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Coca-Cola Coke Zero

Coca-Cola Coke Zero

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Dave James

Dave JamesGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

What were they thinking? Loyal customer of Zero switches to Pepsi Max.


I loved Coke Zero - always had a carton of it in the fridge and it was my favourite drink. I hate the taste of No Sugar - the aftertaste that many have commented on is horrendous. It goes flat very quickly, not that the fizz helps the putrid taste. I never would have thought that I'd become a Pepsi Max customer but my family have converted and now there are zero coke products in my fridge. I can't believe they thought this was a good idea. Pepsi must be thrilled at CCA's own goal. There are no circumstances where I will drink a Coke No Sugar and I hope this soft drink abomination is consigned to history soon and they bring back Zero for its loyal customers. I really like Pepsi Max though so glad there was a good (and cheaper) alternative.

Purchased in January 2019.


KialianSydney, NSW

Bad after taste


I loved coke Zero. Coke with no sugar tastes like it has some nasty chemical in it which leaves a bad after taste. Maybe that is because I don't normally use artificial sweeteners but I was drinking too much coke so I wanted to cut my calorie intake down. The artificial sweetener of coke zero was less noticeable. So sad.

Purchased in October 2017.


JudySydney, NSW

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Horrible taste of coke with no sugar


The coke with no sugar taste like garbage ,its changed the whole taste ,disgusting, you should ashamed of your self

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Had to throw out a good bourbon


I was persuaded to try the new released coke no sugar after they claimed it was better
than coke zero. I look forward to my happy hour, Jim beam bourbon and coke,
At my first sip, I assumed it was an old can, so I tasted it on its own, with a new can, same Result, it had a very unpleasant chemical taste.
I then tasted the bourbon, which tasted normal, so it came back to the coke.
I can't believe a company this big, could make such a disastrous decision
Its either back to coke zero or I find another product.
Even worse, I've wasted a good nip of bourbon. The first time ever I have tipped out a bourbon.

Nev Middleton

Nev MiddletonAU

  • 6 reviews

Coke Zero


Coke Zero was my favourite soft drink especially out of a glass bottle. I was very disappointed that Coke discontinued the product. Apparently Australia was the the last bastion where the drink existed. No Sugar not as good.

Where has Coke Zero gone?


richard591South East Queensland, QLD

Coke zero was great..


Loved coke zero,but Will be switching to pepsi max now as no sugar is disgusting..big mistake removing it coca cola..

Bring back Coke Zero


I love Coke Zero and am really annoyed that it isn’t available any more I hate the taste of no sugar I will not buy it! I am
Converting to Pepsi max you’ve lost me coke and two other friends as well. Australia is a different market to USA do your research!!!



I Love Coke Zero


I Love Coke zero so much and prefer it to the sickly tastes of coke. I'm horrified they are discontinuing coke zero for coke no sugar which tastes absolutely revolting. Coke Zero is so crisp and refreshing. I Love it!

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Hate coke no sugar


I can’t understand why Coke Amatil have stopped Coke Zero!! I absolutely hate Coke No Sugar and refuse to switch to it.
I have stockpiled as much Coke Zero as I can and when it runs out I’ll be switching to Pepsi Max.
Thanks very much Coke!

Tastes like diesel or fly spray


Bought 30 cans of coke no sugar from Woolworths in Tweed Heads South. When put can up to mouth, smells and tastes like diesel or fly spray.


DougieHervey Bay

Bad taste in no sugar coca cola


I have just purchased a 30 can pack from Woolworths of No Sugar and it definitely has a bad taste to it it is so bad both my wife and I are unable to drink it I will have to ring someone to find out were to take it to get it checked I just hope we don't get sick from drinking it we haven't been happy since they took Zero off the market and we will stop buying coke products until they bring back the old Zero

Chase A

Chase AAU

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Coke Zero is good.


Coke Zero is really good. It's one of my top 3 favourite sugar-free soft drinks. The other two are Nexba, and Vanilla Pepsi Max.

It's a shame that coca-cola Amatil have decided to discontinue this product line. I have tried the replacement, "Coke No Sugar". And while it is passable as a mixer for alcohol, it is far too sweet to drink alone.

That is one major reason I enjoyed Coke Zero-- because it wasn't so overly sweet.



I also have been drinking coke for over 40 years. Two years ago switch to Coke Zero. 1000 times better than Coke No Sugar. I will also start stock piling. Never will I buy Coke No sugar, its vile.



True Coke fans prefer Zero over No Sugar

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Bad batch of Coke Zero or is it expired??


I have been buying Xero for years. Last week bought cans of Coke Xero with Batch number 04 Jun 18 B 01:16:24. It had very little taste. Same with Coke Xero 1.25ltr bottles which I purchased from Golden Circle Store at Capalaba. Batch number 07 Jul 18 B 05:41: 3. I am not sure if it was the expiry date or batch number? Anyway again no taste. Purchased 18 cans from Woolworths yesterday Batch number 11 Nov 18 B14:00 2B and it tasted fine.

So I am wondering if Coke Xero deteriorates after a few months or is there a bad batch out there?
I also tasted Pepsi Max and loved it as it had plenty of flavour so I might make the switch.



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Coke no sugar - error


Have been drinking Coke Zero for years. Tried no sugar coke and wont be buying it. Different taste. Why change a winner? Trying to gather Coke Zero from various outlets. Never understand executive decisions made without asking the customer. Probably goodbye to Coca Cola for me !


MelvinaBaton Rouge

Funny tasting coke zero


The last few times I have bought Coke Zero it has a funny taste to it won't be buying it anymore

Jan H

Jan HWide Bay-Burnett, QLD

  • 4 reviews

Missing Coke Zero


Coke Zero was a good product, with a good flavour. We have to use PepsiMax as a mixer for our Jack now.

Time to go back to Diet Pepsi


I have been a Coke Zero fan since it came out. I used to drink Diet Pepsi preferring it to Diet coke but then I tried Coke Zero and fell in love. This new Zero Sugar drink does not taste anything like Coke Zero. It has no fizz, and leaves a horrible after taste. I sometimes drink Zevia to get away from the chemicals but it gets annoying after 1 can - well I can't get through half a can of this. Zevia cola would be the closest drink I can think would come to this in taste - or that really cheap no name brand cola you bought once and regretted - like that. Time to go back to Diet Pepsi

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Has anybody had any bad batches of Diet Coke or Coke no sugar in SA this past month.
It tastes an looks anemic!
Can’t drink it.
I’ve kept a can of the Diet to send back but the No Sugar was in a restaurant tonight and they checked the whole crate!
I think the chef found it more repulsive then I did. He nearly barfed when he tasted it.
It was exactly like the Diet. Washed out and pale.
Could it be heat affected? Or are they grey imports?

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Ray S
Ray S

All batches of CZS taste bad. This product was repulsive from day one.


Zero sugar



Does the Coke Zero has asid

No answers


Is Coca Cola "Safe" to drink ? I have had many people tell me it has Petrol products in it or other nasty products that will make me sick or cause caner or evwn death. What do you say about this?

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Jane F
Jane F

Coke No Sugar isn’t safe to drink. I believe you’re right that it may have petrol in it. Hopefully it will soon be discontinued and its brief life will be remembered as a kind of terrible dream.

On the other hand, Coke Zero was a fine drink and had no health risks.

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