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Breville Smart Toast

Latest review: Fairly big for a 2 standard slice toaster. Sceptical at first regarding the motorised toast lift ...it still works after 3 years ! Controls are simple and straight forward. Bread slots could be

Dualit Newgen

Latest review: This toaster performs brilliantly for various types of bread, whether fresh, frozen or home baked. We love the ability to select one or both slots, and tailor the toasting time to suit. The controls

Sunbeam Cafe Series

Latest review: I'm fussy about how my toast is toasted and rate this as the best ever. Evenly toasted bead, crumpets and also handles the impossible GF breads well. Its survived four hungry teenagers, and was

DéLonghi Brillante CTJ4003

Latest review: I did promise a year ago to let you know how the third toaster in 18 months had fared. Terrible. Slow from the start, uneven (to the point of burnt one side, frigid the other) and now it has failed

Dualit Vario

Latest review: I thought if I invested more in a good quality toaster, I'd acquire an appliance which would toast bread evenly. Sadly the Dualit has not lived up to that expectation. While the appliance itself

KitchenAid Artisan

Latest review: After spending hours on product review sites and YouTube, we decided to go ahead with 4 Slice Onyx Black Toaster. Let me tell you something, I am glad we ignored many comments about "very loud beeps"

DeLonghi Icona / Icona Vintage / Icona Elements Toaster

Latest review: This toaster looks amazing with a glossy white finish. It can cook up to four slices at a time, toasting evenly. Each section having individual controls . The slots are wide so thick slices fit with

Sunbeam Turbo Toaster TA7720

Latest review: Started out great. Needed it on a very low setting as it toasts so quickly. But today it decided to throw the electrical safety switch. Was bought almost 3 months ago and doesn't get as much use as

Kmart 4 Slice White

Latest review: This toaster looks pretty and functions well however the timer can give different results depending on how cold it is to start with and whether it’s the first or subsequent toasting for the day. The m

Breville The Bit More Plus

Latest review: Had the toaster for 13 months then one morning just wouldn't work, it did a good job for the 13 months while it did work. Then went and brought a Kambrook KTA140 4 slice toaster it cooks one side of

Sunbeam Maestro TA6240 / TA6440

Latest review: Less than three months old. Last seven days it hasn’t turned on twice when the power has been turned on. Leave it for four hrs plus and it beeps then comes on. Worst toaster ever. Overpriced piece of

Smeg TSF02

Latest review: This is a difficult one to review- I absolutely love the way this toaster looks. Is it the prettiest toaster on the market? Probably. But for close to $200 it should toast better! I bought this

Sunbeam Long Slot Toaster TA4520

Latest review: I bought this toaster today when I returned another brand that did not toast evenly. Used Lawson's bread. Popped it on, turned knob to 3, waited til it popped up. Result was no better than the brand

Morphy Richards Accents 4 Slice

Latest review: This is more a bread warmer and a toaster. I am using home made rye bread which usually takes longer to toast than commercial bought bread but this toaster was so frustratingly slow - and then didn't

Sunbeam Big Fill Toastie GR6450

Latest review: We use all sorts of slice bread and the toaster is able to press them together pretty easily. Less oozing eg cheese from the sides because the pockets are significantly bigger letting the ingredients

Smeg TSF01

Latest review: Such a beautiful toaster and for the price you’d expect great quality. Like many other reviews I’ve seen ours stopped roasting both sides of the bread shortly after warranty period ended. We now have

Breville Lift & Look Pro BTA720 / BTA730

Latest review: Highly recommend when you buy it buy the extended warranty. I am on the second one I've purchased however I've had 3 altogether as one was replaced under warranty. The first one the element went in

Russell Hobbs Classic

Latest review: $50. Has not toasted evenly since we got it. Burn to edge of the bread but doesn't toast the middle. Going to toss it as soon as I can afford another

Sunbeam Simply Stylish

Latest review: When we first used the toaster we put it on number 3, thinking that would be a nice even toast. It burnt. We have had to keep it on number 1 and even then, the toast gets pretty dark. We pop it up

Sunbeam Quantum Thick and Thin TA4200 / TA4400

Latest review: Burns edges and sometimes whole piece of toast no matter what setting it’s on. Tried it with 6 different types of bread and crumpets. One out of 6 types of bread worked fine. If you hold a piece of b

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