Coleman Deluxe Gazebo 6X3

Coleman Deluxe Gazebo 6X3

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Coleman 6m x 3m folding Gazebo

I have had this for just over 8 months now in Adelaide. I live in a rental without a carport so put it up in my back yard to use as a carport for my Range Rover. I did a fair bit of searching and comparing of the various brands before buying and settled on the Coleman because it looked strong and had a 100kmh wind rating listed on the box. I secured it down really well using fence posts, the corner of my house and very large plastic sand pegs where I had to and on all 6 feet. Adelaide has had some horrendous weather this year and I have been somewhat nervous when the winds exceeded 100 klms (quite a few times) but it is still up and solid. The cover has faded a fair bit but hasn't torn which is impressive considering the beating it has taken this year. Covers are a replaceable item and I am hoping I will get over a year out of it but seeing as it is up permanently it is doing well and. The init is quite heavy but if it wasn't it wouldn't be strong. It's definitely a 2 person job to put it up but that said I was able to put it up by myself and I'm not a big guy.
I can recommend this to anyone who wants a solid strong portable Gazebo and is willing to put the effort into making sure it is secured down properly. I only gave it 4 stars because the canvas is fading and possibly may not make it much past 1 year before needing replacing but that is a full year in the sun and rain.

February 5th 2017 Update: No replacement canopy availabe

I have since found that although the coleman gazebo is excellent it is let down by the fact they do not sell replacement canopies for it and in the Adelaide sun a canopy won't last a year. I did find the Oztrail Deluxe 6 x 3 cover will fit if you cut about 12 cms off the middle post on the Coleman frame.

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