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Coles Landlord Insurance

Coles Landlord Insurance

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Needs a ZERO star rating !!

They quoted me half of the other insurers, and now I see why.
They took forever to deal with a claim just to tell me it was declined (I don't have an issue with the decline as it wasn't covered by the policy, but to take 5 weeks to tell me is ridiculous)
I have since tried to cancel my policy and, despite escalating my complaints, have not received a reply and they continue to charge my card. I have had to refer to ACFA just to have my policy cancelled, and disputed the transactions on my card.

Value for Money
Customer Service
Claim MadeYes
Claim Resolution Time3+ months
Claim DateDecember 2018
Claim ApprovedNo

Premature Deduction towards Landlord Insurance Policy

It is with concern, disappointment and foreboding that I write to convey my recent experience in buying a Coles Landlord Insurance Policy online on 03 Oct 18.
I chose the option of starting the Policy on 01 Nov 18 and making the payment also with effect from that date (is there any sensible reason why someone would make such a large payment almost a month in advance?).
I was surprised to find that the amount was deducted from my account almost immediately.
Given the opportunity to provide feedback to Coles Insurance, I responded to the online request received from the Chief Operating Officer and conveyed my disappointment about the premature deduction from my account. Having received no response, I called the Insurance Service Centre on 12 Oct 18 and spoke to Brian and later to his manager, Dindy, who:
• held me responsible for the premature payment as the process was initiated online by me;
• expressed inability to check the online form to verify that I had opted to make the payment on the date of commencement of the Policy (it surprises me that an online form can suddenly 'vanish' into the ether with no accountability for its contents);
• doubted my contention that payment had indeed been debited to my account (I had to remind him that as the account holder I had verified this through Netbank);
• failed to acknowledge that once having completed the form with the instructions for payment that it required a Coles Insurance official to act on these instructions, and that was when the error occurred;
• blatantly rejected the idea of an apology or any compensation for the faux pas on behalf of Coles Insurance;
• offered to cancel the Policy, refund the amount and have me reapply online if I wanted to avail of the 10% discount; alternatively they would reissue the Policy on 01 Nov 18 without the 10% discount (as it was not done by me online!)

Insurance claim madeNo

Cancellation fee

Really disappointed with Coles - it charges the customer a fee for cancelling a policy due to dissatisfaction. I've been told that I would not get a refund on my monthly in advance payment, since I have to pay a fee for cancelling with a BIG company.

Insurance claim madeYes

Tried to get a quote

Quote wasn't possible through the webpage, nor their Filipino call centre which I was asked to call. Pretty disappointing and time consuming experience. If the postcode is unsupported, why not provide that information early on and save everyone's time?

Insurance claim madeNo

Paid for damage but wouldn't arrange fix

I had a water mark appear on my ceiling in my interstate rental. They arranged for an assessor to attend who quoted $1500 to repair but didn't want to do the work so they paid me out less my excess. I attended the property months later after my tenants vacated and found the problem was very minor (agent photo had been very zoomed in). Still a bit put out they wouldn't fix it, I lived interstate and had to arrange a special trip to fix which cost me considerably more, however I was able to attend a number of other issues at the same time which has certainly improved the property.

Insurance claim madeYes

I claimed and successful!

Okay, let me say they are not the best but you get what you pay for.

My leased house has a sudden leak of water inside one of the wall and the plumber had to break into it and fix the leak. At the meantime, the carpet in one of the room got flooded and had to be replaced.

Real Estate agent sent in the quote and contacted Coles, and coles organised the assesor to have a look and estimate the job price.

It took a while but not too long. Coles responses saying we can get the tradie to do the job ourselves and they are going to pay max of what their assessor says. So if I get someone doing it for $1000 but the assessor says $800, they would only pay $800. Anyway, I managed to find one in their budget and they paid straight away without delay.

One recommendation is, DO look at their fine prints, they have quite a number of exclusions. So be aware!

Otherwise, the claim experience is not too bad, quite smooth and they pay what we wanted quite fast.

Hard to contact their claim consultant though. Have to wait for their calls.

Insurance claim madeYes

Why Bother

6 Doors with a fist put through them, that's why we payed extra for damage done by tenants.
Coles insurance won't pay due to the tenants trying to fix the doors with putty before they moved out.
Why do we bother having insurance as we cannot claim for one thing due to damage done by tenants yet we chose an optional extra in our insurance!!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

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