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Coca-Cola Diet Coke

Coca-Cola Diet Coke

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15 reviews

Anybody else hating the new tall cans???


I'm a dedicated diet coke drinker but I find the new tall cans flimsy and easily crushed. Then there is the matter of the diet coke getting warm faster and it tastes watered down.
Get rid of the tall cans.

Nev Middleton

Nev MiddletonAU

  • 6 reviews

Diet Coke is dated and ordinary


Diet Coke has a filthy after taste and I could not recommend it to anyone. On the other hand Coke Zero especially in the glass bottle is great.

Diet coke has been changed. It is too sweet now.


I loved diet coke for years. When the label changed I reviewed the web to see if the formula had changed. All indications where that it had not. I bought the new labeled diet coke. To my surprise, it IS different. It is too sweat and that refreshing taste is gone. I was able to find some bottles of the original and did a taste comparison. It does NOT taste the same. Very subtle. Too sweet. No longer refreshing in my opinion.

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Something IS different lately!


I know Coca-Cola is saying nothing has changed with the diet coke formula (just the new look of the can) but I have had three different 12 packs of diet coke over the last month, and there is something different. I want to say they are all flat but I'm not sure if that's really it. I got these 12 packs from two different stores so it's not just a bad lot, though they did all have the same expiration date (June 4,2018).


WestralPerth, WA

  • 13 reviews

Great Drink - Oldie But Goodie


As a diabetic, sugar free drinks give me more latitude in my diet. Diet Coke has been around for ages but is still my favourite,.

Diet Coke


My husband & I have drank diet coke for years , it has helped my husband loose 50 lbs ,I have never been over weight and diet coke will help with sweet cravings ,but it is what you Eat that makes you Gain Weight ! I heard there was people suewing over not losing weight because of drinking diet coke ,This is just not true ! It is what you put in your mouth !

Out of date Diet coke


Was sold a 600ml Diet Coke that had a best by date 12 Jan 2017.
As usual out of date Diet Coke has an awful taste, was flat (no fizz).
And as usual, I paid a premium price especially in a small country town.

Caroline V

Caroline VCanberra

  • 5 reviews

Love it!


I have been drinking Diet Coke everyday for 10 years and I love it. I've tried other diet drinks and they always have a nasty metallic taste. Nothing compares to Diet Coke. I find the cans to be the best as they retain the fizziness for much longer than the bottles. I also don't drink tea or coffee so Diet Coke is a great pick me up (I even drink it in the morning!). Refreshing, delicious and low calorie, who could ask for more?



  • 18 reviews

Not a healthy option


I don’t like taste. I’ve been a fan of Coke for decades, but this tastes like rubbish. In fact, many people say that the artificial sweetener is actually bad for you and you’re probably better off drinking normal coke. The ads also show unrealistic skinny women – Really? So if I keep drinking this I’'ll be skinny? I don’t like the taste – Coke has screwed up this product if you ask me. Hate the taste!

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Love the sugar free taste


Diet Coke is truly a vice of mine but my biggest gripe is the fact I have to check the expiry date on each and every bottle prior to purchase and ensure the drink has at least two weeks before expiration, as any shorter and it has already spoilt. Not to mention the amount of stores that have stock that is past due and staff state they were aware of the location of the expiry date, but most believed coke products did not carry a expiration date!
Sugar Free
Spoils Prior to Expiration



  • 169 reviews



I love diet coke. I try and not drink it too much cause it's clearly not a healthy drink, infact your probably better off having normal coke over this. However it is one of those diet drinks that I actually will drink (most of them I find disgusting). Great for diabetics
Tastes yummy. Comes in a variety of sizes and its readily available at any food outlet, supermarkets & convenience stores. I like that it's an unlikely product to be discontinued anytime soon because its such a popular product and been around for many years
It's probably not healthy for you..Unless I was never informed that Artificial Sweetener is actually good for you?. The current TV ad is promoting stick thin women. Not a fan on the advertising campaign what so ever!


simm_meevic, 3020

  • 256 reviews



an average diet soft drink that i have found isnt the same flavour as coke itself, yet the lower calories in thsi drink makes it a likeable product in this house
an average rn of the mill low sugar content diet soft drink. not too fizzy yet it doesnt taste the same as full strenght coke due to possibly the artifical sweetners and recipee required to make it up. can be used to mix with icecream and make great spiders for the kids as a healthier option to coke. comes in a variety of sizes from 375ml cans to 2lt bottles and is readily available at supermarkets, easy to differentiate this from other coca-cola branded drinks
artifical sweeter ive heard isnt as healthy as you would expect it to be



  • 226 reviews



Diet Coke has been a popular alternative for those who enjoy drinking Coca-cola but are worried about their sugar intake. While Diet Coke is indeed sugar free, its flavour leaves much to be desired. The recipe is noticeably different from regular Coca-cola and leaves a rather unpleasant aftertaste in your mouth. The artificial sweetener is not that good for your health either and in some ways is actually worse than regular sugar. Coke Zero is a better tasting alternative if you are looking for a sugar free Coke.
Sugar free alternative to regular Coke.
Taste is noticeably worse than regular Coke. Artificial sweetener is not good for you.



  • 182 reviews



I love the taste of all Coke and it would be up to the individual to say if they prefer Diet Coke or Coke zero. Myself I would drink Coke and more likely to have Pepsi Max as my diet drink of choice. Tastes great but not as good as full sugar Coke however it is very light compared to the original. It is a great drink to have in moderation. This should not be a drink you would reach for every time you are thirsty as the artificial sweetners are not healthy also carbonated drinks are known to leach calcium from the bones.
Almost no calories. Tastes great.
The phenylalanine in the Diet Coke is not the best for you. You are probably better off having a normal Coke.



  • 62 reviews



I love this product and there is no subsitute. This would have to be the most drank soft drink in our house. I like that the product is easily available and that I can always find it on special. A 600ml bottle is only 9kJ I cant argue with that.
A great diet soft drink, that actually tastes great. Most of the time there are competitions to enter and I have even won a few. I also like that the recyclable bottles have a refund available in SA.
That they have bought out alternative products and some places only stock coke zero and ordinary coke.

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