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Colgate Plax

Colgate Plax

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Nice taste , no substance

Does not have the sustaining cleaning power of Listerne. Froths up too much so you cannot gargle the solution as per instructions.Even though Plax won't burn your mouth, it can irritate the inside oral tissue quite easily. Buy Listerene instead

Effective mouthwash.

I've found Colgate Plax to be a decent mouthwash. I usually rinse in the evenings before bed and I've found that my mouth feels much fresher in the mornings. When I rinse in the mornings, my mouth feels noticeably fresher for longer. Would recommend.

A healthier future

I am fairly happy with Colgate plax and like that it comes alcohol free. I would love it even more if it would come with less colours. Why do we need it to be coloured - especially colours that use blue which as far as i am aware is a possible carcinogen?

about average

I sometimes buy the Colgate mouthwash from Woolworths supermarket in fairy meadow and found them to work quite well though not as good as the older Colgate mouthwash though that doesn't bother me as it smells alright doesn't leave any bad aftertaste / I totally recommend the Colgate plax mouthwash range to anyone who likes to keep their mouths clean and free on any nasties

WARNING: Plax contains Cetylpyridinium chloride which can stain teeth brown in some people!!!!

***This is a warning/ FYI to all potential and current users of Plax.***

I am an ex-user of Plax. Bought it because it does not contain alcohol and at a good price point.
However, whatever money I saved is now given to my dentist... and then some!!.>=(

The story goes that after I regularly used Plax I started noticing dark brown stains in between my teeth. Initially (after the first day of use!) they were just slight dark stains which I naively thought were gaps between my teeth due to better flossing and oral hygiene. But after a few weeks of Plax mouth rinsing the stains got darker and eventually turned brown to a point that my partner thought that I had taken up chewing tobacco.

My dentist had to clean between a lot of my gums just to remove the stains which resulted in the most painful, and bloody dental experience I've ever had.

After being traumatised by the dentist I have researched that the active ingredient, CetylPyridinium Chloride (CPC) is the issue and its effects can be summarised as:

"Basically what happens is the product is killing bacteria that causes bad breath and in some individuals that bacteria as it's killed it can also turn brown and then stick to the teeth" [taken from bc ctvnews ca news article]

I am writing this as a warning to potential buyers of Plax because there is no such warning on its label. Crest has known that CPC can cause staining and it took a Michigan lawyer to file a class-action lawsuit against Procter & Gamble (P&G) for the warning to be added to their label. There are many negative reviews for Crest's CPC-based mouthwash - just look at the Amazon forums for the topic "Crest Pro-Health Rinse stains teeth."

Being such a large company, surely Colgate-Palmolive would have known about the staining issues that P&G were seeing with Crest so why didn't Colgate put warnings on their labels as well? Colgate is large enough to frequent this review site so surely they would have kept abreast of other dental news around the world!

This anecdote also serves as evidence to other people who have had stained teeth from Plax: you are not alone, and it is your mouthwash which is staining your teeth from right under your nose!!

PS: I would give it 0 stars if I could, but this website can only award a minimum of 1-star.


This is one product that I really like, unlike Listerine it wont blast your mouth out or bring tears to your eyes but it is more gentle in the way that you can use it properly meaning that you can gargle for several minutes and your mouth feels lovely clean and fresh. What I liked about the Colgate Plax was the taste and that you had a variety to choose from. I would certainly recommend this to my family and friends. The price is good also.
I have to say I really like this product it leaves your mouth feeling fresh and clean fo a good time.


Not a great review for this product I am afraid. I steer clear of alcohol based products now as a rule but out of all of them, this one seems to pack the least amount of punch. Not a great taste.
I'm not really a fan so I can't give you any pros I am afraid.
I don't like the flavour. I like my mouthwashes to say 'I'm here and I'm killing all those bugs for you' but this one feels so weak, almost like a weak cordial. I don't like the flavour of any of them


This is a mild tasting easy to use mouthwash that has a nice gentle taste to it. I believe it does help to reach those places that normal brushing can't. It is really good if you have sensitive teeth and want something nice and mild. Is easy to find at the supermarket and does not cost a lot.
It has a nice fresh taste and leaves your mouth feeling nice and cleaned. There is no strong taste with this mouthwash compared with some others that leave a very strong taste in your mouth. Relatively inexpensive and easy to find.
There are none.


Been using for over 6 yrs as works and is cost effective. I found Listerine too stinging so I was glad to find Plax doesn't burn at all and tastes nice and minty. The pink one for sensitive gums is also OK in flavour. I notice when I have used it overnight I don't get a film in my mouth next morning.
Mild taste. Effective at keeping plaque at bay.


I have found Colgate Plax to be a reliable product and it makes me feel like I'm doing a more thorough job of keeping my teeth and mouth clean. It is a mouthwash that contains alcohol and although there are no proven direct links as yet, it has been suggested there could be a link between alcohol based mouthwashes and oral cancer.
Makes you feel like you're doing more to look after your teeth. Dazzlingly refreshing and not recommended for kids (it says 6 years and up can use it) because it is so strong.
Quite expensive but worth it if it stops dental treatment being needed.


This has a nice taste to it and is not as overpowering or as strong tasting as some of the other mouth wash products available. It comes in several different flavours as well and does leave your teeth and mouth feeling a lot cleaner. I think it does do a good job in keep plague under control and I only really need to use it once a day before going to bed. It is not as expensive as some other mouth washes available.
Nice to use, is not as strong as some other mouth wash products and inexpensive.
There are none.


I use Colgate Plax on a daily basis I mix and match the flavors from time to time. Using Colate Plax leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh and I also love that this also acts as a long lasting breat freshener. Colgate is a well loved brand and also the fact that it is specfically designed by top dentists. I recommend this for any one who likes a nice fresh mouth feeling.
Fights plaque for 12 hours, tastes good leaves mouth and teeth feeling fresh and clean.
Nothing I can think of except price, but seems to align in price with most mouth washes.


I used the alcohol free formula Plax and found it to be a very pleasant mouth wash. It left my mouth feeling fresh and clean without any painful burning or stinging sensation afterwards. It is very effective at protecting your gums, cleaning the hard to reach places between your teeth as well as preventing mouth sores from forming. Compared to some other popular mouth washes such as Listerine, Plax cleans just as effectively and is much more pleasant to use. I would happily recommend Plax for anyone looking for a gentle but effective mouth wash.
Fresh, minty taste. Gently cleans and freshens your mouth without any burning or stinging sensation.
Nothing of note


Like other mouth washes, I tend to be cautious of the amount of colouring used in them. I find that this product and all other mouthwashed I've used could do without colouring! If you have a sensitive mouth, use this product, but if you need a bigger hit, use listerine!
Very minty flavour without the 'burning' sensation that you feel when you rinse your mouth out. This product feels a whole lot gentler in your mouth than other products like 'listerine'.
I find that this product can be a little too gentle and I sometimes wonder if it's just minty flavoured water! I find that this product also leaves a coloured film over your teeth and mouth after you've rinsed your mouth out with it.


I like this as an everyday mouthwash - I don't use it to freshen my breath like I have with Listerine between brushings. It doesn't stain your teeth (even the red formula!) and is gentle enough to use after brushing without sensitising or making your mouth feel dry.
So much gentler than Listerine. Doesn't dry out the mucus membranes of your mouth with a high alcohol content, and avoids the alcoholic breath tinge that stronger mouthwashes can give you! My dentist uses it due to the chlorohexidine content, as do the wards in many of the hospitals I've worked in (for patients who are nil by mouth).
Doesn't always leave my mouth feeling "clean" - but then again, that's what brushing and flossing is for. A little more expensive than Listerine, and sometimes difficult to find.


I used to use listerine but found it very harsh on my mouth and had to dilute it. Since I bought the colgate Plax ( I use the nightime one) I have had no problems with my teeth, and it is amazing to see the plaque on your teeth just disappear. It is not very strong and bitter like listerine is, and has a lesser alcohol content so it is kinder to teeth and gums. It is cheaper than listerine which is great as well! I highly recommend this brand of mouthwash!
Tha taste and feeling of using it compared to listerine


It could be quite a bit more effective, as I've been using this product for quite a while and I still don't see many effects of it. It's around the same category as Listerine, although it's not as obnoxiously strong, and not as obviously hard core dental mouthwash. Could be improved a bit, especially if they got a few nicer flavours, but not bad!
Quite effective, and it's cool to see the plaque being wiped off. Fresh feeling in mouth after use.
Not an extremely attractive smell and taste, Listerine tastes better. Which actually says a lot.


I tried Plax because Listerine was a little too strong for me but soon found out that these products are not as good at removing plaque and whitening etc. Listerine Smooth mint and citrus are great if you don't want anything too strong.
The flavour is Ok.
I found out from my dentist that the Whitening Plax doesn't even whiten teeth! It only helps to maintain the colour. Only Listerine Whitening actually whitens teeth.


I have used this product heaps and i am happy that it actually feels like it is working to reduce the plaque on my teeth. Due to the chlorhexidine my dentist said this one is better for your teeth, but my dentist also had only colgate products on view, so are they bias against other mouth washes.
Great plaque remover, recommeneded by my dentist.
you may not like the flavour so you have to pick one which you think will have not too strong a taste, the kids think if they use this mouth rinse they do not have to brush as well.


I like the taste it doesn't leave too much of an overpowering feeling after rinsing. Gives your mouth a fresh feeling. I know a lot of people skip out on the mouth wash stage of caring for their teeth but i think it is vital for the health of your teeth and gums.
I like how after you rinse out you can see the plaque come off. I especially like the orginal flavour.
it is difficult to find this product within stores, or it is stocked somwehere out of sight and i have to go looking for it. Which most of the time i can't be bothered doing.

Questions & Answers

is it necessary to dilute colgate plax with water before use
1 answer
No. Don't dilute the product at all. Water will decrease the effectiveness.Also, unlike Listerine, Colgate Plax won't burn your mouth.

Should Colgate plax be diluted with water before rinsing mouth?
1 answer
No dilution required.

how to use it? - simply splashing or gargle and the quantity to be used per time
No answers


Colgate Plax
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