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CardioTech LifeBack 2

CardioTech LifeBack 2

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Maybe older age groups shouldn't use it

Hi. My wife and I are fit, sporty and healthy in our early 80's. We bought ourselves a Cardiotech machine for Christmas. On the face of it the machine was doing us good. I lost 2 kg in two months or so. However, now 4 to 5 months later we both have a prolapsed rectum with consequent difficulties in going to the toilet. We suggest that the machines vigorous shaking has severed whatever held up our rectum within the body. Looking on-line the only cure is surgery! No warnings were given when we bought it or subsequently.

I've owned one for 3 years

I was a big person with severe arthritis throughout my body. By using this machine and keeping an eye on good nutrition, portion sizes etc my circulation has improved, fatty pockets are reducing and joint pain has also improved. The life back 2 is superior to other machines. It makes your whole body itch on the big settings but it improves the quality of sleep to.

Best thing I ever Bought

I would like to say the biggest thankyou too you.
I bought a life back 2 off you back in July 2016, and boy how this has changed my life…….
Not only have I gone from 82.5 Kilo’s to 65 but many other benefits I have also gained from the Life back2.
* My skin is smooth and no little bumps anymore, and no dry skin as the vibration shakes the blood beneath which has increased my circulation.
* The little spider veins behind my knees are now all but disappeared.
* I have found muscles I never knew existed.
* My arms are tones and sculpted.
* The hardest part of the body to exercise, the inside of my legs are now tones and fat free.
* I have never felt or looked better and I'm 48 years old.

I am addicted to this machine and have told all my friends of the benefits, I have them coming over to use my Lifeback2 all the time and they too see the benefits.

You got it wright when naming this machine as It has given me my Life Back.

Thankyou Cardo Tech


I have a life back2 machine. It works perfectly and the vibrations work through your whole body!
The staff at north lakes are really helpful and friendly. I recommend this machine to anyone!

Now the talk of all my friends

I bought the LifeBack2 about 4 months ago from CardioTech. I am 70 years old and I cant do a lot of simple exercises that I used to enjoy because of a bad back and foot problems. I was frustrated and felt that i wasn't getting enough daily exercise and i wanted to get rid of my aching legs. You can actually feel the blood pumping through your legs when using the LifeBack, it makes you feel invigorated and it might sound crazy but it gives you that new lease on life. I guess I had a bit of guilt before buying that I wasn't doing enough exercise but now by holding a simple few positions on the machine I can feel the next day that I have worked my muscles and that's great. I no longer worry about long-term strength and mobility and my achy legs are gone! I would highly recommend this machine to young and old alike.

Great for the elderly and good for me too

After initial reluctance from my mother who was afraid that the machine might make her legs ache even more than they were, she loves it. The first night after just 5 minutes of sitting in her lounge chair with her feet on the machine and her hands on her knees, like she was told, she slept much better and the arthritic pain in her shoulder that often stopped her getting to sleep, just wasn't there. She tells me she can feel more sensation in her feet now and gets tingly legs when she uses the machine and she's just sitting and relaxing. The LifeBack 2 vibration machine has improved my mother's circulation and she is walking more freely which helps her enjoy time with her grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Vibration Machine

I purchased the Vibration machine a few months ago and it is really good my experience with the Morayfield and North Lakes staff was brilliant. Both machines work perfectly and I would hightly recommend these to anyone.

Questions & Answers

Went to turn my machine on and it keeps beeping but im unable to start any programs. Can you offer any solutions
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Hi Maureen, please contact us directly at cardiotech.com.au via our website email forms, online chat or call on 1300 135 596. We can then have our service team in touch to assist as the product review website is not part of the company. We recommend people contact us directly for assistance as this is not continually monitored.

Can it get rid of fat in Tummy and hip area.?
No answers

Can it get rid of fat around The Tummy and Waist area.
1 answer
Can it get rid of Tummy and hip fat ?


CardioTech LifeBack 2
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