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Casa Bugatti Volo

Casa Bugatti Volo

1.2 from 6 reviews

Complete waste of money!

I did lots of research before buying this toaster, and on the reviews, it came almost on top.
I was very impressed with the reviews, design, looks, features, promises of excellence.
Well, it delivered none of these.
- It never toasted evenly.
- The sandwich gadget is useless, as instead of opening like others, it's like a closed cage where to "insert" the sandwich, that has to be forced to fit and it's way too thin.
- It beeps for everything, to start and choose the setting, which increases every time unless you're paying attention, it cannot be set and left for next time.
- The beeps are very loud, especially the three beeps when the toast is done, and can be heard from the other end of the house, waking anyone asleep.
- Worst still, after only 6 months it stopped working. It was fixed under guarantee, but never worked properly again.

Date PurchasedJan 2008


I paid nearly $400 for this toaster thinking it would last for at least 10 years as my Russell Hobbs did, didn't make 2 years and the company was not helpful at all. I had to toast twice to get gold toast which took ages for toast. The beeps with every press of a button gets annoying. Goes to show money can't buy happiness.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

Bugatti volo toaster - absolute rubbish

In a nut shell. crap. it looks good and we bought it as a gift for our son who moved into his flat last July. it stopped working December and we are STILL WAITING for it to be mended even tho I had the receipt as proof of purchase. Apparently they are waiting for the part from Italy!!!!! DONT TOUCH THIS MAKE AT ALL. Its not worth it!!!!!

Volo Toaster looks great, lasts as long as a Chocolate teapot

Bought the Volo toaster and for 12 months it worked fine. The automatic lowering to toast continued to work but no heat. Switching off to re-set was a temporary fix. Now Mayer repair in Singapore want over Sing $110 to repair. I can buy another Brand toaster for less which will last longer than 1 year! AVOID

Not Happy Jan !!!

We orginally purchased this toaster as a gift - didn't like the over the top price , but loved the look so we bit the bullet. The original toaster just didn't work - kept going up and down without toasting. We had it replaced by Bugatti Australia without a problem BUT the second one lasted a short time and started doing the same thing. I am over it! I don't care about the price I am throwing it in the bin immediately. If you are thinking of purchaseing a Bugatti Volo Toaster - Don't it's overpriced rubbish.
The look - new home, etc it looked the part
continual trouble

All style and not enough substance

We ordered this toaster for its unique stylish look and figured that paying this much for a toaster would provide us with a product that would last and look great! There were many great features that drew us in. The defrost, bagel/crumpet, reheat settings to name a few. While we have found these features useful up to this point, we are disappointed that our toaster no longer works on a consistent basis and find that some days it just will not work!

Over time around the 12 month mark, it started malfunctioning when the toast button was pushed and we found it would lower the bread into the toaster, cook it, pop the toaster up at the end of its cycle and then without prompting lower the toast back down and continue to cook the toast. In terms of even toasting, it has always been inconsistent with this also, although longer toasting easily overcame this.

For the cost of this toaster, one would expect that this appliance would weave its magic seamlessly and if not seamlessly, for a lot longer than 18 months! Rating on this product is an EPIC FAIL!
Defrost, Bagel/Crumpet, reheat settings. Beeping when toast cycle complete
Expensive, inconsistent functioning, uneven toasting, unreliable operation - does not work every time after 18 months

Questions & Answers

I got mine thru f/f points about a year ago and now it only toasts one side, where can I get it fixed ??
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I contacted Peters of Kensington where I bought it from. They advised that it needed to be returned to Bugatti for repair. All costs associated with getting it there and back are soley yours. Maybe look up their head office number and give them a call. In a nutshell, this toaster is a dud. We cut our losses and bought a better, more reliable one for a 3rd of the price with a style that easily matches the Bugatti. Good luck :)


Price (RRP) $310
Type2 Slice
Release dateOct 2011

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