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Chemigem D10

Chemigem D10

1.8 from 18 reviews

Absolute worst

I have been using one of these for over 10 years and have had nothing but trouble. Changed parts that many times I have lost count. I reckon i have spent over 10k fixing and replacing parts too. Total dud of a product.

Purchased in January 2009 at Swimart.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Noise Level
Pool Size Large

Terrible. Not recommended.

I bought the syastem year a go and had many problems. Pool controls are not helpful and system can not be run effectively. Had always issue with ORP to set Chlorine and system can to balance it. Always had issue with low or high chlorine in pool. Not recommended

Purchased in January 2018 for $3,500.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance

Great product

My pool has never looked better since the Chemigem was installed.
It works even in very hot conditions.
I've had a salt Chlorinator before and my pool went green every summer. The pool looks great and the grandchildren spend hours underwater and no see eyes. I could not be happier

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Never worked properly since day 1

Worked fine for PH control for first 3 years. Now uses 5 litres of acid a week (diluted 2 to 1) and still showing 9 ph - It is set for 7.4. ORP control has never been right. Had them out twice and they tried to blame everything else. We had ORP set at 600. Chlorine levels were so high our clothes were falling apart. Swim shop told us chlorine was dangerously high and turn it off for a week

Date PurchasedMar 2015


Yep the reviews are correct
Does not work
Service people come at high cost and still fails
I don't know if others are better but this is a disaster
Often blocks lines, solenoids fail, pool goes green
Algae forms requiring algaecide
Most of the time you have to correct manually
You are forever checking if it is working
Have to check sensor every month - how is this a good thing if I need to do this ?
Might as well do it manually

Date PurchasedJan 2013

Long Term Reliability and Ease of Use.

My pool is normal sized - about 60,000 litres - and was new in 2002 when I had the Chemigen Installed. I have had pools almost continually - for 30+ years - and have been absolutely impressed by the low (almost no) maintenance and the reliability especially compared with my experience with other brands of Pool Chemical Control Systems. It may cost a bit more upfront but you get what you pay for!!
Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedOct 2002

Once you understand it, it’s great.

Main problem with the Chemigem is most pool shops don’t understand how it works. ALL the levels in the pool: TDS, TA, Stabiliser and Phosphates have to be in range for it to work. Otherwise the probe won’t read accurately. Had mine for 8 years and other than a bit of maintanence it’s been great, once I understood it.

Date PurchasedJun 2009

Worst piece of equipment ever

From day 1 it always ran high in ORP, I tuned it down but it fluctuated wildly so had to basically check it constantly. Then the motherboard blew, they did replace, but the next one kept doing the same thing - fluctuating wildly. Once it pumped an entire tank of acid overnight for no known reason. I was oversold a saltigem at the same time - the salt cell caught fire - luckily i was near the pool at the time and shut it down. They replaced the cell and melted piping. Still having problems with the chemi, they came out and replaced the whole chemigem unit again, still no changes - fluctuating wildly. They also acted like I was stupid and didn't know how to manage my pool chemicals. I've not paid for any of the replacements, but I've paid TONS in chemicals to fix the problems the unit has directly caused as it's never worked properly. The chemigem is supposed to control the saltigem, but the saltigem has rarely functioned at all - in theory no major problem because the chemigem with OPR/acid should cover it, but what a joke for a controller. I feel sorry for pool controls as they clearly have many call outs for defective units, and came out 6 times for mine wasting their time and mine as it still doesn't work properly. I would steer well clear of chemigem and saltigem, worst pieces of equipment I've ever owned. It deserves 0 stars.

Date PurchasedOct 2014

Pool controls Chemigen D10 - don't bother

We installed a Chemigen d10 with our new pool. It worked Ok for the first couple of years with regular maintenance calls at $240 per call and a few small hiccups under warranty, then the board blew up and needed replacement. After the replacement it started dumping loads of chlorine. Pool controls advised me to calibrate the system Orp at 650 reduced down to 385 to minimise overdosing then it started to overdose on acid - needing to add in PH increaser every week to maintain balance. Over 6 months and constant call and emails and follow up trying to get Pool controls to rectify, they eventually stopped responding. I don't think they had a clue on how to fix the problem.

Have done some more research and now switching to salt chlorinatior - looks like much less hassle and will get pay back on chemical cost in a couple of years.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Chemigen D10 not recommended

I've owned a Chemigen D10 since we installed our pool just over 4 years ago. It worked satisfactorily for 2 or 3 months, but we've had ongoing issues with it since then. Acid destroyed the dosing solenoid, stopping acid feed into the pool. I now add HCl manually, which defeats the purpose. Chlorine dosing regularly goes into overdrive, injecting excessive amounts of Chlorine. This is particularly infuriating, the system functioning normally for several days before emptying a carboy of Chlorine liquid in a short space of time. The display screen flared out, making readings extremely difficult. As the screen can't be read in daylight, a brightness control would have been good. Auxiliary light sockets no longer deliver power to the pool lights. The auto timer constantly resets to 00:00, wiping out pump and timer operations. Having not owned a pool before this one, I don't know whether these issues are common to all units, but for what we paid, and after the problems we've had, I couldn't recommend the Chemigen D10 to other pool owners.

Problems from day 1

Got told this was the best on the market,hot told pool shops hate them it’s terrible uses way to much chemicals ,always out of whack . Looking to replace ASAP


Partly is because it was installed incorrectly with pool chlorine and muriatic/HCL acid mixing before being added to the water and also caused a major acid spill in my pool pump box and corroding metals etc. TOTALLY not worth it! much better, easier and safer ways to maintain pool chemistry than this.


Good when it works, but seems to have too many issues. Running a salt water pool is a lot cheaper. During summer I spend heaps on Chlorine. Not worth the trouble.

Faulty since new

Unfortunately the machine has not worked since it was purchased and 4 weeks later i am still witing for a technician, many promises but few results. I would love to review a functioning machine

Upto 10 litres of chlorine a day

Appalling system.
We have mostly had salt pools, but the house we purchased a year ago has a chemigen system. Some days it dumps 10 litres of chlorine in the pool, the alarm is constantly going off, and I'm forever having to pay a pool guy to sort it. We are going to do a salt conversion. We are done with this less than 1 * system.

Poor product. Will cost you money.

Product does not function as they say it should.
Constantly overdosing the pool.
Some days it will empty a 20lt drum of acid into the pool in two day. This in turns cost so much to rectify the problem.
Phone the company about the problem and all they say is it's not their machine. It's your pool..
Stay well clear of a Chemi gem.

A step backwards

I have owned 2 Chemigem DM 52's - I purchased the second unit after Chemigem Perth said they did not receive my Registered Mail delivery of my first unit for repair. The second lost a tiny bit of its programming and after a $600 quote for a new board I bought a D10 unit. It has much less of the useful functionality of the DM52 in a bulkier product that has a really ancient style LCD screen. My unit came with programming instructions of a newer software than the actual product. I was told that I needed a new board and as I was flying to Perth I was told that they may be able to do a better price than the over $500 quoted. It's nice that they felt sorry for me but after hitting my head against the wall with the brittle plastic components and failings components such as Armatures I declined the offer. I did send the Managing Director an email to try and save the situation but my email and follow up were ignored. I run the unit as a very dumb slave but despite the Chemigem non return valves the pool water back flows into my Acid drum. As I my software doesn't match the instructions I have a difficult time even setting the timer to off as the menus are counter intuitive. I cannot recommend the DM-10 as it has lost the functionality of the old DM-52 plus the after sales service is very expensive.

Questions & Answers

How to calibrate orp?
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We installed this at the insistence of the Council for our guest jacuzzi. After a year of use Council say the Ph reading is incorrect. Does anyone know how we get this expensive machine re-calibrated?
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I don’t know much about jacuzzis, but with pools you need to check all chemical levels in the water: total alkalinity, ph,(these are different readings) tds, chlorine, stabiliser and phosphates. These can effect the probe readings. You may need to clean the probe, but should be ok if only a year old. (check online on how) Once all the levels are in range then check the readings on you unit are correct. If the ph is out then you may need to calibrate the ph. But only if everything is in range first. You should check your water youself or via a pool shop regularly to check the chemigem is reading correctly. Hope this helps