did get a second one of these. And nothing was any different. Although at least the second one hasn't locked up yet!

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Nearly as good as it gets!

Great radio. Have tuned in the newly available digital services now available in Hobart and surrounds from ABC and SBS. Haven't even got around to scanning the AM & FM stations.
This Radio is almost unique in that it also supports the AM band. Most are DAB+ & FM only. The AM quality is fairly wide band as well, given that many AM radios are quite narrowband in quality.

The DPR-45 faithfully reproduces the encoding quality provided by the Broadcasters. The ABC music services (Classic, TJ, Country, Jazz, Double J and Unearthed are encoded at a respectable 80kbps, but don't expect CD quality at this encoding rate. The AAC codec is good, but not that good. Sound quality is quite acceptable for most listeners. At low levels, increasing the bass control gives a nice reproduction of bottom end at lower listening levels.
The lower 64kbps bitrate streams such as Radio National, News Radio and (formerly) Local Radio also sound quite good even on stereo content, but will have slightly more encoding artefacts, particularly in the top end.

If you don't mind a bit of negotiating with sales staff you should be able to pick this radio up for ~$150. I did, I purchased it for an elderly friend, and liked it so much I went back and got one for myself. and it's well worth it at that price.

This model was released in 2013, but is still current, and really doesn't need any major improvements, so may remain current for a while longer?

I use this radio as a replacement for the Sony AM/FM clock radio I had for many years, due to the DPR-45 having two alarms with either radio or buzzer function. The LCD screen has a 7 step backlight that is always on when connected to mains unless you select the backlight off setting. I would prefer the lowest backlight setting to go one step dimmer for better bedside comfort in a dark bedroom. Just a small negative though. The scrolling text function only remains for the current power up session. Once the unit is switched off and back on you have to select the LCD function you had before such as scrolling information text. Again, just a minor negative.

This radio has separate bass and treble controls. Interestingly, the treble knob is the left one and the bass is on the right. Just saying ;-)
Some will nitpick that it doesn't support a recharging function for the batteries. But at least it uses common D cell batteries, and you can charge them in a separate charger. I'm sure rechargeable and especially alkaline batteries will last for a long time.

One final point, obviously this radio is mono having only one speaker, but the 3.5mm headphone output is stereo. The ABC DAB+ services are stereo except News Radio and Grandstand.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

An outstanding radio.

Decided to purchase the Sangean DPR-45 over my other radio. This has had many reviews here and without repeating all this, I just want to point out my own review so far. Its not too heavy to move about, even with four "D" size batteries installed. I keep them installed as the batteries make a great backup system for all your stored functions. Without them the DPR-45 will loose all your settings in a relatively short time. The unit switches automatically from mains to batteries without issue. It picks up all the AM and FM stations clearly in my area without issue. I don't get DAB transmissions so I cannot comment on that aspect. There are a number of useful functions such as two alarms, which can be set up to use AM or FM or DAB or buzzer, and can be set for weekdays and/or weekends. There is also a sleep function so you can listen to your favourite station as you doze off to sleep! I think the DPR-45 is relatively simple to set up and use, and the instruction booklet is quite helpful. I tend to use the radio mainly on mains power, but also quite regularly on the batteries too, and so far it doesn't seem to eat up batteries very quickly. You have fifteen presets to use which includes five quick favorites. Access these easily from the five large buttons on top. I don't know anything about the USB update function at this time, as I have never used it. The overall build quality of this radio is, in my opinion, very good. Overall? If your happy to pay extra money for higher end radios, then get this one!

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Lovely piece of kit

One of the few radios with DAB, FM and AM.

AM is quite important to have if you have patchy DAB reception and you need to keep up to date emergency info.

This radio is basic and well made, not fancy but does the job right. Not too small and not too big. Just right.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

A Quality Portable Radio.

I bought this radio based on reviews; and mainly use it to listen to music, but also some sport, conversations (with experts), discussions and commentary - on a range of topics. I am just a long term radio listener (going back to valve days and crystal sets in the early 1950s, and before TV arrived), with no particular specialist knowledge.

Digital radio was new for me. I ventured into that unknown world for the first time with this radio. The improvement in the FM music stations I listen to is significant – beautiful, clear and strong. Stellar performance in that area! With this radio sound quality for me has gone from the previous ‘good’ on to ‘excellent’ - on the same music stations that I used to listen to on FM and now do on digital. A young relative plays in a youth orchestra and several of their performances, in Adelaide, were broadcast nationally on DAB+ recently (a month ago I had no idea what that even was). They sounded wonderful on this radio!

The Sangean DPR-45 is at the large and heavy end for a portable radio. Still it is easy enough to carry around the house, but is probably best kept on something firm like a table or shelf. I also take it outside several times a week - when I am gardening. It can easily be put into the car when travelling, to use at another location. It has a 5 inch (about 127 mm) speaker, which is big for a portable radio. The speaker impedance is low (4 ohms, which is a good thing) - my very limited technical knowledge suggests this is probably an indication of good quality and design. All of that makes for a better sound out of the speaker, especially for music. So none of these things are a problem or an issue for me.

Setting up was easy and intuitive. The clock setting, station select (both manual and auto select) and preset procedures were straightforward - even for a Luddite like me. I only used the 5 preselect buttons for each band (as that was plenty for me) and did not delve into the mysteries of how to preset the full 15 stations per band capability. With guidance from page 21 of the manual that should be fine too.

It's city performance (including during a short stay in Sydney) is impressive and, as a result, I now only listen to the digital versions of the FM and AM stations I used to listen to. I also checked it out in three country areas and compared this radio with two other, fairly average, portable radios I have used for years (a Grundig Concert Boy 60 and a Bush Thomson). For comparison I just focused on the FM and AM (aka MW) bands, as neither of these two radios had digital capabilities. All three radios were battery powered for my checks and comparisons. After checking 5 stations in each band the Sangean DPR-45 was consistently significantly better than both at each country site. I think its better speaker was a factor. One site was in a forest, another in a valley and the third in the mountains. Obviously the superior radio!

You usually get what you pay for, and I am delighted with my choice.

This is a quality portable radio.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

The Best

Love this radio - it has it all. Wonderful clear reception, 5 Station pre-sets on both AM, FM and DAB (maintained even in a power blackout), I can listen to all stations clearly that are difficult or impossible to hear due to static on other radios, wonderful compact design, and so easy to program (don't need an instruction book). Best radio EVER!!!

Date PurchasedJul 2017

General Purpose Radio

I purchased this as a first step into Digital Radio.
It is generally a good system as a small mantel radio but a little large for portable use. Has an adequate mono speaker and a 3.5 mm headset socket for stereo. Has alarm and sleep function for bedside use.

The use of D cells provides good battery life but does reduce the portability and as it can't charge the cells doesn't really encourage the use of rechargeable batteries. Works well on AC (uses an appliance cord) through an internal power supply.

Has 15 preset station per band accessed through 5 physical buttons. The first 5 are easy to use the others may need reference to the manual.

I find the radio a bit susceptible to interference from other IT but not excessively so. Overall I find DAB+ programming a bit of a solution in search of a problem but that is largely because I exploit internet radio via my phone a lot.

Purchased from Harvey Norman price matched against alternative suppliers.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Perfect alternative to Stereo DAB Receiver - the real sound audiophile tells all.

I looked at several DAB receivers including Internet feed through my PC and tablet before thinking about a radio.

Several years past and nothing seemed too good to be true including signing up to on-line feed content that was supposedly live but was actually recorded live content from weeks, months and years ago. Great for the Antiquarian in all of us but useless if you just want current affairs and the weather in your region. So I ditch that option and continued looking at far more expensive options including stand alone high level stereo equipment.

Prices getting steeper and ridiculous put me back to thinking there wasn't an alternative to what I sought but coincidently I belonged to a few audiophile networks and after a conversation via emails and messaging from a disk jockey pro we came up with a really good result.

I bought the Sagean DPR-45+ because it gives you presets of 5xDAB 5xFM 5xAM. DAM also picks up Podcast Stations that are registered Free to Air in your region. But you can double up by looking up the address online and then try to connect using you DAB Radio. An extra item most people will not consider is a repeater aerial that increases the signal strength if it is very weak. One of these from Jacar will set you back around $85 AUD but there's a huge difference to signal quality. still you don't need this unless you want a higher amount of content. I can pick up signals well outside my region that are using wireless feed and I'm not paying data service fees.

Why do this? I've hooked up the headphone out socket direct to my Auxiliary 2 Audio input on my Stereo unit. Playing DAB on a stereo through good speakers is a dramatic difference to listening to Air Radio. Sounds can be concert level quality but the answer every Audiophile wants is, I want to record that for my listening collection and I can do just that now with any DAB content and without a PC or Tablet.

Seamless design gives you exactly what you expect to get without any other interference. I tried to achieve this on PC but it failed because feed quality is inferior to pipeline volume speeds and you get dropouts in exceptional quality. If you plan something like this make sure you use high quality wiring and connectors because they do make a difference. Noting also a Portable device can be detached and used elsewhere and batteries can also be rechargeable if you want better longevity from this radio on reserve power. My 3600mAh batteries last around 28 hours constant use before there's a significant signal loss. Try it for yourself, there are few good alternatives in a market of design engineers that seems ignorant to the real usefulness of technology in our homes and we have to think outside their world to get the best result.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

So far, it's all good

I've had my radio only a few days, but I love it already. I spent some time reading the manual and then setting it up with manual clock, presets, mono sound. There's no DAB in Tassie, and that is no fault of Sangean.
It's a snap to use Am or FM and I have fav presets for both.
So I can say that at this point, I have no quibbles with it and it's everything I was led to believe that it would be..

Date PurchasedOct 2016

If you have no digital or FM signal in your area, forget it!

We live in a remote valley and had just been able to pick up a weak AM (ABC Far North) signal in one room, on an old radio which has now died. We decided to spend extra on a more powerful radio but the reception on this device is worse than our cheap old one! We knew we didn't have a digital signal here, nor can we receive FM because of the hills but we really thought the AM band would have been very much more powerful and are very disappointed to find it only picks up one or two (sometimes no) weak stations, and won't pick up our favourite ABC at all. To add insult to injury it won't even allow us to manually set the clock, which apparently MUST have a DAB or FM signal to work!!! I'm not saying it's not a good radio - I simply don't know! - but just beware of it's limitations if you are in a remote area.

Excellent tri-band radio

This is an excellent tri-band radio (AM, FM & digital). I surveyed all available portable radios and this model is outstanding. Has a solid build quality in a decent sized case which provides good sound via 100mm loudspeaker with separate treble & bass controls. Very easy to use. Has some nice features like auto switching to batteries (4 x D cells) if mains power interrupted – also clock/calendar sets automatically off digital or DAB+ signal.

If you are not in a DAB+ broadcast area, you can manually set the time as per p23 of the manual. The radio does not have internal battery backup for the time, so if you are running off mains power, manual time settings will be lost when the radio is disconnected from the power (during a blackout, switched off at mains etc) and the radio will search for a DAB+ time signal when reconnected to power. However, the manual time settings will be retained if you have batteries in the unit.

The AM/FM reception is better than average, but for rural areas (eg where no DAB+) the similarly sized Sangean PR-D3 FM/AM radio might be a better and lower cost option because (a) you can connect an outdoor AM antenna (eg a long wire) via the external antenna terminal, and (b) you can narrow the AM bandwidth.
In terms of battery life Sangean Australia advised me that when listening to AM/FM for 4 hours a day, the DPR-45 battery life is 45 hours, while the PR-D3 battery life is 72 hours.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Problem arose

I found the radio was very good and powerful enough to overcome the poor reception area. The problem arose when it was noticed that a brown liqid was pouring from the battery area over a white cover and the setting on a polished table surface quickly set hard brown ridges. In all fairness I cannot remember The setup at that time. The unit was replaced as asked and is now plugged into the mains power. very happy with the radio.

Best I could find.

I am female and in my eighties. We have the name to be daft about technical things. Perhaps we are. But I do know exactly what I want. A radio which will give me a variety of stations to listen to in the night. Am and FM are totally useless where I live. I bought a very small pocket digital radio couple of years back. OXX. That was fine, no speaker. As it had no sleeptimer, very hard on batteries. I kept looking and could not find anything to suit me till I found the Sangean DPR45. Its a bit big for me, I would have preferred it smaller, but.....I am happy with it and it does what I want.

Not for me

I live 2-1/2 hours west of Sydney. There is no digital signal available at the moment where I live. My old Sony stereo, which was able to pick up Sydney AM stations, packed it in. My local Dick Smith store allowed me to try the Sangean DPR-45+ Long Distance AM Reception radio. It couldn't pick up anything. I attached a Loop Aerial and still it didn't pick up anything. This radio didn't work for me, but it may work for others.

Best Portable Radio

I have owned a previous version of this radio and have found it to be the best AM radio on the market, I bought a new DPR-45+ and it is just as good on the AM band, plus the new model has the digital radio band, of course it still has very good FM. The sensitivity and selectivity on the AM Band is outstanding, so the radio is great for the around Aussie traveler. The date and time will set up automatically if you are in a digital radio broadcast area. It is a little fiddly to set date and time if not in a digital area. The date and time will be lost if you change batteries and don't have it plugged into the mains power.

Overall a great radio, especially on the often neglected by manufactures AM band.


All good!

I purchased this model of radio two months ago. I am impressed with the reception, sound quality and features. I live in a semi rural area and according to Digital Radio Plus's coverage information I should not be receiving the digital radio signal, but with this radio it is excellent. I did my research before purchasing the radio, but after owning it I have found more features than I was expecting. I now use this radio as my bedside alarm clock. The battery backup is an important feature which this radio has, when there have been mains power interruptions. I really like the "sleep" timer function; use it most nights. Today I telephoned the Australian distributor, Canohm and spoke to an employee by the name of James about a query I had about the operation of the radio. James was extremely helpful. Furthermore, there was no "on hold" waiting time to be put through to a person. Very rare in today's business market. I trust this radio will give me years of good service.
reception, sound quality, features and quality of build


I have had a Sangean DPR 45 for just 18 months and am very very disappointed with it. Worked well until approx. 2 months ago and now is continually dropping out and losing the station. I have been told to do a factory reset which is supposed to clear everything and then a quick scan of DAB frequencies will be carried out and it was hoped that it would correct the problem.

Is not holding the stations

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As I purchased this same model a few weeks ago I am interested in the outcome of this issue.

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does this pick up overseas stations on DAB, I live in Ipswich queensland australia
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Is this a clock radio?
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No. A digital radio.


Sangean DPR-45
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