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Coles Smart Buy Chewy

Coles Smart Buy Chewy

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Coles muesli bars

I bought these as they were so cheap. They are not as tasty as other brands - I think they should have more flavour. Overall, I would rate them as average. They have a good chewy texture and I would buy them again as they are nearly half the price of similar products.
Need more flavour

Wouldn't buy again.

I bought a box of the choc coated honeycomb bars a few weeks ago.

They are covered in milk chocolate with a chewy grain filled centre that has a a hint honeycomb flavour - personally I would've liked a stronger flavour but it was passable.

I found the bar's centre more tough than chewy and it took away from the product.

Like all of Coles' Smart Buy range they are cheap even when not on sale.

Nutritionally they are about average compared to other similar products (that said the standard for store bought muesli bars isn't high).

I personally wouldn't recommend this product.
Too tough, lacks flavour


These are a bit hit and miss, i would buy the cherry chocolate coated bars but wouldn't buy the choc chip ones again. There is a honeycomb flavour which i will try next time i buy them but they havent been for sale in my local Coles.
Good price compared to other snack bars. The Cherry bars are very nice and taste really good. They have a thick layer of chocolate and are not to sweet.
Choc chip flavour is very bland in taste. I wouldn't buy these again and the kids wont eat them but they did have a fair mount of chocolate chips in them.

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