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Coleman 3 Piece Picnic Set

Coleman 3 Piece Picnic Set

50610A and 50610B
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Best camping stools

You can order these stools from Rays Outdoors through Coleman. The table is unavailable.
They have the low back stools and also a high back stool (chair) so make sure you state which one you want. Model No. 1377568

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For an easier option you can buy these stools only at Harvey Norman online. Model No. 1377568

Great Outfit

We have used these tables and chairs for several years now and really like them. We use when we go camping, and use them both outside, and in our camper trailer when the weather demands it. We also found them suitable to sit on in the trailer of an evening when it is not pleasant enough to sit outside and the stools are good enough to sit on for a couple of hours.
comfortable, just the right size.

Questions & Answers

Does anybody know the dimensions of the table? Mines in storage but I want to make a cover for it. Thanks. Hoping someone can measure theirs for me.
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Sorry but our table has just been replaced. You can't buy these tables anymore.Not looking to buy a new one. I know you can't buy them anymore. As my question says I am hoping someone can measure theirs so I can get a cover made. I will retrieve mine from my storage shed when I am next in Newcastle. Thanks anyway.

We have had this set for many years and love them so much for camping and sitting around the fire. Does anyone know where we can buy a new set from?
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Unfortunately not, but I would also be very interested in getting another set.

How much are they?
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Hi Arnie12, we paid about the $80 dollar mark for the table and two chairs. We love them so much that we have been looking to buy some more but cannot find the ones we have which are model 50610A or B, I am not sure.


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