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Commonwealth Bank Travel Money Card

Commonwealth Bank Travel Money Card

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Lost $750 before I even went overseas, given misleading information about this card

I transferred $8200 to Euros from AUD and received $5000 which seemed about right. It wasn't until I decided i wanted my money back in AUD that I lost just over $750 in fees and conversion rates. Essentially if you don't spend all your money overseas, you loose it! Massive rip off and was told I could convert easily and conveniently back to AUD, no mention of the massive fees associated with this type of transaction. Lucky I didn't discover this overseas, will be cancelling the card immediately after trying to recoup my money.

CurrencyAUD, EUR and GBP
Competitive Exchange Rate No

The bank stole my money

My card expired whist I was travelling I could not get a replacement sent to Europe so stuck with no money , then my money just vanished 2 months ago and I had to go to the back to reclaim what was mine over 6000 dollars do not get this card theives

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Do not use!

If you want to purchase a card so you can pay for things whilst you are on holidays anywhere in Australia or Overseas I would recommend using a Westpac Global Card since it is more secure and you don't need to worry about being scammed also there is no fees whatsoever.

Competitive Exchange Rate No

Inflexible and high fees

Have USD loaded on the card. About to travel overseas and wanted to withdraw USD to have some cash on hand. Went to George and Market St Sydney foreign currency deal in branch to be told you can’t withdraw USD in Australia. Card can only be used overseas to withdraw cash. Useless.
Have also travelled with it to a few countries now to be slugged fees higher than stated on its website!! Time to look for a better card!!

No confidence in combank

Was charged 11 1/2 months later for an overseas transaction, but my concern is how do you know it hasn’t already been deducted from your money card? ! Filed a dispute with combank but did not hear anything from them. Very poor customer service!

This card is daylight robbery. DO NOT USE.

During the December / January period the card was 'fee-free'. We put in just NZD500 for a one week trip to NZ. That translated to AUD497. We didn't use any of the money, so we closed the card - and got AUD452 back. So in just one week, the Bank ripped AUD45 - that's 10% from our pocket in Bank-generated 'exchange rate difference'. All this time the rate was steady at 0.95. If we'd put in say NZD50,000, we'd have lost AUD10,000 in just one week.
Obviously, outside of this 'fee-free' period, they rip out even more.
It's THEFT, pure and simple.
You need negative stars (lots of them) to rate this insidious product. One star is far too much.

They don't send you a new one when it expires

Be aware when your card expires your funds will go to unclaimed money. Now I have to go into the branch to claim it back without knowing how much I had. Could be 1$ could be 1000$ I can't access my account info now so how is someone to know if they are being ripped off?? Trust of a big bank?

Ridiculously low rate

I added AU$1000 to the card and exchanged to VND but didn't have a chance to use it due to change of plan. Then I transferred the total VND amount back to AU$ and I lost $150. It was completely ripped off. Do not recommend it to anyone. I wished I should have googled about it first before ordering the card.

Don’t forget

Check your expiry date before travelling again and renew otherwise you’ll have to pay for the card again. After travelling for one month through Asia my wife had a Citi bank card which ended up being $50 better off and no cost for the card but Citibank isn’t available for all countries.
When you use travel money card at a restaurant you find yourself signing the receipt all the time instead of pin which becomes a bit annoying. Never had a problem getting cash just remember your slugged with a fee every time you use it at atms so limit withdrawals.

Going to Vietnam

I suggest that you take cash (USD preferably although AUD is acceptable). Used CBA Travel Card at Vietnamese bank ATMs was charged VND50000 per withdrawal PLUS additional fees of the Vietnamese banks. Vietnam is a 'cash' society with even hotels preferring cash (USD or AUD). And yes exchange rate provided by CBA was low and hotels there don't give good rates either. At least I could access the account and load it via NetBank.

Do not use!

Can’t get it to work in commbank atms in Indo. This is terrible, especially because the banks version of Siri is worse than useless and just try asking for help from a real person. Dinosaur bank, unhelpful app, useless travel card. Back to the credit unions it is.

So disappointed

Traveled to Samoa, have just got home and I’m shocked to the terrible exchange rates, Next time I’ll exchange at the airport and take a credit card . Really bad value from commbank- greedy .

Do not get this card! Read below

I repeat do not get this card! For every 1000$ I transferred I was losing 50 euros on there fees. Also commonwealth update their app every week so I’ve had days where I can’t even use my travel card. Also if you look at the st George travel card they don’t charge fees or atm fees it’s way better. I personal will not be using commonwealth for banking anymore with the fact that they need to update their app and card every bloody week.

Surprised at the reviews here

Shopped around and got this card recently for the various benefits. Happy with how it works and what it does! Can't quite understand why people are so angry, it's hit the mark easily for me and what I need out of a card.

Terrible declines and pending transactions

Worst idea. Do not get this card.
I spent two weeks in the UK and multiple times my card declined with funds loaded to the card.

Attempted to take cash out and declined then took my money. Took commbank 7 days to get my money back.

Then declined at the airport and took my money. Still waiting for that money to be returned to me.

Do not get this card. 9 times out of 10 you will need to sign for your purchases and not use the useless pin they asked you to set up. Super inconvenient when trying to make a speedy purchase on a busy holiday.

Useless and expensive.

The exchange rates are terrible when you load the card.
Then found that the card was useless at most petrol stations in the US as they asked for a zip code as secondary authentication at pay-at-pump.
Then you get back home and get charged fee to close card and get lousy exchange rates back to AUD.
Just use your regular credit card. It's cheaper and more flexible.

It’s rubbish

My whole trip I was not able to see my transactions, then my card declined 5 days before my holiday was over and I knew I still had money. 5 members of my family had this card and all 5 had issues. I used another card last year and never had a problem. I should have stuck with that one! Absolute rubbish. My daughter is still away and is crying because nothing adds up!!! This is ruining her holiday.

Travel money card

Well it seems that quite a few of yous have given negative feedbacks . Sorry to hear.So I don't have any at all. But we have to take matter in to your own hands.like check before you go . the money exchange rate can change time to time I have been to Vietnam twice and Thailand three times and never had a problem . As some where a long the line . We have to pay for convenient to transfer money one account to another. the travel card will transfer straight away.
sometimes the service you get will cost you but what can you do.. go somewhere else and you will find something else and then find something hidden in the agenda .my travel card had expired for one year and I don't know as I don't think to look silly me but when I did realize i see the bank and told them and forgot how much I had left .So 4day later I got $1.600 back and new card sent out .So is that honest coming from the bank they could have told me had nothing and I could not prove how much I had left so thank you combank .

Half and half

Half the time I have used this card it works OK. The other so far has been a loss to me. Pireaus Bank in Greece steals money when you make a withdrawal. The receipt states the figure you want. It also has a disclaimer that states you agree that you have been given a choice of currencies in which to with draw. When checking my account I had been ripped off large sums, about 25-30% more than the money I received. What's the story here? CBA customer service give you the reassuring run around but don't give you much hope that your hard earned money will be returned. Very disappointing.

Absolute piece of junk

2 years ago this used to be a fantastic option. Then sometime in the past year someone decided to raise all the fees. The exchange rate they give you on any currency is at least 5% worse than on all their other debit and credit cards. They have also started charging ATM withdrawal fees on their end when they've done nothing. You effectively get charged twice to take out cash which is what the card is designed for. It would be like taking your CBA card to a Westpac ATM to withdraw cash and both Westpac and CBA charge you for the privilege. Then once your funds are on the card they charge you an additional 5% to convert between currencies.

Here's a sample transaction for you. If you convert $100 AUD to US then straight back to AUD on the card you'd receive $85. Then to take that $85 out as cash they would charge you $3.50 leaving you with $81.50. This should give you some idea of how much money you'll be losing. Stick to using your Visa & Mastercard, the fees credit card companies charge are less and the exchange rates are much better.

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How do I cancel my Commonwealth Bank Travel Money card? I ordered it today through net banking, but later realised that other banks are giving much better deal. I spoke to bank just a few hours later but I was advised to cancel it after the card has been delivered in post.
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Is there any way to see how the auto currency transfer worked for a Commbank travel money card? As I've had 2 currency transfers happen back to back but I don't know what they were for.
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Travel Money Card
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