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Colgate Savacol

Colgate Savacol

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Only Just Started Using This

I have 2 VERY VERY painful mouth ulcers pretty close to each other & its been almost a week with them, the pain leaves me in tears, i cant eat or drink & it kills me to even talk, the first time burned like hell but then i guess it numbed it a bit, i just had some more before bed & now my tongue feels burnt??? weird sensation & i did notice some staining in between my front teeth so hopefully the ulcers go away so i can stop using this stuff, has some relief but the side effects are a bit too much, definitely dilute it with water!!!!

Purchased in March 2019 at Woolworths.

Terrible product! Makes teeth brown.

Dentist told me to start using this, 3 weeks later my teeth are turning brown. Caused me serious worry and concern. He better fix this for free. DON'T USE THIS PRODUCT.

Purchased in February 2019.

Burning mouth. Avoid

It's now 6 1/2 hours after I used this crap for the first time as per the instructions. My mouth is still burning mainly on the tongue. If I had to use this on a twice daily basis as per instructions it would reduce the quality of my life to the point that I would rather have tooth loss. To my mind using this product with it's irritating effects can't be good at all.

Purchased in February 2019 for $10.00.


I used this product for the first time when my impacted wisdom teeth got infected and it covered my teeth in brown stains which I had to get sanded off at the dentist. It also gave me a constant god awful taste in my mouth. After my wisdom teeth were removed I was advised to use it again, and I did so very reluctantly. This time it gave me a stinging tongue as well as a bad taste. My tongue is now turning yellow and I blame the Savacol. Also I never shut the bottle again after opening it the first time cause it was such an ordeal. This is the absolute worst product I've ever encountered, I don't know why it is allowed to be sold.

Melted its own container.

The product melted the base of its plastic bottle. Product then seeped into the edge of my vanity shelf and now the shelf is warped. Vanity 18 months old. One unhappy customer here. Photos available on my Facebook page.

Terrible design. Not suitable for people with dexterity issues.

I can't really rate the taste as I have been unable to open the bottle. You have to press in the sides and twist simultaneously yet the lid is too tall/large to fit my hand and apply sufficient strength to comply. The plastic bottle does give however so you get splashed by the mouthwash while the lid remains fully locked. I have taken to it with scissors but to no avail. If you have small hands or suffer from rheumatism, arthritis or any other dexterity issues, do not buy this.

Absolutely fantastic

I would recomend Savacol 100%. I have a badly inflamed tooth that will (should my dental hygiene lapse) cause excruciating pain. It has left me in tears, i used clove oil and normal mouthwash and nothing worked. Within 1 day of using it heavily and focusing on the tooth the pain goes away and it is back to normal. For my situation this product is a miracle in a bottle. Cannot recommend enough.

This product actually cures my mouth ulcers

Whenever mouth ulcers appear I go straight to the king of all kings SAVACOL. With only two rinses this magic potion cures my ulcers. It’s a must buy for anyone looking to relieve & completely clear up mouth ulcers.

Perfect for ulcers

Used for ulcers on my tongue. Numbed the pain immediately and lasted for a few hours. Was told by my dentist to only use for a couple of days as it stains the teeth. Good product!

Black stains

First bottle (clear bottle green liquid) was great after tooth extraction. Second bottle (white) alcohol free(?) has after one week created black stains at teeth base. Just had teeth cleaned - can Colgate suggest a way to remove stains your product has caused? John.

Metallic Taste

I have a metallic taste that last days after using Savacol. The advice of 'temporary alteration to taste' is ridiculously insufficient and vague. It has resulted in me going to the doctor, (who prescribed reflux meds), referring me to a gastroenterologist, having an endoscopy (with all the expense involved, let alone loss of work and the worry and risks)... All easily avoided if the bottle was correctly labelled and all dentists educated to give adequate advice upon dispensing the product.
This is not news to Savcol, it is a known and studied side effect.

I'm appalled.

Bottle impossible to open

I lost 30% of the bottle contents because I had to use scissors to smash an opening in it.
It should not be this difficult. other products with this tamper proof cap have been accessible. Not this bottle. I would not buy again.

Beware serve reaction is possible

This product is evil, I have at least a dozen or more ulcers on my tongue alone, I can barely eat or drink except through prescription pain killers, even then I still feel pain.
It has been like this for a few days after using the product.

Mint Flavour

Please note this not a mouth wash as such to my understanding. It’s generally prescribed from a Dentist as mine did, as a treatment plan for your specific dental condition? I needed to use Savocol 3x daily; after meals as it can slightly taint your taste buds.

I was also informed of it staining my teeth if used longer than recommended and after the expiry date. Once opened the expiry date is in 4 weeks. I noted this down on the bottle. If staining occurs a cleaning procedure will need to be done by a Dentist, at cost, if you choose not to follow instructions.

When rising for a minute, be prepared for a burning sensation in your mouth... it’s because you have an infection, bleeding gums, ulcers, or an open wound that this solution is attacking the bacteria.

Under treatment my condition healed within days. At my own risk, to which I do not recommend, I experimented with Savocol 2 weeks after expiry as a quick mouthwash for a few days and suffered no ill affect or staining.

[+] Cheaper to buy at the Dentist. Sold in Supermarkets

Good product if used well

My gum disease was causing me to be prone to throat infections and wearing down the bone between my teeth. I had a scale n clean and my dentist asked me to use Savacol for 1 month. Then I'll have to get my teeth cleaned again but the disease and bacteria will have been brought under control. Then my dentist says I can just use it for 1 week of each month for maintenance. I'm 2 weeks in and my ear nose throat system feels so much better. I'm sleeping better and look healthier - big reduction of eye bags. I didn't know the bacteria in my mouth was having such an impact on my health. Just a quick warning - the 1st time you use it is FOUL! You never want to use it again. But as your mouth improves the after taste reduces in just a couple of days.

Works as promised

Yes, if you use this product for a while, it will leave brown stains in between teeth that will require a professional clean. However, this product is extremely good at healing infected/ bleeding gums!! It is us, the people who were lax in our dental care, that must suffer the fairly benign side effects of stains and numb tongues, because neither of those are as bad as losing our dang teeth or worse!

I recommend this product with the caveat that you must accept the fact you'll have to see a dental hygienist after treatment for stain removal. That's what I did and I left the dentist with a clean bill of dental health, the stains fully removed.

No regrets, and if I ever have an issue in the future, I won't hesitate to grab the savacol.

Ruins your teeth

I used Savacol after my dentist told me to for a gin infection. It was helpful in clearing that up, mind you, it came back. I have brown teeth and it won't go away, it is terribly embarrassing and I hate smiling now. The bottle doesn't say that it will take the enamel off your teeth and that it is irreversible! Very dissapointed and I also have a sore, burnt feeling tounge!!

Nobody warned me

Two weeks my dentist told me to use Savacol three times a day to assist in healing a gum infection. Within two days I had sensations of skin tingling especially at the extremities. I didn't associate it with a mouthwash did I? I have persisted and have now 13 days later presented with a continual bad taste in my mouth, a numb tongue and tingling lips. I have no taste buds and no matter how much water I drink it is not going away. I am now extremely nervous. Will see the dentist tomorrow and vent my disgust and concern. Nowhere can I find treatment for this allergic reaction. Lyn C

Please warn consumers

I have a tooth infection and sore gums . Dentist recommended I use Savacol ,but did not say how long for nor common issues with its use . I woke up in the middle of the night with a bitter taste in my tongue and it felt like i had burnt it or swollen , so I didn't know whether it was secondary to my tooth infection and nearly called emgergency . My husband mentioned to me my bottom teeth were brown also .. I wish dentists would tell patients and that you were also advised on purchasing product ..
It's great that product actually works for your mouth issues but it would relieve unnecessary worry if we were better informed ..

great for inflamed gums

Fixes up inflamed gums..other option is to slowly lose gums and teeth..does tingle the tongue, but if you don't keep your teeth it will not be important...staining is a minor problem compared to losing teeth...just don't use it for longer than needed.

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Questions & Answers

When will it be available in a larger bottle?
No answers

Is normal for numbess?
1 answer
Slight numbness, yes. If it makes your throat tingly, however, you may be allergic. But I definitely experienced some numbness using savacol

I have recently been told by my dentist I have bad gum disease. My gums are receding at a rapid rate and I definitely am experiencing bone loss The dentist did a scale and clean but did not recommend any type of mouth wash. He just said I have to get a clean & scale every 3 months. I came across Savacol. Is it okay to use if not recommended by dentist and will it help my receding gums?
2 answers
Well its still working for me, I use it once a day at night, my gums are no longer getting inflamed and have stopped receding...the damage done however does not seem to recover, but having my gums not get any worse, or my teeth get loose and fall out, is worth it for me..dentists are pretty unhelpful, they just say you have periodontal disease and once there are lots of gaps aound the teeth it is even harder to stop infections starting, but the savacol kepps it a bay..good luckI have the same - gum disease with bone loss. I had a scale n clean and will donut again in 3 months and then 6 monthly. My dentist said to use the Savacol x2daikt for one month and then just use it for one week of each month. The gum disease makes your mouth produce too much nasty bacteria and that makes your gum disease continue. I have just finished my 1st month of using Savacol and the difference is really noticeable. When u start using it you will notice a disgusting taste but it improves after a few days as the bacteria reduces. Good luck with it


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