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Carman's Variety 12 Pack of Bars

Carman's Variety 12 Pack of Bars

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Shrinking, bars, profits and forests...


Always enjoyed the quality for years. BUT..... Is there one intelligent person within Carman's Kitchen who may be able to see the blatant waste in plastic and cardboard when packaging these little bars. If the intention is to try to bluff the punters with oversized cartons and plastic wrap, we're all over that now!!

A smart idea would be to make and cost large bars for Guys and package them sensibly, save us from more unnecessary landfill too. If one of you has an abacus, assess the packaging savings to increase your margins! At the rate the bars are shrinking, you are going to have to try to sell empty plastic wraps in 2023

Purchased in January 2020.


SidneyLSydney, NSW

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Another 8gms gone but price not reduced


Roasted nut bars. Enjoyable. Have bought this product regularly for a long while now. However, I noticed that the latest purchase carton of 5 roasted nut bars, seems to be giving me 40gm less per packet for my $$. Each bar has been reduced from 40gms to 32gms. (effectively the weight of another nut bar per carton when they were 40gms each) On principal, I will not purchase another Carmens product again. This tactic is just totally unacceptable, and just plain disappointing, as yet another food supplier adopts the practice of hoping their customers wont notice they are getting less value for money. Not impressed. Perhaps consider changing the carton label to **Proudly Australian made and owned and reduced!**

Purchased in November 2019 at Coles.


BelGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

What happened to the size??


Very disappointed in Carmans reducing the size of their muesli bars yet the price has stayed the same or even increased! I have been buying Carmans for years but wont be any more. Plus the 5 pack used to be 6 pack so Im sure it wont be long before the 12 pack is reduced to 10 for the same price!

Purchased at Coles.



I have been buying Carmen’s for years, I always enjoyed the fruit and nut muesli bars but come on $6.00 a packet! Might be an idea to remove the words ‘Big Bars’ from the packaging, as big bars they ain’t anymore.
I will be looking elsewhere for a muesli bar.

Purchased in July 2019 at Woolworths for $6.00.



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Why change a successful formula!!!


These used to be the best muesli bar variety around in terms of taste, range and cost IMHO. Sadly, for some inexplicable reason (most likely a misguided and foolish attempt to save money), Carman's have changed the recipe across a number of the most popular bar's and now I have stopped buying them altogether. They don't look or more importantly, taste the same anymore and are much blander. Good work! :-(

Purchased in May 2019.

These are not the same!


I've noticed that with the new packaging the size and taste of the Gourmet Protein Bars Greek Style Yoghurt have changed. Not nearly as nice or as filling. Would rather pay a little more and have them back to how they were. Now I need to find another muesli bar for my morning tea. I used to eat these every day.

Purchased in February 2019.

Tasted like actual human faeces.


Carmans bars were my favorite go to snack. I had my first one from the new packaging. I wasn't enjoying it like I always did, it had changed... I got to the last bite so almost the entire thing and I had to spit it out as it was rancid. The last bit actually tasted like what I assume is what human crap tastes like. At least it was what my senses would assume it tastes like. It was so disgusting, I'll never buy them again. So so disappointed.
Not only the disgusting taste and change in taste but the size. Why ruin a good thing???



I was a huge fan of Carmens until I realised they have shrunk! Same size packaging and price but the bar has decreased in size, very disappointing! I also think they have changed the ingredients in the Dark Chocolate Espresso which was my fav but now it just isn't the same! I wont be going out of my way to buy them anymore... :-(


DVRMetropolitan Adelaide, SA

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Shrinking Size of a good product


I love to eat a Carman's Nut bar. My concern is not about the products but the size reduction of the bars. I am very disappointed that the bar size has shrunk from 45 to 35gms without a downward change in price. The packaging remains the same to create the illusion that nothing has changed inside the box. It is all about increasing profits but that may be impacted by a reduction in sales by the disillusioned consumers.

Good product until they dropped portion sizes


No qualms with taste but I won't be purchasing anymore since they have dropped the portion size while maintaining box price. What once was a nice snack size has become just too small meaning where one was once enough now 2 bars are needed. Feels like just another move to increase profits at a cost to product quality. Real shame as I'd go through a few boxes a week. No longer.

Bev P 11030

Bev P 11030Kiama

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When size does matter


Im so annoyed that the Carman bar suze has been reduced by almost a third. The price us the same! The box is the same! Even the wrapper is the same size! This makes it so obvious when you open it up to eat a third of yhe packet is air! It used to be satisfying to eat one but now you need two to feel satisfied then you go over the daily allowance! Size does matter!



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Healthy and tasty


I buy these for my partner for him to eat as a breakfast snack either before or during work! He seems to really enjoy them. According to him, he prefers these bars over the protein bars and he's always the most pleased with the cranberry flavour. I happily eat them all, though.

Annette Green

Annette GreenREDLAND BAY

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Past times a plenty!


Over time, I have regularly bought the Carman's brand products, especially the The Oat Slice bars.

However, I won't be buying them again, as other's have said, the bars have really shrunk in size (yet, the price remains the same) and they are excessively crumbley, they fall apart even before you get them out of the packet, really annoying!



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Used to love this product


Recently noticed how small the actual bars have become . 45g down to 35g but he prices are still high. Be fair to your customers.

Change size and ingredients


I was addicted to these things. Didn't mind paying a premium price for a quality product. But now they taste bland and have shrunk in size... but the price remains the same! Whoever at Carmen's who made this decision to downsize and change the ingredients should be "congratulated" for making a huge marketing blunder. They are going to lose a lot of customers like me. Such a shame...



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Who are they trying to fool?


It had been a while since I tried these bars, and sure they taste good but the term ‘muesli bar’ continues to lose credibility when manufacturers load them with additives and sugar before labelling them ‘healthy’ – that must be relative to competitors being worse! The 12 pack includes three different flavours and 45g bars, however, after eating one I’ve found myself wanting another already – there’s the sugar at play! At $10 they’re cheaper (per bar) than the smaller packs, but far from ‘good value’ - stick to fruit and oats.

They have suddenly become smaller.


Very sneaky and money grabbing behaviour! Just like all businesses. Why do they always do this? I wouldn't mind if they had reduced the price by the same amount.


RayGold Coast, Queensland

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Not as insanely sweet as others


One of the healthier and less sweet varieties available (though it still has alot of sugars and you shouldn't rely on it as your main source of health benefits). If I don't get time to actually bake my own, I will buy these. Good for lunch boxes and for snacks to keep up energy for uni.
tasty, healthy



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Bars 20% smaller for the same price! Poor value.


This is a quality product and amongst the best muesli bars around taste-wise (though it's important to remember that it is a candy bar despite being marketed as a healthy snack). However, and annoyingly, the bars have "shrunk" in size from 45g to 35g while the price remains the same; this is annoying. If you want to increase the price by 20% make it transparent rather than raising it sneakily.
Sneaky marketing. Too much sugar. This is a candy bar, not a healthy snack.

Gets me through the day!


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