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Infiniti R100APM

Infiniti R100APM

4.2 from 5 reviews

Great machine

Love this. Rowed racing shells from 14 to 50 yrs old and this has just the right feel - better than the brands they have in the fancy hotels. Wore out a bearing I used it so much. Great after sales service from my retailer and supplier.

Very well designed for comfort AND looks

The R100apm is designed with pivoting footrests, which put far les strain on your ankles and makes movement far more comfortable . The seat is far more comfortable than other more expensive ( commercial?) models that I have tried. The nylon band is brilliant, and there's a nice design touch which directs a welcome breeze towards you that is generated by the fan enclosure.
It looks good too, and can be folded up to storage in limited space. We love it.
Only down side is that although the computer can run on batteries, you never will, as the batteries don't last long.
Pivoting ankle fitting
Battery option is a pointless feature

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Is there any special thing to do to get the pulse rate strap to communicate with e rowing machine. I have purchased my rower second hand and am very pleased with it but haven't any instructions on how to use the pulse strap


Been a great unit, had for about 18 months and use it often. Very quiet without a chain, good hear rate monitor and nice screen.
Great for taller people, very quiet, good motion

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I have bought my rower second hand and haven't got any instructions on how to use the heart rate monitor strap would appreciate any help

Very Satisfied! - Product & Service

First of all one thing you need to know is that I am not a representative of any rowing machine manufacturer or have any alliance to any health and fitness company. I am just a humble 56 years young rower who wants to keep progressively fitter without the impact jarring from running on roads etc. Therefore, I started looking for a quality rowing machine that was going to stretch me and last a long time

I did a lot of research on this and other rowing machines, so that I would know when the time came to buy if the salesperson in the shop was not telling the truth.

My experience was that the sales person gave a very balanced and educated comparison of the different products available and was 100% accurate in helping me make the right decision to buy.He was also very patient, not pushy and helped to carry the machine across the road and helped load it into the back of the car. Great service!!

Being an ex national rower myself (UK), I can honestly say that this is far better than the other rowing machines I have experienced in gymnasiums or looked at in the recent past - including some leading brands.

In my humble, but very experienced rowing mind, this is the 'next generation' of rowing machines. So for anyone serious about wanting to feel confident about making the right decision for a 'commercially built' home or professional gym rowing machine, I believe that you will not be disappointed with this product, or Northshore Health & Fitness.

Thank you for 'listening' to my review.


Solid, quiet, great workout, challenging and progressive programmes
Nothing. Excellent value for money!! 5 year warranty of parts and 2 on labour - beat that!


I bought this rower for a lot of money because of the hart rate monitor.
For six months now I have been dealing with Infiniti, Fitness Depot and their technician, Gymbiz. Through this terrible and long campaign of trying to fix the fault in this machine, they haven't got a clue what the problem is and they deny that the machine is faulty even though numerous technicians have seen and admitted that it doesn't work. They have, finally, given up on ridiculous grounds that it's my place of residence, without any evidence. No body has even tried to remedy the problem with me. The store has refused to give me my money back, even though Infiniti admitted some of the machines have had this fault.
My advice is to stay clear of these people and this company.
Terrible machine that has cost not only a lot of money, it has cost me so much time, it has caused heart ache, frustration and trouble.
It is so unfortunate that these people are being so difficult when all I want is to return the machine, now I'm forced to go through consumer affairs.
A terrible machine and terrible service.
as the structure,frame goes and the actual rowing action of the machine, it's fine.
Heart rate monitor has NEVER worked.

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We are a store in western australia Bunbury and we sell Infiniti products not only rowers but other cardio and strength equipment and we do not have any trouble with infiniti service helping us out even though we are the other side of the country. We also have a staff in the store that are very knowledgeable on the repair and how the products work and are very helpful in any problem that there is with the machines. I am thinking that the problem you have had is with Gymbiz not Infiniti themselves.

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