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Panasonic RF-D10GN

Panasonic RF-D10GN

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Just what I wanted.


Overall I am very pleased with the radio. It is just the size I wanted. Not too big nor too small.

The 10cm speaker is clear at all volumes and is easily heard from some distance away without having the volume turned up to a high level.

It loads more quickly than the other reputable brand DAB radios I have. From standby it becomes audible in less than 3 seconds.

On standby I measured the power used at 0.3W.
When switched on at half volume it read 1.2W and at full volume 2.8W.
I have tested the meter I used and it appears to be quite accurate.
The specifications claim “Power consumption 7W” so the above readings were pleasing.

I do not intend using batteries with the unit. Another DAB radio I have depletes batteries at an alarming rate and I have no need to use this radio elsewhere than in one particular spot.

The 75mm x 20mm display is quite good but it would be better if it permanently showed the selected preset number and also if you are tuned to FM or DAB.
It would be great if the display were just a bit larger, perhaps 30mm instead of 20mm in height.

It automatically displays the very accurate time from the air waves which is excellent, but I would prefer the time to be a little more obvious and also to be selectable between 24 and 12 hour time.

The main reason I chose this radio apart from size, was the ease of changing stations.
The 10 preset buttons are excellent. One push of the desired button and it swaps.

The operating instructions are reasonable but could be considerably better.

I am glad I purchased this radio.

Date PurchasedJan 2019


Able to preset 10 FM and 10 DAB stations. Excellent sound and reception in a difficult reception area.Easy to preset stations and operate and can run on AC or 2D batteries. Excellent value at $99 at The Good Guys. Minimum adjustments needed to get the best reception. Overall a great buy!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Well made portable DAB/FM radio

this radio was a replacement for the Pure One radio.The Panasonic is larger and heavier but the build quality is substantially better and uses 4 C cell rechargeable batteries(not supplied with the radio). The mono sound is very good and as I mainly use it in the bathroom(where it must be battery powered) I am very happy with the performance. Complaints about poor battery life are a bit unfair because all DAB portable radios have higher power consumption and rechargeable batteries are always recommended. Use of disposable batteries will cost more.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Great sound from the size that it is.

Having only owned an analogue 'boom box' for many many years, I decided to get a new radio for home, picnics & the drive ins (yes we still have one in WA). I looked at some of the more 'micro-units' that were conveniently small and ran on less batteries, but I decided I liked this one for its reasonable size and only uses 4 x C batteries (our old boom box takes 6 x D). It easily receives all FM stations and many DAB/Digital stations. This is my first digital radio and I'm now a big fan of the format - plenty of variety and very little commercials, plus many AM stations have a digital version (This unit is FM/DAB only). It has 10 presets which you can allocate an FM and a Digital station to depending on what mode you are using. Someone else mentioned it goes through batteries quicker than a normal radio, we've mainly only used on mains power so far, but did use for a few hours on Australia Day and I've used in the back yard a few times and still on the first set. There are no down sides to this radio that I have discovered in the 2 months I have had it.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great radio...except for one thing

My first digital radio. Compact and functional. The sound quality appears very good ...although I haven't heard another to compare it against. Simple to operate and working perfectly and up to my expectations.
In fact, if not for one thing, I would give it 5 stars. That one thing being the battery life.

I bought it replace an analogue radio which was particularly poor to tune. Through the day it would slightly shift frequency resulting in annoying buzzes and other interference. Where it sits is not near a power outlet so I rely on it using batteries. On this basis, I only needed to change the batteries every four weeks or so. Unfortunately, the Panasonic sometimes can't make it through a single week. Maybe this is something with digital radios but I thought a smaller radio with modern electronics would at least match the larger one with older electronics in battery life.

Can't blame Panasonic for hiding this fact as it says in the Instruction Manual that alkaline batteries are only good for 40hrs ...but who gets to read the Instruction Manual before purchasing? Wonder how their sales would go if this information was placed on the outside of the box?

So there you go. Great little radio but if you intend to use it primarily on batteries...you have been warned.

Crystal Clear

After looking for weeks for a decent digital radio I came across this Panasonic RF-D10 and I was floored by the quality of the sound the appearance the reception and unbelievable power of its volume
Even on full volume there was no distortion. Plus heaps of other features too many to mention!
The other manufacturers should sit up and take notice
Well done Panasonic 10/10

Questions & Answers

Does it have a sleep function?
3 answers
No alarm functions.Sorry, it has no sleep or alarm functionsAlarm function is only available with main power supply, not with the batteries

Mine has problem on DAB MODE. Normally got 4 bar signal indicator, good reception, but when headphone or earphone inserted the signal drop into 0 bar and disconnected. But on FM mode signal not affected when headphone connected. Any suggestion?
No answers

Can you get 2ch or 1170 am on this radio?
1 answer
I assume you are in NSW so I can't guarantee it but mine picks up all AM / Digital / FM stations quite well If in doubt ask the retailer if you can bring it back ! I previously purchased a Philips and that was useless then I exchanged it for a Sony and that was terrible also so I have to say the Panasonic would be your best bet Good luck Mick G


Panasonic RF-D10GN
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