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Coles Rapid 5 Razor

Coles Rapid 5 Razor

3.0 from 15 reviews

Decent Quality Razor

The Coles Rapid 5 Razor gives you a very close shave and the razors last reasonable length of time.

Because there are 5 blades they shave very closely indeed and you can say goodbye to that 5'Oclock shadow

They are not as sharp as more expensive brands and you will notice more skin friction, the razors simply don't cut as effortlessly and easily.

However this must weighed up against the big cost savings Coles Rapid 5 Razor are $6 for a pack of 4 refill razor cartridges compared to over $30 for the big name brands like Gilllette or Schick.

We recently have had an ALDI store open in Port Adelaide and I am trying out their Calibre razors with 6 blades plus one trimmer blade.

So far I am very impressed as they shave as effortlessly as the big name brands, but have only just started using the Calibre razor so can't comment on their longevity. Calibre are more expensive than the Coles Rapid 5 Razor at $7.99 for a pack of 4 refill cartridges but give a frictionless shave and so far perform quite well.

Purchased in January 2019 at Coles Supermarkets for $6.00.

Value for Money
Causes Irritation No

Pleasantly Suprised

I bought the shave handle which came with two blade cartridges and then for another $6,bought a set of four blade cartridges. Shaved this morning and the result was great. For 25% of the cost of my regular blades which I've been using for many years, this is a welcomed saving. I also hope this product is here to stay.

Bloody Great

I get three weeks shaving (every day). Bloody brilliant product. Much, much cheaper than the brand name products. I just hope this is not a fly by night Coles brand product. Thank you Coles.


Exactly the same experience as the guy who said "I knew I was in trouble". On the first stroke it got caught and sliced my skin off on my head.
Finished shaving with the somewhat dull blade of my Aldi Prince Calibre 6. I was trying to replace that system with one more readily available. I learned the hard way not all cheap razors are the same. Stayaway from the coles razor.


This product is amazing!!! I have now switched from Gillette after my experiance. I had not shaved my legs in 5 mths (horrid I know.lol) and i only needed to go over each part of my legs once!!! Not to mention not 1 nik, which never happens for me. Closest shave EVER.

Time saver, money saver!!!


This shaver has sliced me open
Take it off the market!!! Not a good shaver at all. I rather pay top dollar than have my skin torn off
Coles should of done more research before selling this

Economical smooth shave

For the price these five blade razors work fine. Handle is good to grip they give a good quite close smooth shave I will definitely buy more at that price.

OK for one shave - rubbish afterwards

1st shave was ok (not as good as a Gillette), but 2nd shave was like using a 2 month old Gillette. Don't waste your money on these. They're not worth even a quarter of the price of a Gillette.

Might be OK if you shave everyday

These razorblades might be OK if you shave everyday, & have very short facial hair, however I don't.

With a brand new blade they felt quite smooth, & was easily removing the stubble from my face, for the 1st few strokes, feeling easily as good as the much dearer Gillette brand. However before I was even half way through shaving, & despite regular rinsing, the blades became totally clogged with my facial hair, rendering them useless. No matter how much I rinsed the blade I couldn't dislodge the facial hair from between the blades.

I never have this problem with the gillette blades, because they are open at the back, & the hair can rinse straight through, however these blades appear to have a closed back, so the hair gets stuck in there with nowhere to go.

This product is absolute rubbish Do Not Purchase

I purchased this because it was clearly a powerful saving over other brands on display - the range of choice was quite small - and I normally find Coles products good value and effective. However....

This razor felt like it was dragging furrows across my face. The end results suggested that it is harsh and cutting indeed upon skin but struggles to inconvenience even mild hair growth.

Coles: I advise you get this sub-standard junk off your shelves and re-stock Gillette Mach 3 immediately.

Another great Coles product

Its a good product and good price. It was great to shave with and had no issues with it. It goes to show you that Coles products are as good as the top branded shavers.

Absolutely terrible!!! Dangerous and should be avoided.

1. Bought as an economical option compared tonother two brands. From outset they look solid, well constructed and of simillar design.
2. As soon as I began the first stroke I knew I was in trouble. I though the razor was clogged until I realised it was the skin the razor had cut away from my head leaving a wound profusely bleeding. Already shaving and late for work- I had no option but to continue causing two more cuts to my face.
3. Cheap materials and blades out of alignment- mean this razor is absolutely dangerous. Suffice to say the money I saved by buying this razor was spent on antiseptic creams and bandaids over the coming days.

Very smooth and economical option

Had been using Gillette fusion but was a bit expensive and was looking for a cheaper alternative.. And found one.. This is one of the best option even compare with Gillette Mach 3.. Very good handle and grip to hold.. Quiet smooth shave and could save $$

Good at First........

They we're great for 2 shaves.... I was thinking they compare the Gillette Fusion/ Schick quattro- Oh! how I was wrong. The casing and grip/appearance of these is good- but the blades are TERRIBLE!!! Stay clear- unless you want cuts all over your face!

Great value and very good performance

This razor gives me a nice, comfortable, close shave without irritation or cuts. But then again, I get similar quality shaves from a Schick Quattro, Schick Hydro, Gillette Mach 3 and Gillette Fusion.

The real attraction of Coles' Rapid 5 is the price of its replacement blades/cartridges.

At $1.50 per cartridge ($6.00 for a pack of 4) this is well under half the cost of the 3 bladed Mach 3 and virtually a quarter of the cost of the equivalent 5 bladed Fusion - with no apparent difference in the quality of the shave! The replacement cartridges even cost less than the $1.60 per blade Coles charges for their Wilkinson Sword double-edge razor blades for those still using safety razors.

If I had a quibble over the razor it would be that I'd prefer a tiny bit more weight in the handle and the protective case for storage doesn't easily allow for the razor to be propped up vertically in my bathroom cabinet.

I haven't experimented with dropping the razor yet so cannot confirm quite how robust it is but initial impressions are that build quality is quite adequate for its purpose without particularly impressing.

The cartridges each have a Vitamin E and Aloe lubricating strip and a trimmer blade in addition to their main 5 blades which are, according to the packaging, manufactured in the USA.
Provides a good quality shave for, compared to equivalent products, a ridiculously low price.
Nothing worth mentioning given the price.

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Rapid 5 Razor
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