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Coca-Cola Fanta Orange

Coca-Cola Fanta Orange

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12 reviews
Shap S.

Shap S.Greater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

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Why reduce sugar on a sugar drink!?


Why reduce sugar on a sugar drink.You have Diet for that!
Quite anoyING thing to do! . Change it to what it used to be or we move to alternatives like sunkist

Purchased in September 2020 at Coles for A$3.00.


WoodyGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

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Have not had Fanta for while...guess I was lucky! They have ruined a great flavour with artificial crap. If this is the taste for the future I will not be drinking this muck.
I should be given a choice and because they don't offer an option I have made a decision to change to a different product. ..probably Sunkist

Purchased in September 2020.

Fanta taste crap now


And it says no artificial flavours but has aspartame in it which is artificial??

Purchased in September 2020.

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Fanta:-How to ruin a product.


Way to go people. How to ruin a product. should be called diet fanta because it tastes crap like all the diet soft drinks. The end of fanta for me, Sunkist will be the choice from now.

Purchased in August 2020 at Coles for A$24.00.

Grimm V.

Grimm V.Sydney, NSW

No way same Taste


The New Fanta taste like crap! It says on the label, Great Fanta taste 40 percent less sugar, what a total lie! Gonna throw this garbage out and buy Sunkist!

Purchased in August 2020 at Woolworths Physical store for A$3.75.

Chris B.

Chris B.Perth, WA

Tricked me into drinking artificial sweeters


Just got out of hospital and was craving some fanta. Really needed a treat. After wondering why it tasted like poison I noticed in tiny writing 'now 40% less sugar' and read ingrediants and yes, two types of artificial sweeteners present. I peed 3 times within 20 minutes and had a headache for an hour. Well played crafty demons of the drink. I forever boycott your product. Now I have a box of useless liquid I will pour down the drain. Waste of time and money.

Purchased in July 2020 at Woolworths Online store for A$7.00.

Ian R.

Ian R.Perth, WA

Taste is horrible


I thought I got a bad batch of Fanta. However the next one tasted the same, and then I noticed the lower sugar levels on the label. You can taste the artificial sweeteners - they are awful and that is why I don't drink the no-sugar drinks. Given the new Fanta recipe taste exactly the same, looks like it's Orange Sunkist for me from now on.

Purchased in June 2020.

James terpstra

James terpstraGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 3 reviews

Discusting... change it back now


The pictures speak for themselves. Just a subtle change to the label, this filth should have been called fanta zero.
It now tastes like that nasty Pepsi max aftertaste. My partner thought i was crazy, nope you clowns just wrecked a good thing.

Purchased in March 2020 at Coles for A$3.00.



  • 10 reviews

RIP Fanta


Was out having a quick meal and ordered a Fanta for the first time in quite a while - what a disappointment - was like drinking weak orange cordial - completely flat and tasteless and what a terrible aftertaste ! Complained to the guy behind the counter thinking they had given me some kind of postmix rubbish - he opened a new can and guess what - same result. Seems they have completely changed the formula and included some kind of artificial sweetener even though it's not marketed as 'light' . Won't be buying again.

Purchased in March 2020 for A$4.00.

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Roger B.

Roger B.Perth, WA

  • 5 reviews

Rarely Drink Fanta Now Since The Changes


I used to love Fanta as a kid. The recipe has gradually changed over the years and now even uses sweeteners even though the bottle isn't labelled as "Diet Fanta". I don't like the bitter aftertaste that these sweeteners leave. I truly hope that you do not try the same trick with Coke as you already have done with Sprite (another drink that I also rarely touch now).



  • 5 reviews

Keep it original!


Please stick with what you do best. Stop adding all these different flavours to coke cola. They don’t add to the flavour or are not any more refreshing. The flavour just tastes fake!!!!!



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Nice tasted better a few years ago


I remember having this drink as a child and i loved it, however in the past 5 years or so, i have noticed that drink tasted a bit different. It is tasting like they have add more fake stuff or watered it down, but one thing is it just doesn;t taste as it used to.
Orange flavour
Home brand or sunkist tastes better, they taste like what fanta used to be.

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