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Coles Rapid 3 Razor

Coles Rapid 3 Razor

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Cheap option, inferior to other brands in performance and design

I've used a Gillette Mach 3 for 15-20 years. I've tried other razors previously but gravitate back to the Mach 3 despite the high cost of replacement blades. But I saw the Coles Rapid 3 razor in the store and thought I'd give it a go. It's fairly cost-effective, so why not?

The razor glided reasonably smoothly initially and I didn't get any nicks. It had less surface contact than the Mach 3 and others (which are fatter), so it required a few more strokes to cut. However, the razor kept getting clogged with hair. I'm not sure if they've put the blades too close to one another, but I found it was consistently clogged. In other razors with this problem, you swoosh the razor in a sink of warm water to wash out the hairs. But even with vigorous washing, the hairs remained. I found myself having to wipe out the hairs using a towel, which wrecks the strip at the top of the head and cuts the towel up pretty quickly. Ultimately, once the razor is clogged, it has significantly reduced effectiveness. This also caused significant skin irritation.

I tried this razor four times and found the above problem each time. I wouldn't recommend this product.

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