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Bushman Fridges DC65-X

Bushman Fridges DC65-X

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Fitted in to horse transport trailer & run from a 40Ah deep cycle battery with a mains charger (6A) in parallel - will run for at least 24hrs without depleting battery below about half capacity when mains not available
Used for essential perishable food items & keeping cold packs frozen

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Can't fault it

Our fridge permanently runs in our caravan and i can't fault it . It was very easy to install and is also very energy efficient . We would definitely buy another. It is very easy to clean and has a great travel catch to stop it opening during travel. Perfect

Date PurchasedNov 2017

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Questions & Answers

Hi, Is it possible to run this Fridge on a 240/12v transformer? If so, is it the transformer advertised in your accessories section? I am a bit confused on what the power options are for this fridge. Cheers, Shaun
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Hi Shaun, the DC65-X will run on 12V or 24V. Most of our customers run the fridge directly from the DC battery bank. Alternatively you could run it from 240V using a 240V to 12V transformer. Cheers.Hi Paul, thanks for your prompt response. If I have the fridge wired into the DC system in the van can I also use the plug in transformer for when the battery runs down? Thanks, ShaunHi Shaun, yes you could plug in a transformer if the batteries are getting down. I think the better option is a smart battery charger, this will maintain your batteries when on 240V and the fridge can continue to run from the batteries while the charger is plugged in. The charger will provide the additional power that the fridge draws.

I am very interested in the dc65x fridge, but would like to know the inside dimensions of the fridge, especially the dept of the shelves. and is there anywhere in South Australia I could go to to have a look at these fridges? kind regards, Els from Goolwa SA
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Contact Bushman directly (I've always found their staff very helpful and knowledgeable) or call/visit one of their South Australian DC fridge stockists: BUSHMAN Portable Fridges 
 3 Contour Close Research VIC 3095 
 03 9437 0737 info@bushman.com.au Mon-Fri / 8:30am-5pm Dario Caravans & Repairs 
 1 Pinn St St Marys SA 5042 
 08 8277 4388 RVStore Plus - A1 Caravans 
 1 Kettering Rd Elizabeth South SA 5112 
 08 8287 0788


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