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Coca-Cola Coke

Coca-Cola Coke

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Water-stealing thieves


They steal water from poor, drought-stricken communities across the globe. Between 1976 and 1985, three Guatemalan union bosses who fought Coca-Cola for better working conditions suddenly decided to take dirt naps. Vote with your wallet - don't ever buy any products from Coke or the 3,500-odd subsidiary brands again.

So bad -what is wrong with the taste!!


Opened two large bottles and threw both out. Taste is of a chemical or a mould. Simply awful ,Why??

Purchased in February 2020 at woolworths carnegie for $4.99.

Found an empty can of coke in my 12 pack


The can has no holes, it’s not open at all and it has not liquid!!! How I got an empty can with no product? They don’t check the product before leaves yeh warehouse?

Purchased in December 2019.

12 oz can beverages


For the last 2-3 months I’ve purchased coke products from various places and everyone I’ve open has been flat with in minutes

Purchased in September 2019 at IGA.

Tamborine Community

Tamborine CommunitySouth East Queensland, QLD

Water Thieves


Stop stealing our water at Tamborine Mountain Qld Australia. You have literally bled our community dry. You should be ashamed of yourselves #BoycottCocaCola

Max cook

Max cookSouth Australia

  • 18 reviews

Love it so much only the original one is great


Love it so much only the original one is great not a fan of the other flavours

Purchased in January 2016 at Coles for $2.00.

De Van Cecil Gerard rates Coca Cola


A1 drink I love lots and drink very very very often

Purchased in July 2019 at 7-Eleven for $3.00.



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Tasteless & Flat - not so refreshing!


Like many other long-time coke drinkers (40+ years), I'm really disappointed in the changes made to the flavour, fizz and consistency.
By all means, offer low sugar, Coke Zero and even other flavours if you want to build your market share, but fix the Classic Coke.
Coke was always my first drink of choice. It was rich in flavour, had lots of fizz and was very rich in consistency (it had a thickness / a syrip like feel).
But now it lacks flavour, is almost flat as soon as you open the can or bottle. Don't even think about putting the bottle in the fridge if you haven't finished it, just throw it away. Coke is about the last drink I would consider now. Unless this if fixed, I'll look elsewhere.

Purchased in October 2019.

Zack B.

Zack B.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

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Addicting and unhealthy


Although it has an addicting taste cola proves to be one of the healthiest drinks and is shown to rot your teeth(a lot) I would not recommend as one of the usual drinks and more so as a couple of times a year kind of thing

Purchased in December 2014 at Woolworths Physical store for $5.00.

Coca Cola Energy Drink tastes like citrus kitchen surface cleaner


By far the worst tasting energy drink on the market. Absolutely no coca cola taste, so much citrus it tastes like the surface cleaner you use to clean white-goods, and tastes very chemically. To put it simply, its horrible.

Purchased in October 2019 for $5.00.

Orange Vanilla Coke Zero flavor


First, I love your Coke Zero Cherry Coke. I love your regular Cherry Coke. I love your Lime Diet Coke. (Did not like the Ginger Lime at all). I have just tried your Orange/Vanilla. Too much vanilla. Very bad in my mouth. It's not that I dislike vanilla; it just doesn't taste right with the orange. Someone told me that you can hardly notice the vanilla. Wrong. Won't be buying this anymore. Why not just leave the vanilla out? Go with orange coke alone.

Purchased in August 2019 at Acme for $5.49.

Coke has issues


After 52 years of buying coke I'm done. Won't even drink another one. We have 2 cases left in the stock room and Pepsi has been ordered in its place. I'm tired of seeing you guys pushing your narrative. Me as a Christian I am very offended by your diet Coke cans in rainbow colors.the rainbow is an covenant from God not to be desecrated.

Mandy skeggs

Mandy skeggsSydney, NSW

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Coke cola is way better than pepsi


Great popular drink great tasting addictive always know what your getting sold almost everywhere not only the drink but toys and towels shirts etc it's a well known brand sold in cans bottles premix I love it love the taste I always have coke on hand it's my go to drink, I buy the 30 can pack last for ages great at all events party's can be mixed to create other drinks coke is also good in cooking and cleaning.

Purchased in June 2019 at Coles Online for $21.50.


bellarosehNew South Wales

  • 2 reviews

great product but prices keep increasing


Your producr is a great prodcut and you are inventing new flavours but the prices for a simple can is getting out of control. It is frustrating when you want to buy a drink and prices are what they are

Purchased in June 2019 at BP Australia for $2.80.

New diet cherry zero sucks


You came out with new cherry zero the old cherry zero I started drinking in 2002 when I was found to be diabetic. Why did y'all change it. I went to Walmart yesterday dug to bottom case thinking it was the old one got home to find the new cherry zero was in it. I'm 63 please direct me to the old one

Purchased in February 2019.

Orange Vanilla = Baby Aspirin


Just tried the new Orange Vanilla Coke, which tasted like St Joseph's baby aspirins, only a little stronger. I also think the aspirin taste better. I wish they would bring back Black Cherry Vanilla, it was tied for first place with Vanilla Coke.

Purchased in April 2019.

Eats its own cans!


We had bought a twelve pack which had a can leak all over our cupboard. We cleaned it up and put the rest back and it happened again. Our cupboard base is ruined and upon cleaning up we set the remaining cans on the counter. 2 more began leaking right there and they were leaking out the side of the can. The coke had eaten a hole in the side of these cans. We contacted Coca Cola and they asked for all the information about the product and that was the last we heard from them. They couldn't even be bothered to answer the questions we had. If coke eats its own can...Can you image how the coke eats your insides? Never again!!

Flat Flat Flat


Since these new striped cans with the little stars on them have come out the Coke has gone FLAT! I can't get through a can without it becoming FLAT! Before these cans, I could leave my can overnight and still have carbonation in it. Please don't make me change my favorite COLA! I am a life-long Coke drinker and this is the first time that I have been dissatisfied with their product.

Personalised Coca-Cola


I loved when coke introduced their personalised bottles with names on them. It encouraged me to go out and look for one with my name. I bought many because of this!

The perfect drink for every situation


I, by far, can attest to the power of the beloved Coca Cola classic. A hot day? Grab a coke! Tired? Grab a coke! Feeling unwell? Grab a coke! Got to stay up late and need the energy? Grab a coke! Just got dumped and need a pick me up? Grab a coke! What can I say? It’s the perfect drink for every situation. Love you long time my classic ol pal.

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When will you make Coke with real can Sugar affordable?

No answers

Roze Mason

Roze Masonasked

Why did coke stop sending people out to the vendors in brevard county, Florida?.... Now I have to drive way out of my way to get a tall can of coke and the store I usually go to is a block away.... Coke has been stocking the store for almost ten years and just stopped out of the blue.....

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Sarzie Mac
Sarzie Mac

you would need to ask Coca-Cola this question. This is a site where people review products and services and so no-one from Coke will see your question.

The Gold Drink

The Gold Drinkasked

I love coke. Can somebody please tell me why the coke at the bottom of a can tastes so horrible? The rest is good. Thanks

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Snack King
Snack King

The coke at the bottom of the can is a mixture of coke and your spit. Try to be more careful as you drink the top half of your coke so that less of your spit goes in the can corrupting the taste of your final few sips.


NO that’s not it, when you finally get to the end you can expect that it’s been open a while, and that it’s a little flat, the reason the flatness is bad is because the carbonated bubbles kind of block out the sweetness of the coke, and obviously as the Coles goes flat those bubble will go away, leaving nothing you to be able to really taste the horrible sweetness and all the sugar that’s packed into it, it’s same with bottles, it’s also why I kind of prefer pepsi sometimes as it is not as sweet

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