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Camelbak Eddy

Camelbak Eddy

2.6 from 21 reviews

Highly durable! Great value

Great price at 25 bucks delivered from snowys. The construction in highly durable and backed by Camelbaks got your back guarantee. Have not experienced the bottle eak as many of the other reviews state.

Leaking water bottle

This is a very bad product not sure how it got to the supermarket shelves. When the straw is plugged to the valve it functions well but it has to be well plugged and if it falls (which happens a lot with kids bottles) the straw comes straight out the valve and you don’t realise and keep using and what happens is that it starts leaking a lot. Worst bottle ever, I bought it last week and I’m throwing it out today. The worst thing is that this isn’t cheap, I got it for $22.00 at Woolworths. Don’t buy it, there are better ones out there.

Not sure how this got to shelves...

When I bought this drink bottle it said it was 'leak-proof', and considering the price I believed that claim. The only good thing about this bottle is that the plastic is good quality. But the functionality is horrendous. It regularly leaks, which goes directly against it's main selling point. But that isn't the worst part; it is unhygienic. The drinking spout is very unusual, I can't explain it, so unless you can see it for yourself you wont really understand what I'm saying. But basically the strange spout grows a black slime/mould unless you thoroughly clean the bottle every 2 weeks. And let me tell you, once that stuff is in the removable spout it is very hard to clean out. Having to clean the bottle over and over is very annoying, especially since I know that within a week slimely mould will start growing again.
Another issue that may just be personal to me is that the strange spout has caused jaw issues with the continuous biting to get the water out. I'd love a refund because this is the worst drink bottle I have ever bought as well as the most expensive! Go figure! But I know the likely hood of getting my money back is next to none. I hope Camelbak sees this and I'd love a response.


1L bottle provides a good amount of capacity but doesn't actually deliver a full litre because it leaks quite heavily. I've found this to be true for other Camelbak products.

Good quality but needs cleaning regularly

Bought one each for my 18 month old and 5yr old boys.

Good points - They have sustained being dropped many times with no signs of cracks or chips unlike many other drink bottles. They are easy to use and have the option to be drank upright or tipped up if you remove the straw. They are easy to refill.

Bad points - After having a drink, water gets trapped inside the drinking spout and quickly forms mould. Needs cleaning regularly (maximum every couple days) to avoid mould forming. For this reason I will not be buying these bottles again.

Hygienic drink bottle easy to use on the move

The Camelbak drink bottle looks and feels good. It keeps the mouthpiece and drink away from germs while making it very easy to take a sip or a long glug. It is easy to fill, wash and store. The lid is very secure and the bottle and contents would survive being dropped or banged.

Not the best drink bottle available

I invested in a camelbak eddy for my partner & I (they are not particularly cheap) but have found they leak very easily, the silicone mouth piece gets dirty/mouldy and can be difficult to clean, and the straw doesn’t reach the base so the lid has to be opened to drink the last bit of water direct from the bottle.

Love it but it does leaks

I have gone through so many water bottles that was easy to use and leak proof. the Eddy water bottle is great to use as you can actually use it handsfree by biting down on the mouthpiece but i did notice that it leaked. The mouthpiece can be replaced so that is another plus.

Piece of rubbish

It's meant for 3yo and up but it has a massive design flaw making it unfit for purpose.

If you push against the nozzle (when open), the nozzle separates from the lid and water leaks out quite badly.
Of course a 3yo is going to push the nozzle against things!!

Whoever designed this is a fool and obviously doesn't have kids.

If this is for your kids, don't waste your money. Get something else.

Replacement parts too costly

The valve on my Eddy became mouldy only a few months after purchasing. Ordering a replacement part online costs the same as a new bottle. Annoying that stockist aren't able to sell spare parts. Defeats the purpose of buying a drink bottle to be environmentally friendly.

I drink so much more water

It's such a good drink bottle. It doesn't leak unless the mouth piece gets pushed into the bottle. I also have these drink bottles for my kids. No spills yet! The mouth pieces are easy to replace and available at the supermarket but are on the pricier side. Which I think is the biggest downfall. It would be nice if it came in a larger size too.

it's not bad

i love using this bottle at it helps me keep track of how much water I have. although, after a few months of use, I noticed the valve started to have black (almost like mould) stuck onto the pipe/valve.

The water tastes like plastic

I've been using my Camelbak Eddy bottle for a week now, it looks good, is easy to handle, easy to clean and doesn't seem to leak but I hate the bite valve from which you suck the water out, whenever I drink from it all I can taste is plastic, and it leaves a bad aftertaste in my mouth, this makes the whole process of drinking not enjoyable :(

Always leaking

Always dribbles water from the lid area. I got a replacement lid from local retailer (good service, thanks) but within a week the new lid is dribbling away again when I hold the bottle upside down - leaked all over my bag contents.

I think they do very clever marketing that suggests these bottles are a cut above the rest, but in reality they start leaking like the cheap ones but cost a heck of a lot more.

Excellent customer service

I cannot imagine bushwalking without my CamelBak water reservoir. When the tube became faulty after a thorough cleaning and a few years of usage, Camelbak replaced it in a timely manner and no cost.

Love it until they start leaking... all the time

I got my new bottle over a year ago. Great, looks amazing and makes me feel better about not using single use plastic bottles..
Until after a few weeks of use it starts to leak.. I claim a new part (lifetime guarantee is great). The bottle is great again.. for a couple of months.. them it leaks again...
I bought this product to stop wasting plastic and they send me parts that are designed to fail.. I end up getting new parts and throwing away the old one (so much wastage!!!).
I decided to throw the bottle away and go for a different brand that doesn't start leaking after a but of use!
I wouldn't recommend this bottle I'm afraid..

Loved them until...

Absolutely loved them for our toddlers. Got rid of all other sippy cups and drink bottles. Stocked up on all the different kids colours and themes. We've now had them for about a month; found them difficult to keep clean and end up pretty costly due to replacing the bites.

Also concerned about the valve in the lid & would never use anything but water in them after using a couple of bottles to carry watered down juice. Each night they are scrubbed with a bottle and teat brush before being put in the dishwasher (as I found the bite doesn't benefit from being put in the dishwasher) couldn't get the taste of juice out so I threw the entire lid & bite in the bin.

I now see at Woolworths that the bottles come with a teat cleaner. So I'm sure it's an issue that has been raised.

Once these bites go I won't be replacing them. Such a shame! I love the idea of them and the kids love them... until their water tastes funny.

Inter-bottle leached colour into the water!

I bought one of these water botttles and used it for over 6 months. I reguarly cleaned the device in the dish washer every week or so. What I discovered after this period of time was that the white mouthpiece started to develop a coloured stain inside that was the exact same shade as the inner bottle (a fluorescent green).

When I contacted the CamelBak warranty email (which was a Sea to Summit address), all I received back was arrogant reponses saying I couldn't possibly be experiencing colour leaching into the water and that it was because of bacterial growth. I provided photos and explanations that I reguarly clean the device, but I was still told I was wrong. It's a shame, because if they had just replaced it the device I would have thought nothing of it, yet the customer service reflected very poorly on Camelbak and S2S. I will not be buying their products ever again if this is the kind of customer service you can expect.

Great customer service, great product.

We have several kids eddy drink bottles. We only use them for water. They never leak unless the valve is broken but this is easy to replace. The bite valve on the kids eddy is much easier to clean than the one on the adults eddy, everything comes to pieces and it just goes in the dishwasher. I stick the straw on one of the spikes and same for the mouthpiece. We have had my daughters for two years it hasn't had any problems until recently when it started to leak. I replaced the bite valve with another one (we had a pack of four spares) and it still kept leaking. So I contacted camel bak by phone and they replaced it no problems. The new lid arrived in the mail today and its perfect.
I can't fault either the product or the customer service. Especially as they had to send the part to darwin which probably cost more than the part!!! We love these drink bottles and since having them we haven't had any wet handbag incidents.

Exceptionally difficult to clean, don't use with anything other than water

Exceptionally difficult to clean, don't use with anything other than water.

The capillary action suck top is a nice feature to prevent leaks, but the associated parts are hard to clean. Like most drink bottles, the interior is also hard to clean.

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