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Breville Smart Toast
Latest review: I mainly toast sourdough bread which doesn’t really brown like most toast. The features it offers are really useful. You can check the toasting progress, it alerts you when the toasting has finished,

Dualit Newgen
Latest review: i really like my toaster. sometimes it does burn the toast especially with people who wind up the timer too much who have never used it. i like this way better than the digital toasters. it looks

Sunbeam Cafe Series
Latest review: Sunbeam have been really outstanding on my matter below. They couldn't have been more helpful. Thank you, Sunbeam, you are ace in my books. They listened and replaced.... can't ask for more and were

DéLonghi Brillante CTJ4003
Latest review: I did promise a year ago to let you know how the third toaster in 18 months had fared. Terrible. Slow from the start, uneven (to the point of burnt one side, frigid the other) and now it has failed

Dualit Vario
Latest review: I thought if I invested more in a good quality toaster, I'd acquire an appliance which would toast bread evenly. Sadly the Dualit has not lived up to that expectation. While the appliance itself

DeLonghi Icona / Icona Vintage / Icona Elements Toaster
Latest review: This CTO2003 is heading for the recycle bin today after burning every piece of toast put in it for the 3 weeks we’ve owned it. This is probably the worse toaster we have ever owned. It is simply i

KitchenAid Artisan
Latest review: Awesome toaster! Allows you to toast two sets of two pieces. Remembers settings and easy dial-up display. Beeps when the toast is finished and the keep warm function is very practical. A huge unit

Sunbeam Turbo Toaster TA7720
Latest review: Started out great. Needed it on a very low setting as it toasts so quickly. But today it decided to throw the electrical safety switch. Was bought almost 3 months ago and doesn't get as much use as

Sunbeam Maestro TA6240 / TA6440
Latest review: The springs inside the toast slot are too weak, and the toast jams against the casing every time in pops up. The high lift function is not high enough so once I've unjammed the toast, it's still very

Smeg TSF02
Latest review: Bought in 2017 the lift does not block when pushed down. Also the element on one side doesn’t work either. You would think that a 300$ toaster would last a little l

Kmart 4 Slice White
Latest review: Slow but even cooking makes the toast crispy. End of our smoke alarm problems caused by our Kitchen Maid. Very happy. Crumpets perfect. Tested with 5 types of bread. Love it. Just purchased it

Breville The Bit More Plus
Latest review: We bought the Breville 4 slice toaster (the Bit More Plus model) just recently and have found it to be most effective. So far, we have toasted Hot Cross Buns, Frozen Fruit bread and sour dough bread

Sunbeam Long Slot Toaster TA4520
Latest review: I have had this toaster for quite a while now, so I will complement it on it's high level of durability. It toasts the bread and does the job quite well. However, only downside is that the toast does

Morphy Richards Accents 4 Slice
Latest review: This brand is very sub standard don’t waste your money you will get a better result from your standard Kmart/target toaster and kettle I’m very serious, let me start with the kettle, it’s might look g

Russell Hobbs Classic
Latest review: Toasts perfectly every time and so quick, toast comes out soft in the centre & nicely browned on both sides. Been looking for a toaster that cooks this way for years, most toasters are very low

Breville Lift & Look Pro BTA720 / BTA730
Latest review: My biggest issue with this toaster is that the toasting time is all over the place. It just pops up whenever it wants to. Sometimes it will beep at me & not stay down at all. Other times it will

Sunbeam Simply Stylish
Latest review: When we first used the toaster we put it on number 3, thinking that would be a nice even toast. It burnt. We have had to keep it on number 1 and even then, the toast gets pretty dark. We pop it up

Smeg TSF01
Latest review: I have the smeg 4 slice toaster, kettle, cake mixer, hand mixer and blender!!!! I love the retro look hence why I’ve accumulated almost all of the kitchen appliances! All work perfectly fine apart f

Sunbeam Quantum Thick and Thin TA4200 / TA4400
Latest review: Burns edges and sometimes whole piece of toast no matter what setting it’s on. Tried it with 6 different types of bread and crumpets. One out of 6 types of bread worked fine. If you hold a piece of b

DeLonghi Scultura Toaster
Latest review: Purchased this toaster through Noel Leeming. Just over 12 months later the things started arcing and eventually died. Even before this it was pretty poor at its main job - that is to toast a slice

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