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Coca-Cola Coke

Coca-Cola Coke

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New diet cherry zero sucks

You came out with new cherry zero the old cherry zero I started drinking in 2002 when I was found to be diabetic. Why did y'all change it. I went to Walmart yesterday dug to bottom case thinking it was the old one got home to find the new cherry zero was in it. I'm 63 please direct me to the old one

Purchased in February 2019.

Orange Vanilla = Baby Aspirin

Just tried the new Orange Vanilla Coke, which tasted like St Joseph's baby aspirins, only a little stronger. I also think the aspirin taste better. I wish they would bring back Black Cherry Vanilla, it was tied for first place with Vanilla Coke.

Purchased in April 2019.

Eats its own cans!

We had bought a twelve pack which had a can leak all over our cupboard. We cleaned it up and put the rest back and it happened again. Our cupboard base is ruined and upon cleaning up we set the remaining cans on the counter. 2 more began leaking right there and they were leaking out the side of the can. The coke had eaten a hole in the side of these cans. We contacted Coca Cola and they asked for all the information about the product and that was the last we heard from them. They couldn't even be bothered to answer the questions we had. If coke eats its own can...Can you image how the coke eats your insides? Never again!!

Flat Flat Flat

Since these new striped cans with the little stars on them have come out the Coke has gone FLAT! I can't get through a can without it becoming FLAT! Before these cans, I could leave my can overnight and still have carbonation in it. Please don't make me change my favorite COLA! I am a life-long Coke drinker and this is the first time that I have been dissatisfied with their product.

Personalised Coca-Cola

I loved when coke introduced their personalised bottles with names on them. It encouraged me to go out and look for one with my name. I bought many because of this!

The perfect drink for every situation

I, by far, can attest to the power of the beloved Coca Cola classic. A hot day? Grab a coke! Tired? Grab a coke! Feeling unwell? Grab a coke! Got to stay up late and need the energy? Grab a coke! Just got dumped and need a pick me up? Grab a coke! What can I say? It’s the perfect drink for every situation. Love you long time my classic ol pal.

Horrible customer service

I have never been treated so horribly by any vendor I have ever worked with. The incompetency is appalling and the way I was spoken to was incredible. I have never worked with people that have been so unprofessional in my entire career. Pepsi here I come....

Coke Zero gone - big mistake

I’ve drank Coke for 40 years. Had to go to a diet drink as I found out I was diabetic. Got into Coke Zero, perfect taste and easy transition. Now you get rid of it and replace with Coke no sugar. Yuck!!!
Congratulations you now lost another customer to Pepsi. I’d drink Pepsi max over this crap anyway!

What has happened to cocacola

Coca cola used to be one of my favourite drinks but for some reason it has a acidy after taste.


Here lately every time I get a coke 0 it taste flat.Needs to go back to do what they were doing

Diet Coke slim can

I have been drinking Diet Coke for about 15 years, but the new slim can taste is not the same as the regular can. It taste watered down, too much c02 and the citrus (lemon) is really noticeable. This cannot be the same recipe as the regular size can, if it is the science behind the slim can is wrong. Please don't stop selling the regular size cans because I will never purchase a slim can again.

Best Coke ever

I have always loved all coke products and of all of you`re different one's to cut calories and sugar you came up with a delicious one.It is Coca cola Zero Sugar. It is even better than Classic Coke.It doesn't compare with Diet Coke and the others.It is so delicious.or rather I should say the others do not compare at to Coke Zero Sugar. Thanks so much for a great product.

I used to be addicted

I drank a good 2L a day of this but came home one day and thought my daughter swapped my coke for Coke Zero or watered it down or something trying to be funny due to how much I drink. Nope. Turns out that no matter where I buy it now the formula has been changed to this unpalatable grossness. Yuck. What have you done!!? I went through pretty bad withdrawals because I was forced to stop drinking it but I guess in the long run they did me a favour. But damn. I hate Amatil for this

COCA COLA always flat and no better than cordial

Have always purchased my COKE supplies from various sources and in various sizes - however now no matter where it comes from these days it is always flat and no better than adding cordial to water - what a shame !

Not sure what COCA COLA hope to achieve but I for one have had enough and won't be buying it any more.

Un-stopable coke ads on Trivia Crack

I WILL NOT buy ANY Coke products EVER AGAIN. They thought they were smart by FORCING people to sit all the way through their ads on Trivia Crack, but I, for one, dont like BEING FORCED to sit through an ad. I'll be happy to watch a new one, but when I'm forced to watch one over and over, it's such a turn off that I take offence against the product. There are plenty of colas and they're all good enough.

Bring Lime Diet Coke back!

Having been a Lime Diet Coke drinker, I just wanted to express my disappointment with the new Ginger Lime Diet Coke. It lacks the lime flavor punch and the ginger fails to deliver the flavor most people would expect from a ginger beverage. Catchy title and flavor combine-but fails to deliver. I understand it is meant to be the replacement for the Lime Diet Coke. Ditch the Ginger- Lime and-- Bring back Lime Diet Coke!

New coke zero

I have tried two bottles of the new improved Coke Zero and I find the taste a complete disappointment. It reminds me of the new coke you tried several years ago which is worse than the current Diet Coke that I don’t drink and it has a after taste.
You have lost me as a customer!

Bring back Coke Zero

Coca Cola has made a big mistake, changing the recipe for Coke Zero. Everyone knows Coke Zero was the zero sugar alternative to coke. This new coke with zero sugar tastes terrible. I can’t and won’t drink it, therefore Coca Cola has lost a very (sad to admit) loyal consumer.

watery and flat

I can't believe Coke has done it again........this new stuff is undrinkable......I have been drinking coke for over 50 years and now I am going to have to find a new brand......The caffeine free diet coke which is what I drink is horrible........I had no idea they had changed the formula again........but googled after drinking a "new" can......i thought it was just an off batch........why mess up a good thing?

Cans explode, too thin can

I've had Five 12 Oz. cans explode when dropped over the last year. Can thickness has gotten way too thin. If you hit the can even slightly with a sharp object it will puncture it. Over the past year we've had several orders with leaking cans in the 12 packs.

I love coke but with them trying to save a fraction of a cent on a can has destroyed the product. Not worth the time cleaning up after them.

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Why did coke stop sending people out to the vendors in brevard county, Florida?.... Now I have to drive way out of my way to get a tall can of coke and the store I usually go to is a block away.... Coke has been stocking the store for almost ten years and just stopped out of the blue.....
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you would need to ask Coca-Cola this question. This is a site where people review products and services and so no-one from Coke will see your question.

I love coke. Can somebody please tell me why the coke at the bottom of a can tastes so horrible? The rest is good. Thanks
1 answer
The coke at the bottom of the can is a mixture of coke and your spit. Try to be more careful as you drink the top half of your coke so that less of your spit goes in the can corrupting the taste of your final few sips.

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