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Connect Now
3.9 from 74 reviews

Best Service & Easily Accessible

Connectnow team helped to get the elec, water connection easily. Have a nice customer care team. Great service. nly thing they coudlnt help is internet.

Alwz Connect with Connectnow :) Thanks a lot

Excellent Service

The staff were very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. Setting up all connections was very quick and efficient as well as all details of contracts were covered. I would highly recommend!

Great service

Resolved the matter on the spot, staff understood what is required and offer a solution and action on time! I’m in a process of reconnecting so far I have a great experience!

Easy and helpful

I had a bad experience dealing directly with an energy company so i was recommended by my agent to contact Connect Now, they were so helpful and did not perform any unnecessary credit checks, then i was signed up.
they send you updates via email and even ask if you need other services. life savers!

Super Easy

One phone call from a lovely staff member and all of my utilities are connected for me. They will also arrange disconnection if required.
It has saved me so much time and I highly recommend Connect Now.

Can't get any easier

Staff were great, friendly and more than helpful. Everything was sorted in a timely manner as stated. It's a great service to use and free! Would recommend this service to anyone moving house.

Perfect service Thanks

Thanks for getting the service’s connected to the rental property great service quick and efficient I will let my friends no to use this service in the future

Connecting from overseas.

It was so easy to get the power connection completed from overseas for my new rental,the staff person was very polite and very patient.

Moving made easy

Connect Now have made my interstate move 2 years ago painless. And now I'm moving to a regional city I've had the same fantastic experience.

No stress for my interstate move

I'm moving a few hours away and having gone through connect now has been excellent. Not having to ring around to disconnect and reconnect is something I wish I'd had in all my moves. Thank you for making things so easy

Great team- Great service!

The team offers a one stop service allowing a seamless/ integrated approach to moving. They are transparent with process and ensure things work with efficiency and effectiveness. They know product and service well, obtaining very good and best deals.

Hassle free and efficient Service

Connectnow made the relocation experience so easy and stress free for me. They listened to my needs and responded accordingly. I felt ready for the move and look forward to settling in. Thanks Connectnow.


I was pleasantly surprised when I received the phone call from connect now.
Moving can be a stressful process, with the services your organisation provides I was allowed a simpler transition from my old address to the new house.


Phone manner was friendly. All providers made contact quickly.
Regional issue - metro providers aren't approp to recommend as they aren't competitive or available.

Very convenient way to get set up in your new home

Helpful service that our real estate agent recommended. In one phone call I had all utilities set up. Very quick and easy process.

Too easy!

Connectnow organised for my power to be disconnected and connected when moving - the process was very easy and efficient. I had already organised for my internet and foxtel to be transferred but Connectnow could have done that as well. Thank you Connectnow.

Best service for everyone, Go for it!

Soon after rental contract was signed, CONNECT NOW came in handy with the support one needs at that moment. Would recommend this service to anyone who is about to move houses. Thier staff explain the services so well that you know exactly what's happening. THANKS

Connect everything within a blink of an eye

I submitted my forms online and got contacted almost immediately to get me through all the steps. The online platform is also easy to use.

These guys are awesome

The service i was provided with from connect now was awesome, just so smooth and effortless and pain free experience which makes a difference when setting these things up

Taking care of business

This is a convenient and efficient way to get new services transferred or connected when moving house. It saves such a lot of time and stress for the one stop process of Connect Now, instead of the mind numbing time one wastes sitting on the the end of a phone queue for each and every provider.

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