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Commonwealth Bank Investment Home Insurance

Commonwealth Bank Investment Home Insurance

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The Bigger They Are The Meaner They Get

I recently was presented with a double whammy - Whilst recuperating from a stroke, that nearly killed me I was also confronted with malicious damge from tenants from a rental property I own in the Sunshine Coast. Three weeks six days rent in arrears and serious damage to power circuits/airconditioners, plumbing and a filthy house/grounds. On the advice of the Agent I had them submit a claim for the remediation of damage ,to find that apparently I was one day short (of 4 weeks) to trigger a loss of rent event therefore no allowance for loss of rent, No allowance for cleaning,of the house, inside pest/flea spray (for dogs) despite a requirement by QLD law between tenancies ,No allowance for grounds work whatsoever Plumbing knocked back due to a one line in the entry report pointing out the toilet seat screws loose and this was fixed within week one of occupancy. As this repair was not annotated in the condition report any further dscussion was dismissed out of hand. Broken taps was put down to lack of maintenance. Out of a damage bill of over $8000+ they paid $1,611 taking out $ 600 for excess. Communication with this mob almost impossible Call centre tell you the call is important but don't answer for over 40 minutes at times best time is 12 minutes. Due to a brain injury associated with the stroke I was not in a position to "take it further" to the "Ombudsman" as suggested by CBA operative. With $ running out , stress impacting my rehabilitiation and aginst my better judgement I agreed to accept and settle - any cash was good cash at the time. Never again with CBA Talk about ethics!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Now fully recovered from the stroke and the CBA experience. I am looking at getting out of any relationship with CBA totally even home loans. Now migrated insurance policy to Terri Scheer only to get strongly worded letter from CBA demanding renewal payment or else face cancellation of policy. Took it to the nearest Branch and explained in no uncertain terms to the BM in person why I will not be doing ANY further business with an unethical mob who talk a lot about ethics and then rip you right off. Don't bother with them unless you have absolutely no other option. Yes I'm just a tad bit P*****d off.

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One of the worst insurance

I had apply to claim from commonwealth insurance back bumper was damage and they don't fixed the back bumper they told to repair act auto buddy wok. I have little tiny scratch in the my front window they just paint that and call me your car is ready than I went to pick the car the damage what I apply to claim they don't fixed it than I asked to repair I apply to claaim back bumper you haven't fixed than he talks to me root and said that is not crap problem you call your insurance, than I call to insurance the told me if you wanna fix the bumper you need to apply other claim one of the worst insurance specially [name removed] vocal inspirater is so bad ,if any wanna want more to know call me 0426232860 thanks

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Commonwealth Bank contents insurance

It took the Commonwealth Bank 3 weeks to get back to my daughter to tell her that her insurance did not cover her for the accidental damage from a water pipe in her unit that had burst when drilling a hole in the wall and the water had warped the timber floor boards and had caused mold on the concrete floor under. When they did get back to her it was on a Friday!! She had been living with the mold for two weeks waiting for tradesman to fix the problem!!

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Terrible communication

Just had to go through the awful process of making a claim..
Every time I called up I had to wait over 40 minutes (this is not exaggerating, I checked my phone time after each call).. They initially asked for some details to lodge the claim, I emailed these through straight away with reference numbers on each document as they asked.. 2 weeks later no response (emailed multiple times). I tried to call during and after work but each time there was no answer after 20+ minutes. Eventually I had to tell my boss I was taking time off work to get through. Then they said "oh we just need a few more documents from you".. Not sure why they couldnt tell me this straight away.. Anyway weeks went past with the same thing (again I had to take time off work).. Hopeless staff, only 1 staff member was willing to follow something up for me.. the rest would say "i'll leave a note on the file for you", knowing full well that no one else would follow up, even after I begged them.
Got the payout in the end, but switching insurers ASAP..

Insurance claim madeYes


Check what these polices EXCLUDE first before looking at their true value to the landlord.Go through each scenario a tenant may cause and then apply the policy to it , what if they leave a house full of junk , what if i sell , what if i dont relet because im renovating between tenants.
Sounded good at the time
Does not cover loss of rent if you decide to sell the property rather than re let Does not cover severe dirt and mess , up to 3 skips worth of rubbish left behind as is often typical when tenants are in rent arrears the bond wont cover this removal cost.Does not cover damaged carpets or paint , thats up to $8,000 worth right there alone

If you want piece of mind, dont insure with Comminsure

We have just been through a nightmare with our house in Queensland that was flooded in the Queensland floods. After paying premiums for nearly 8 years we went to make a claim for the damage to our house. The first shock was finding out that if they paid the claim they would only pay 25% of the sum insured to fix the house. This wasnt even going to fix a third of the damage. They then denied the claim (after the most stresful and frustrating 4 months of run around and speaking to a different person every time I rang). The reason: the water entered our property no earlier than 105 hrs after the storm commenced - our policy says it must enter the property within 24hrs of the commencement of the storm. And what is a storm? Well, according to Comminsure, consistent rain since the commencement of the storm isnt actually a storm. No one to date has answered this question. We've only now just had the repairs finished and new tenants have moved in. We had to borrow the money (over $100k) to fix the house plus 8 months lost rent. I've just cancelled my policy and have switched to Suncorp.

they have ambiguous policy wording that allows them to deny a claim


Poor communication from the assessor about progress and scheduling of repairs. Poor control over the repair work with much of it late and out of sync.
Initial response to the incident by the assessors was quick. They agreed to pay for the repairs.
Very disappointed with their outsourced management of claims and repairs. Our timber framed rental property was damaged when a car crashed into it, knocking down most of one bedroom wall. Initially, the insurer responded to the incident quickly, sending round an assessor to assess the extent of the danage. They also engaged builders to shore up and made safe the property within a few days. At the time, they indicated to us that the repairs were fairly straightforward and would be completed within six weeks. Six months later the repairs have still not been completed.
The contracted builder has seemed unable to schedule tradespersons in the appropriate order. Trademen have arrived at the property without warning and then telephoned to seek access even though we both work some distance away. On gaining access, required tasks from prior trades have not been finished or started leaving the tradesmen to depart and both our and their time wasted. We were advised this is because the building supervisor went on holiday leaving tradesment he had scheduled to turn up even though the initial joinery had not been undertaken. Things have not improved much since albeit there are now signs of progress. We have asked for details of the scheduled repairs several times so we can arrange appropriate access for tradesmen and plan for when the repairs are completed but with no success. The outsourced claims manager seems to have no control over the contracted builder who has limited control over the subcontract tradesmen.

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