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Dualit Newgen

Dualit Newgen

2 Slice and 4 Slice
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This toaster performs brilliantly for various types of bread, whether fresh, frozen or home baked. We love the ability to select one or both slots, and tailor the toasting time to suit. The controls are simple to use, the crumb tray is sensibly located for easy emptying and cleaning. Best of all, should the heat grills or timer unit fail, they can be replaced.

Purchased in January 2019 at Kitchen Warehouse.

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looks awesome in the kitchen

i really like my toaster. sometimes it does burn the toast especially with people who wind up the timer too much who have never used it. i like this way better than the digital toasters. it looks awesome too so classy would recommend for looks. i have the 2 toast slice which is all you need.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

A convert since 1988...

I saw the 6-slice version of this toaster many years ago, hard at work in a residential home and fell in love...with the toaster, I hasten to add. Shiny, clunky and unabashedly anachronistic, this piece of mechanical hardware never failed to deliver, slice after slice after slice of perfectly-browned toast. Years later, married and with two young children, I decided to splurge and buy the four-slice Newgen for my own household. Dear reader, I have never looked back. Yes, you need the utilise the Vario racks whenever you toast anything thicker than 1cm and, yes, I've often ignored this rule, taken my chances and ended up trying to prise the disembowelled remains of charred chunks of carbohydrate from the jaws of my toaster for several hours afterward....but I have to say it's been a very faithful workhorse for the past 12 years. I bought a Dualit toaster in the knowledge that the elements could fail - with part of the attraction being that these were replaceable - but this hasn't happened, well not yet, anyway. I have become intimately acquainted with all of my little metal mate's quirks, such as which setting to use for what shade of toast, and the fact that the dial is slightly too eager to ping round to zero once it reaches a certain point. I can't complain. It rarely gets a day off. It's English, it's iconic and I love it. The question is, should I now buy a young, attractive Dualit kettle to keep it company...?

Date PurchasedMay 2005

Dualit older model

We have an older model dualit toaster - many are available second hand on ebay. They are really solidly built, will last a long time, and you can get spares. My main complaint is that the actual toasting is not very good. I probably wouldn't buy another one, they only accept thin slices of toast as well

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Nice looking toaster!

This is a lovely looking appliance and it works well. I like the manual pop up lever. It does what it is supposed to do, makes toast, but whether it does it better than any other toaster I'm not sure. The edges sometimes burn a little but I think that's because the bread was slightly uneven perhaps, I wasn't using presliced bread.
Looks very stylish in my new kitchen. It is expensive for a toaster but seems well built. Bit of a luxury item. Pretty happy with my purchase.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Love this old school toaster

Expensive but worth it. The poms know their toast. Hand built in the U.K. The kids love it. They know different toasting times for different breads. Nothing on this is automatic. Use your brain and perfect toast every time. People are looking for a box to put bread in press a button and have great toast. It is still basic cooking and you still have to think.

Finally a toaster that works

After years of dodgy electronic toasters, I finally have a toaster that just does one thing well - it toasts. No gimmicks, no electronics, just a toaster & a rotary timer.

It seems expensive but once you use it you will realise that it will outlast 4 of those $100 gimmicky toasters.


This has been a disappointing purchase. Frustratingly variable toasting results. After only six months and only one slot works. The timer constantly sticking and hence incinerating toast but quite expensive to replace. I haven't pursued a repairer as I think it would be cheaper to get something that works .

Pleasantly surprised of the quality and workmanship

Compare to the UK not much information here in Australia. Went through the process of is it really worth purchasing the this toaster. Reviews from here and also in Australia we decided to bite the bullet. It is well built, toast are evenly cooked on each side. If this fails parts are easy to get and replace. We purchased two sandwich grills and can make cheese and tomato, and any other ideas that we can image.

over priced and lacks good design

Toasts unevenly. Smart to have a slot wide enough for a bagel. Lever does not lift high enough to bring smaller toast above the slot to retrieve. Means tuning the toaster off and then fish for the toast using a sharp pointed knife ! It is bulky and does not even toast evenly. I have other toasters in my life which were cheaper to purchase and are better than this over priced over rated piece of kitchen clutter.

Makes me smile!

A old-fashioned style toaster with a manual lever operation and a manual timer, from the company who made the first toasters with the drop-down doors. Mine is a Petal Pink/2 slice! They come in a wide range of colours and can be from 2-6 slice capacity. It is guaranteed for FIVE years and EVERY part is replaceable! I love it! Yes, it was quite expensive, but a good little investment. Buy online for the best deal!


Yes, Dualit do make a long lasting toaster and mine has now acquired a vintage look which I like. You can get Dualit toasters repaired but at the price of a regular new toaster and I am still not guaranteed that remaining electrical elements will also die. After 15 years of use I am now at a crossroads. I have to dig in deep for a new Dualit New Gen or buy one at quarter the price that I know will have a shorter life.

Not a good purchase

We paid $375 for this fantastic looking toaster. We anticipated that as it was made in England, and we presumed the English knew all about toast, it be a wonderful product.

Alas, we were sadly disappointed. It was almost impossible to regulate between burning or undercooking the bread, sometimes doing both with one piece.

After persevering for about a year we gave it up and purchased a product at a quarter of the cost which performs adequately; but doesn't look as good.
Consistently unreliable performance

Dualit - never again.

After doing my homework and checking reviews on this product I thought I had found a 4 slice toaster that would stay the distance. From what I had read, it seemed that the hefty price tag would be worth it in the long run. After only 3 weeks of using this toaster which I also found to be quite bulky, I experienced constant problems with toast cooking unevenly - one side would be barely toasted whilst the other side overcooked, and trying to get a consistent cooking time with the dial timer was also a challenge. I ended up returning the toaster to my place of purchase where they conducted tests and found the same problems I mentioned. They replaced the elements and returned the toaster, recommending that I use only 2 or 4 slices (ie not 1 or 3) as the residual heat in the empty slots could adversely affect how the toast is cooked. They also recommended that for more even toasting, warm the toaster up first prior to putting the bread in (advice which runs contrary to Dualit's recommendation that you do not operate the toaster without any bread in it as it could damage the elements). How ridiculous. I have had much cheaper four slice toasters in the past and never experienced any such problems. I purchased a $10 toaster to use while my outrageously overpriced Dualit toaster was in the workshop, and it outperformed the Dualit every time. I am still experiencing uneven toasting with the Dualit and wish that I had never bought it now. I also forwarded all my emails with the repairer to Dualit in the UK so that they could have some feedback on the problems I've experienced, and they didn't even have the courtesy to respond to me. A big lemon - don't buy one.
Solid, nice looking.
Severely overpriced, toasts unevenly, hard to time.

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What a ridiculous price to pay for a toaster.

Lasted 15 years and still going strong.

Very happy with this appliance we have had for over 15 years. Toasters seem to have short lives so I guess the two things I like best about this ate longevity and consistent quality of toast. It doesn't pop up when done. The toast lifting mechanism could be better. Because it dent lift straight up bit pivots it van squish a pice of toast if its not a regular shape loaf.
Reliable, consistent
Cn squish toast when ejecting and get toast stuck inside

Lasts almost forever

We have had the 4 slice version for 23 years. Yes 23. It is still working but the slots are too narrow for todays toast. The new models are much wider and we intend to purchase one shortly. We have replaced elements twice over the years which is expensive but at least we haven't put 10 toasters into landfill. This is a great old fashioned quality item.
Quality, simplicity, No flimsy high tech parts.
Initial outlay is expensive but worth it.

you are comparing apples and oranges your 23 year old toaster uses completely different technology, your review is invalid and should be removedI agree with Marc. It's a history lesson, not a useful review at all.

Brilliant, well built Toaster

My husband and I are really happy with the Dualit 4 slice toaster. It's well built and it turns out perfect toast every time. From what I have ascertained, repairs such as replacing the element etc. can be easily done via your local Dualit repairer.

This is the second Dualit toaster we have owned. Prior to buying the 4 slice toaster, we owned a Dualit 2 slice, which we had had for over 3 years without any problems. Nor have I had any problems with the 4 slice toaster which I have owned since June 2010.

I only updated to the 4 slice, so that I could make toast for both my husband and I at the same time.

These toasters are not cheap but they are so well built, you will remember the quality long after you have forgotten the price.
Extremely reliable, looks funky in a retro way and very well built.
Only con is the price.

Snazzy toaster!

After months of contemplation I finally decided to purchase a Dualit and I was not disappointed. It is a well made, sturdy toaster and is easy to use. I purchased a red two slice model and it looks great on the kitchen bench, sort of retro in design.
The instructions are straight forward, recommends the toaster is unplugged when not in use and crumb tray emptied after each use which is very easy to do.
It took a couple of goes to work out the time required to toast but once you work this out its plane sailing from here!
I love the way you can lift the bread mid-toasting to see how it is going and I also love the way the toast does not pop up and stays warm in the toaster until you are ready.
I also purchased the sandwich cage that goes with this to toast sandwiches in the toaster. Great fun to use and makes excellent toasted sandwiches.
Easy to use, makes great toast and toasted sandwiches
Nothing, although some would say the price, but this toaster has replaceable parts and should last a very long time.

Questions & Answers

Our timer stops - so it just keeps toasting until we smell burnt toast - where do we take it to get fixed ??
1 answer
Hello, Thankfully I have not had to repair my Dualit (I have a 2 slice toaster). I checked the Dualit website for customer support and the link is - http://www.dualit.com/support/2-sandwich/faqs#question3 Their advice is if the timer is sticking, which sounds like your problem, then you need to replace the timer (I'm sure you already worked that one out!). You can order the replacement timer from them however the issue then is who does the repairs in Australia? I really do not know and would recommend you send an email to Dualit's customer support. Hopefully this has helped. Kind regards

Can you toast thick items like sourdough, crumpets, english muffins, etc?
1 answer
I have not toasted sourdough bread in the toaster but you should be able to do that. I have toasted slices of brioche loaf in the toaster and they were great. We have also toasted both crumpets and english muffins in the toaster; no problems. I am still happy with our toaster and I still recommend it. It's great.


Dualit Newgen 2 SliceDualit Newgen 4 Slice
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