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Concept2 Model D

Concept2 Model D

4.7 from 12 reviews

Great rower and worth every cent

I purchased the rower direct from the Concept2 Australian distributers website. Paying via credit card was an unexpected hassle. They “randomly “ selected me to confirm my details by crediting a couple of cents back on my card and I was to contact them with the exact amount to prove my identity. This slowed the process of shipping and then receiveing the item. However the item when shipped arrived promptly, the set up was easy and the rower is as promised top quality.
I have now had the rower for 6 months and I use it every day. The app is great and the games you can row to can be a break from a timed distance race. Overall I have tried the water rower and the concept2 side by side this is better built and has more resistance settings.
If your looking for a good quality professional rower this one is it.

Complete Workout

I purchased my Concept 2 Model D in January. I have been faithful about using it, and am very pleased with this Rowing Machine. The only thing I would say is that there has to be an easier and faster way to fasten your feet on the machine. For the quality of machine, I was surprised that where your foot attaches, it isn't made of more sturdy material. This part needs to be revamped because it is too hard to loosed and fasten the straps. I also added a foam cushion the back of where your heel rests, and it is a lot more comfortable....

Built to Last

I bought Concept 2 model D early 2012. I done close to 600k and other users close to 250k in total to date. The machine was always stored inside the house except last year when I moved to smaller house I placed it in the garage. Five years on and it still feels like new. The only issue with it was it's hard on your bum whenever I do 10km or more so I bought a $20 seat pad.

If you want to lose weight quickly , I recommend wearing sauna suit then doing 1 hour row or sprint rest sprint program and ofcourse start eating healthy foods. Also buy rowpro software if you like to compete rowing online.


So far so good

I have been using it a few weeks and it seems to give me a complete workout. I will have to play with the damper setting to find out which level is best for me. It is not cheap but I have no choice as I do not like going to the gym and cannot run outside in hot weather.
Updated: I am quite happy with the rower as it gives me quite a good workout for my arms and legs without having to leave home. I set the damper setting to 7 and it seems fine for me.

Best rowing machine

I bought this rowing machine 12 months ago and very happy with it. Rowing machines exercise the whole of the body so it is the best piece of equipment you could invest in.. concept are not the cheapest but they are the best. Have used Concept at my local Gym for years, I am now saving a fortune by having my all in one gym at home. You won't be disappointed.

Great All Round Indoor Rower!!!

I decided to lash out and purchased on the web from Monterey Body Conditioning (MBC) a Concept2 Model D with PM5. I must admit its a great unit, simple to put together and use. I love the USB functionality and being able to take my training and workouts with me (just hope the gymand crossfit box all get the new PM5). Service and advice from MBC really made it a simple decision. I would highly recommend the Model D with the PM5, I cannot comment on earlier model performance monitors as I have not used them much.


I have found this rower to be a great bit of gear. It has never had a problem and gets used numerous times a day. It is low maintenance and performs well. There is not much more I could say about it other than I am happy with it. It does cost a fair amount but we all know that we get what we pay for. Pay the price and get the rewards. However there are cheaper ones on the market I can only recommend this one from my experience.
Reliability. comfort.

One of the best ergometers on the market, provided you're willing to fork out a lot of money for it.

The Concept2 Model D is a quality rower. Everything about it is perfect, from the design, to the ease of access, to the DVD that comes with the whole package.

This ergometer is designed to simulate a rowing boat as much as possible. The handle can be held as if you were rowing sweep oar, or if you were sculling. Slides can also be attatched to the ergometer, though, that obviously comes at an additional cost.

However, this ergometer is not only for elite rowers; it is also for the consumers who want to get fit or lose weight.

Everyone thinks putting gym and fitness equipment away is such a hassle. Well, with the Concept2, the erg can be stored standing up, or, it can be split into two sections.

The Concept2 series ergometers are one of the best on the market, and therefore, comes with a very high price tag of approximately $1500. So I recommend this to any rower, or any person who wishes to get fit or lose weight, provided you have enough money for this product.
Quality ergometer. Easy to assemble, reassemble. Variety of workouts on the in-built computer - you can choose to do a workout already on the computer, or even customise your own workout based on distance, length or time. This whole package also comes with a disc, teaching beginners how to use the ergometer. Recommended for anybody who is interested in the product, from professional rowers to people who simply want to lose weight.
Very, very expensive, other than that, no faults at all with the ergometer.

The best rower I've ever used.

Very well built, solid performance and excellent overall design. I got hooked to using this erg the moment I tried it at the gym. I find the mechanism and noise has an exhilirating effect on me. I have tried other rowers (Infiniti and the water rower) but Concept 2 has got a distinctive feel to it and workouts can be repeated unlike the other versions with passive perf monitors. Highly recommended if one can afford it. I bought brand new as I intend to use until old age. Much better workout than the 30 minute brisk walking which I use to do.
Solid build, reliable, comprehensive performance monitor, quiet sound, good back up support, excellent rowing network
A bit pricey at $1320. Priced at around US$900 overseas - mark up is too much especially w/ AU$ higher than US$. Large footprint - I'm sure they could shorten the trunk a bit.

Ageing Design now only makes this C2 model D the 4th Best on the market

Although the Concept 2 model D is the top selling rowing machine in the world, it no longer is the best. Due to its ageing design and only cosmetic and minor monitor updates in the last 15 years, rival companies Rowperfect and Oartec have in recent years introduced significantly better rowing simulators. The Rowperfect "indoor sculler" will set you back around $3,000 but is considered by many to have the best movement and design of all the rowing simulators available on the market. And the Oartec "Slider" is only a little more expensive than the C2 model D but is much better value for money for what it does.

If you think the C2 model D is expensive think again. I purchased one some 10 years ago when for many years they were selling for around $2,200. They have dropped almost $1,000 since then. You get what you pay for and I can tell you from experience that anything other than a Rowperfect, Oartec or C2 is just plain RUBBISH.

The problem though with the C2 model D is that it is only a single action/static movement rowing machine. For the inexperienced that means that there is a very high risk of injury(particularly the lower back), that's if you don't get too bored by it's movement first. The Rowperfect and Oartec ergs are dual action(closer to the feel of a boat moving under you and much lower risk of injury). Concept 2s very own Dynamic erg should be considered first before even purchasing the model D. Some two years ago I sold my C2 erg and bought the rival brand Rowperfect(100 % made in Australia) and have never looked back since.
Reliable with good customer service
Boring single action movement that places a lot of strain on your lower back


Cannot be beaten for quality, ease of use or features
Excellent aftersales service, spare parts, and top website
However it is fairly expensive
Best rower available, simple as that


This is the best rowing machine on the market by far!

It is and can be used by everyone from elite rowers to average joes and janes and even their kids.

Outstanding product - highly recommended!
Solid build
Low maintenance
Provides detail rich feedback with distance, speed, stroke rate, calories burned etc.
Comes with a DVD with advice on good rowing technique
Easy to assemble, move and adjust resistance settings
Very user friendly computer
Great range of workouts available on the machine's database
Can be connected to a laptop so you can collect your exercise data, race others online and much more
Expensive - you do pay for quality
Not compatible with an Apple computer

Questions & Answers

I have just purchased a second hand Genki gk-rm02 rowing machine, without knowing anything about rowing machines ( it was cheap and close to home). I now find the magnetic resistance is woeful - despite pulling the whole thing apart and getting max adjustment where I could. Question : do the magnets lose strength over time, and if so, are they replaceable?
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Unfortunately you have bought very cheap and basic entry level rowing machine. Out of all the different types of rowing machines available, magnetic resistance machines offer the least on the water boat like resistance. The magnets offer less resistance than the fan/air resistance machines and tend to wear out quicker. The magnets, with some effort, can be replaced from the manufacturer but most people wouldn't bother. 2nd hand Concept 2 rowing machines are very cheap on ebay, have far better resistance and digital monitors, and are bullet proof reliable for many years.Thanks very much for the advice - I wish I had of consulted this site before I purchased. I will certainly keeping my eye out for a concept 2 in the future.Rockin4x4Roland hit the nail on the head, I would not buy anything other than a concept.

Hello there. Which Is Best Rowing machine? Is that “Concept2 Model D” or “Concept2 Model E” little bit I’m confuse to choosing between 2 rower. What is you suggestion between them ? Thanks! Jonathan Steve
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Model D Jonathan, we looked at both, but settled on this one...Best Buy ever.


Model D
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