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Coleman Big Foot Chair

Coleman Big Foot Chair

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A Solid Chair that Lacks Comfort

Given its reputation and the high price tag, I had grand expectations for this chair. Sadly, it has failed to live up to these expectations. Granted it is extremely solid, but even that comes with the drawback that means it is very bulky, heavy, & difficult to transport. It is surprisingly uncomfortable for the effort required to use it.

There are more comfortable chairs on the market for a fraction of the price. Give this one a miss.

Okay chair although heavy

Was given this chair for XMAS last year, it hasn't been an overly comfortable chair since new. The head rest sit out and pushes your head forward causing a few sore neck issues. Another issue I noticed was only after 12 months the stitching/seems at the corners near the knees has started to stretch even though I am very shy of the 120kg maximum. This chair also has the same characteristics as all chairs of this style where after prolonged use the front sides start to hurt your thighs, making it a chore to sit in this chair.

The pockets on this chair are everywhere and easily accessible, however the pocket on the left arm rest where the zip has a handle it always interferes with putting in your drink and can be a bit tiring after a couple of beers.

Having a bag to carry this chair makes it easy, however very large bag.
The bag makes for easy carrying
Very uncomfortable sitting after prolonged use.

Rock solid and comfortable chair.

When two of my boys started playing soccer in 2011, I discovered really quickly that if I stood around talking to the other parents that I'd get a sore back and feet 2 days a week. Soccer practice went for 90 minutes per child and many of the parents would stand there after a while with their palms in the arch of their backs like pregnant women so I went on a mission to find a comfortable chair.
In 3 days I had driven past 3 camping stores and sat on, unfolded and folded, unpacked and repacked, closely examined, played with pockets, holders, trays, and poked and prodded about 15 different outdoor chairs.
After all my hunting around I kept coming back to this chair and the reasons for that are fairly obvious after a while. It is made like a tank but it isn't heavy. Lots of chairs claimed that they could take my weight but I went for this model because I also have children that sit on my lap from time to time and this can instantly add 20-40kg to the weight the chair would need to take. With camping chairs it is also often the case that you walk away for a minute and when you get back someone else is sitting in your chair, and that person may inadvertently bend the frame for you. And this isn't something you'd notice until you went to fold it up and pack it away.
I was drawn to the number of pockets the chair had too. It has 2 drink holders; one vented, one insulated with ice/freezer/esky block storage underneath. There is a document pocket on the back of the chair and a mobile phone/wallet/keys pocket down the right side and hanging down. What also impressed me (and I don't think this is intentionally part of the design) is that if you have to make a quick getaway the contents of the pockets (apart from open drinks) don't obstruct the folding of the chair and packing of it into the rollie bag.
Comfort was also something I noticed fairly quickly on this chair too. On plenty of the chairs I tried was a metal bar or a pressure point underneath the thighs and right at the edge of the seat. When seated on them for longer than 10 minutes the noticeability of the design flaw led to a discomfort, which led to a persistent pain or even the sensation of pins and needles. The BigFoot was one of 2 or 3 chairs where there was none of this - not even a hint. I have even sat on the chair for 6hrs at a time with no pain or pinch points anywhere on the chair. The wide feet also means that you'll never be in a situation where one of the feet finds a soft spot in the soil or sand and makes the whole chair lean to one side.
Lastly, each BigFoot comes with its own rollie bag with 2 wide wheels. It's possible to fold up the chair, pack it into the bag, and wheel it wherever you want to go. Also great for keeping the dust and spiders away while it's in storage.
Would have easily given the chair a 5 star rating if the build quality was a bit better. Once I had decided to buy a BigFoot I went to an outdoors store that had them for a good price and unzipped about 10 of the rollie bags to find one that didn't look like it had been made in a hurry and ended up buying one that was actually the best of a bad bunch. The powder coating, machining, fabric quality, and componentry are all first class but there are numerous points on every chair I have looked at where the stitching isn't straight, fabric piping hadn't been cut straight, hems and edging hadn't been sewn straight, and loose threads hadn't been trimmed off. It was most obvious on the arm rests (the parts one looks at most often). If it's obvious to a middle-aged male then you really aren't selling people the best product you're capable of producing. Although if I had to buy another chair I would still buy another BigFoot.
Comfortable, affordable, bomb proof, easily transportable.
Build quality mainly in relation to sewing and finishing of the fabric.

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