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Coles Smart Buy Original Mouthwash

Coles Smart Buy Original Mouthwash

2.6 from 8 reviews

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Cannot open Coles Mouthwash

Can someone give me an easy way to open this... it tells you how but I don't have much strength and am thinking of taking it back to the store to get them to open it!! Read the reviews and other people quite like it and the price suits me.
Nil as yet
Cant open it!!


Coles Smart Buy Mouth Wash is certainly a good buy. It has a very pleasant taste to it, and whilst I am not sure if it is Anti Bacterial it still would have to be a good product. I dont normally buy the Store Brand but this was an exeptiom that I bought it, I just wanted to try it out. I am glad I did as the product is as good as some of its Rivals. It wont burn your mouth as listerine does and I like the price, it is cheap, but my Mouth and Throat do feel clean after gargling. I would recommend this to family and friends as a saving is a saving, I will check and see if it is Anti Bacterial. Nevertheless you are getting a good buy that is packaged well and the product is good and the price is more than fair. I would reommend this to anyone who asked.
I must say for a Brand name Mouth Wash i have to give this one a very good rating.

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Well I have just purchased it and cant get it open so I wont be buying again!!!


If I am on a tight budget than this Coles homebrand product is one of the first that I would be reaching for as it really is very cheap and it will do a good basic job. I do find that the taste of this mouth wash can be very strong compared to other products but for the price, I think that it is the only real complaint.
If you need to budget when it comes to dental care than this product will do a good job and is very affordable. Normally always available.
Does have a very strong taste, but other than that no complaints.

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Were you able to open it - I cant - I am elderly and don't have a lot of strength but my husband cant open it either..


Overall I guess it does give your mouth a clean feeling. But its very hot, the taste is a little strong. But price wise if you cant afford the more expensive brand its ok.
I like the price and the value for money size container that this comes in.
The taste is very over powering, quite strong and takes your breath away


Overall, this does the job and is a good way to buy mouthwash without breaking the bank. Definitely worth it for the price in comparison to other products. It left my mouth feeling clean and smelling nice but the strong taste can be a bit annoying after a while. Easy to find at Coles.
Very cheap when compared to other products making it affordable to use. Good for people living on a budget as it does the job.
Has a very strong taste that can be a bit off-putting at times. The product labelling does not look that attractive.


I always prefer mouthwash which is mild in flavor and alcohol. The primary consideration in buying mouthwash is the fact that it would kill bacteria in the mouth and leave my mouth smelling fresh and clean. I don't need strong alcohol and coloring. I will never buy this product again.
It is definitely cheaper than other brands available in the market. A product for those who are tight in their budget and not fussy about brands.
I believe that there is too much alcohol in it and too much coloring. I hate using mouthwash which gives me the hot and stingy feeling in my mouth. Too much alcohol in it also triggers my asthma.


coles original mouth wash is a cheaper alternative to listerine, you can definitely save a few dollars. the bottle is just as big and i find it lasts me a good amount of time. good if you have a large family. i find works just as well as the dearer brands in killing germs and making the mouth feel clean. i do think they go overboard on the blue colouring and it is a little stronger than listerine to taste. would recommend to those on a budget.
cheaper than name brands, good for a large family on a budget
too strong in taste


this is way cheaper and seems to be just as good as some of the more expensive brand name products
it is cheap, satisfies the people who come to stay with me who simply must have an alcohol based mouth wash, in spite of the risks that are associated with alcohol based mouth washes, they have been linked to mouth cancer in the latest research. Has a nice minty taste, n ot too strong and it leaves your mouth feeling just as fresh as the expensive brands
Too much alcohol and blue dye, what is wrong with the natural colour of things?

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Why are there no product details? What is the alcohol percentage?
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Smart Buy Original Mouthwash
Release dateDec 2008

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