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WaterRower Oxbridge

WaterRower Oxbridge

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GX WaterRower - great indoor exercise machine

We bought the GX Home Water Rower from GymQuip in Fyshwick (Canberra) in July 2015 at a slightly discounted price. It was delivered and set up by GymQuip – that was an extra charge but best to get a professional to assemble the rower as it has a fair few moving parts and you wouldn’t want to void the warranty.
The water rower is simple to use (even for a non-rower) and if you close your eyes you can imagine gliding elegantly across a lake. It has an on-board computer that records time, distance, and other data which is useful if you are training and wanting to keep track of improvements. So far its operation has been flawless.
Ours is the model with the single middle rail. The model with the twin rail (as used by Kevin Spacey in the US version of House of Cards) is a little more expensive and when we tested the two models in the shop, the mono rail seemed suitable for our needs. Friends of ours bought the twin rail model after seeing ours and they love it.
One thing to be aware of is that rowers are noisy. As a rough comparison: the twin rail model is the least noisy, the mono rail (our model) is moderately noisy, and standard rowers are very noisy. If you are noise-sensitive, you may wish to consider the twin rail version.
The rower really comes into its own in winter when outdoor exercise can be difficult due to lack of day light and freezing cold temps (in Canberra).
It’s easy to stand upright and fits beautifully into a corner. It’s quite handsome in its own right with the beautiful American Oak frame.
If you do get one of these remember to activate the extended warranty within 12 months.

Excellent quality, worth every $

Having never owned a rowing machine before I was a little hesitant but through trying a few options in retail stores I was pleasantly surprised at how much I got out of it. I did notice that there was a difference in the quality and stability. This model is excellent and although expensive it is in as good condition as the day I got it. There is a little bit looking after to do but given its quality finish I would want to keep it in good condition. I love the fact it stacks neatly against the wall.
High quality finish, smooth usage.
Can't honestly think of anything

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