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Coles Ultra Mould Cleaner

Coles Ultra Mould Cleaner

3.8 from 4 reviews

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This product is very good there is no need to scrub over floor tiles much better than Exit Mould in my experience. I was surprised at how well in worked

Exactly as advertised!

Ok so i dont usually write reviews on products that have anything to do with money grubbing supermarket chains, but this product is an exception.
The prior reviews are unfortunate for the reviewer but clearly their own fault.

Yes it kills mould, bleaches and destroys it.
Yes it is strong but not the strongest product on the market either.
Yes appropriate safety equipment and ventilation etc should be utilised AS VERY CLEARLY stated on the bottle. Several times warning and guides are indicated on the product even utilising capital letters stating product attacks skin and eyes as well as prewarning about fumes.

The product is priced well and i believe on par to easy off bam mould killer and works far more effectively than the 30second brand, much quicker than Ajax professional and the like.
However other brands use just as if not more dangerous chemicals with modifiers to offgas less. Which in itself is bad because you dont realise just how strong the others are because the fume smell isnt there.

Here are some very basic tips for use.
1) Wear safety glasses. NOT elcheapo ones, wrap around aus approved ones. and i usually use a second barrier if working overhead such as a clear plastic face shield like a wood working mask. and if weather permits a disposable poncho. (this may sound like overkill, but it only takes one bristle on a brush to flick or a tiny droplet of the product onto your eyes and the damage is done)

2.) Ensure you have your bathroom fan on and a forced air input such as a fan to blow air into the room and open the window as well if you have one. Personally I use a twin filter face respirator for large jobs. You need to ensure that the filter element installed is suitable for the appropriate chemical. Dust masks will NOT filter volatile Organic/non org. vapours

3.) Wear gloves, and old clothes ie long pants and shirt and plan ahead ie. if you spill it on your skin, dont panic, just be prepared with soap and cool running water to thoroughly wash it off your skin.

4.)Again plan your job. This product is a super bleach, if you spill it on carpets clothes etc etc
it will remove all the colour from the spill area. (it needs to be a strong chemical to destroy the cells of the mould) If you spill it on your skin it will burn untill its washed. (you may not feel it till too late, so i usually wash all exposed skin after)

5.) Work in small sections, ie do a small patch, leave it walk away to fresh air and let it work, return wash the area and move onto another patch repeating the same method.

6.) Dont be stupid and mix it with other chemical as it can offgas and honestly Burn your respiratory tract or overpower you and you pass out. Be aware of the risks and read the instructions.

7.)TEST before spraying it all over something. This means spray a tiny bit on the patch let it sit and come back to check before you ruin your stainless shower etc hahaa

I also reccomend Coles Ultra shower and bath as being the only product apart from easy off bam foam to remove soap scum.

Coles Ultra Mould Cleaner Works Well, but Harmful to Health

I used Coles Ultra Mould Cleaner two and a half weeks ago for mould in the shower recess. I wore rubber gloves, opened the bathroom window, but wore only reading glasses as eye protection. The instruction on the spray bottle mention that eye protection should be worn. I stayed in the bathroom, rubbing with a scourer. The next morning, my eyes were red and sore and I had a pain in the centre of my chest. After seeing a doctor, I was told that my heart seemed OK. I still have a very sore red eye, a burn sore inside my nose, pain in mid chest and tinnitus. The shower grouting and tiles are very clean, but my health has suffered.

Never Ever Use This Product

I used this product on my shower, came back and thought wow look at all the mould that came off my tiles, little did i now it removed the stainless off my shower drain. Rang Coles, sent them photos they said too bad so sad, $1200 to repair it Not Happy Jan!!!!!!

Stripped the stainless of the stainless steel drain

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