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Concept2 Model D
Latest review: I purchased the rower direct from the Concept2 Australian distributers website. Paying via credit card was an unexpected hassle. They “randomly “ selected me to confirm my details by crediting a cou

Johnson JAR-5100F
Latest review: What a great buy it was. It is much smoother than anything else and is more difficult than the water rowers I've tried. It is more comfortable and best of all, quieter. What a great machine. It is

Oartec DX
Latest review: The Oartec DX is a wonderful addition to any gym. It’s smooth stroke, precise catch and comfortable seat make it the perfect choice for the elite athlete and the beginner alike. The fact that you can

Infiniti R99APM
Latest review: I have had this rower for some time now (5years).and it has never let me down , but about a week ago the CPU stopped counting the strokes ,klm's, calories etc. So I contacted the company to ask for

WaterRower Oxbridge
Latest review: We bought the GX Home Water Rower from GymQuip in Fyshwick (Canberra) in July 2015 at a slightly discounted price. It was delivered and set up by GymQuip – that was an extra charge but best to get a

Latest review: Love the abcoaster noisey when watching tv but it's awesome does everything it says it does the sensor that counts doesn't always pick up every time you go up but doesn't stop me from using it, more

Horizon Fintess Oxford
Latest review: I used to row a lot as a hobby, I was looking for something that I can use at home rather than having to travel to my gym (half an hour away!) I called up [url censored] (highly recommended from a

Water Rower Classic
Latest review: This is a review of the Water Rower "Classic" which is almost identical to the Water Rower "Oxbridge" in every way, except that it is made of black walnut which is a much darker wood compared to the

Infiniti R100APM
Latest review: Love this. Rowed racing shells from 14 to 50 yrs old and this has just the right feel - better than the brands they have in the fancy hotels. Wore out a bearing I used it so much. Great after sales

Johnson W7000
Latest review: Excellent gym quality rower, almost on par with a concept model Good quality, warranty, price Poor training mode though, and you will need to buy a polar heart rate monitor strap as its not

Sportop R700 Plus
Latest review: While I have owned this rower for 6 years, I have always had issues making changes to the programs. Now for some reason it won't count the number of times I row and I can't seem to get any help with

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine
Latest review: This is good quality, basic construction sturdy for upto 250lbs. Don't believe the horror stories about assembly. If you have put together a bike, crib, or other "some assembly required" this is a

Concept2 Dynamic Indoor Rower
Latest review: Dynamic rowing machines are the future of indoor rowing machines. They have a double action movement as opposed to the single action movement that the vast majority of indoor rowers such as the C2

Reebok GR One Series Rower Rowing Machine
Latest review: Only had this a short time but it is impressing me. The rower is powered so its computer is fairly good with a great color screen. The build quality feels solid and the motion is smooth. Assembly

MyRower Water Rower
Latest review: like the previous reviewer i received a pathetic manual - buy hey, i bought a rower, not a personal training manual. if i had any questions i could look them up on the net or contact aussiefitness

Healthstream HS1.0RW
Latest review: Just over 1 years light use and 26 days after warranty elapses want to charge $133 for first half hour labour, on a machine that cost $400. Customer service shocking, please do not waste your money

Infiniti R203
Latest review: This rower is great for me in terms of its compact shape and rowing mechanism. great for toning. When I bought it the salesperson explained the difference between the air resistance and this one - I

Infiniti AR300
Latest review: ok unit, had mine for many years with minimal maintenance. Simple and reliable. The fan side bush has finally worn down and this makes retraction uneven. Time for a new

Pure Design PR6
Latest review: Sold as a mid range rower, my 45 kg wife uses the rower from 2 weeks of owning it the rower had a click in the drum, the ribbon is short compared to other rowers, Repair agent looked at rower and

Healthstream HS1050
Latest review: Facts: After less than one hours use. Two roller bearings for the seat disintegrated. The pull strap bound up and the strap would not retract due to a poorly designed roller system at the flywheel

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