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Coca-Cola No Sugar

Coca-Cola No Sugar

1.8 from 16 reviews

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Stopped drinking Coca Cola no sugar disgusting taste

We loved diet Coca Cola and bought cartons of cans but no more stopped drinking -I loved this drink and thought I would never give it up but guess what I have won’t buy it again

Purchased in April 2019 at Costco QLD for $23.00.

Coke No Sugar is Terrible!!

It tastes of soda water with little flavouring, and that flavouring that is there doesn't help but makes it taste worst. Coke Zero tasted awesome so I have no idea why they replaced it with this terrible tasted drink.

Purchased in April 2019 for $4.50.


I was a daily drinker of Coke Zero and loved it. Coke no sugar is disgusting and I’m definitely not alone in thinking that, every time I go to the supermarket I see the other diet drinks are gappy or sold out and the coke no sugar shelf is absolutely full. No one is buying it and I have switched to Pepsi max.
I had stock piled my Coke Zero when I heard that Coke Amatil were going to discontinue it, and I was offered $150 for my last 24 cans just before Christmas 2018.
I declined of course.

Purchased in December 2018 at Bunnings Warehouse.

It's better than most

I guess it comes down to what we like personally and I for one like the no sugar ! been drinking it now for a few months, I have always liked coke heavy (Original), but wanted to stop consuming so much sugar as we know its in everything ! but like anything if you stick with it then you eventually get used to it. I was offered a heavy coke the other day and had a mouthful and I couldn't get over how sweet it was I hated it !! so I guess I am sold no sugar coke works for me and I am on a diet and still loosing weight Go Figure !

Purchased in March 2019.

Love it.

Ignore the hate, people are just salty that Coke Zero is phased out. Coke No Sugar is a more accurate sugar free Coca Cola alternative. I love the taste and drink it regularly...probably a little too regularly.

Purchased in February 2019 at IGA for $2.65.

Terrible taste

Coke NO SUGAR taste like pub pre mix, Please bring back Diet Coke a much better taste and doesn’t leave a nasty taste in your mouth.
I have to buy this product at the supermarket as there was no alternative except to go to another brand.

Purchased in February 2019.

Bring Back Coke Zero

I was a long time Coke Zero drinker and loved it.
I was not happy that Coke Zero stopped being sold in Australia.
I do not like the taste of the Coke No Sugar.
I have switch to Pepsi Max.
I would go back to Coke Zero if it was sold again in Australia.
But I prefer Pepsi Max over Coke No Sugar.
I am not going to buy any Coke products out of principal.

By the way I recently got back from a month in the USA and Coke Zero was widely available.

Why don't Coke just offer both Zero and No Sugar?
The have all sorts of weird flavours and I'm sure Zero would be a much better seller than most of them.

Coke Zero 5 stars
Coke No Sugar 1 star
Pepsi Max 3 stars

Overly sweet

The Coke no sugar variety is almost sickly sweet. It's not so bad for mixed drinks but on its on? Blech!

And I have a MASSIVE sweet tooth... And this is just too sweet.

As an alternative I recommend Diet Coke, or Coke Zero if you can find it stocked anywhere. I saw it a couple months ago in Queensland... Maybe they stocked up earlier?

Causes migraines

After having been a fan of coke zero..saving my teeth from sugar decay, I'm 100% certain coke no sugar is causing migraines. I first switched to Pepsi Max, no migraines..then I consumed Coke no sugar and migraines occur about 2-3 hours after consumption, I did this switching back and forth over a few weeks and I'm certain what ever is in Coke no sugar is causing mild migraines and this product should be treated as a health concern...

Not as good as Coke Zero, but not horrible either

I'm going to be honest here: Yes, I believe Coke Zero to be significantly superior to Coke No Sugar. I think the idea of changing the name because people were too dumb to realise Zero had zero sugar is both possible and incredibly depressing for the human race. I also think they epic failed in their attempt to make Coke No Sugar taste remotely like normal Coca Cola (spoiler alert: It doesn't). However, calling Coke No Sugar completely undrinkable is a bit of an overreaction. In my opinion, the two flavours are very similar to each other - from looking at the ingredient list, the only real difference between the two is the lack of the dreaded Preservative 211. In a taste test involving chilled cans, one of coke Zero and one of Coke No Sugar, I found no real difference in taste. However, the warmer the bottle, the more superior Coke Zero is - and at room temperature, I find Coke No Sugar considerably worse than Coke Zero.


It's so bad I had to give up on trying to train myself to like it. It's not even a case of 'you'll eventually get used to it', it's revolting.

What a disgusting drink!

The taste is so bad I have moved to alternative diet drinks. Why change from a perfectly good no sugar drink in Coke Zero. The tastes can not be compared.

No sugar artificial taste

Coke Zero had taste and flavour moving to Coke ‘no sugar’ was a marketing ploy however this new recipe leaves a bad taste in my mouth - like the old artificial sweeteners. Please go back to the of recipe. terrible taste.

Coke no sugar is terrible worst ive ever tasted

Coke no sugar is so bad it is terrible it tastes nothing like the original at all .why would you get rid of coke zero every body loved coke zero.

Worst soft drink ever. Undrinkable

No sugar coke is truly horrible. I cannot stomach it. I miss Coke Zero. I will be switching to Pepsi Max. Stunned that Coca Cola Executives would allow this drink to replace Coke Zero. They need to sack someone.

Coke NO SUGAR is gross!!! Bring back Coke Zero!

They have completely removed coke zero from shelves on the Gold Coast! So much for Woolworths saying No to coke no sugar!! Every shelf now has coke no sugar in the Boxes of Cans!! Coke no sugar is the most disgusting thing ive ever tasted ! Might as well drink straight Vodka for breakfast!! Sad Sad Coca Cola!! Ill have to find another drink!! Was good while it lasted, but i will no longer be buying Coke NO Sugar.....

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