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Yes Perfect Just What I Needed

All I want is a business who is able to call me in the one call and sort out all my connection issues, Gas, Electric, and was pleasantly surprised to see it all working with out me to follow up with connection issues.

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John, glad to hear all went smoothly with your move! Thanks for the feedback

Great Service!

When I moved in my new place, I used this service in order to take care of my bills. It worked, very friendly staff to deal with and I was happy with that. Really Recommend.


Great service!

I just moved to Tasmania, and they made moving into my new home a breeze. They organised everything, even a quote for contents insurance. Even followed up to make sure everything was ok.


Definitely recommend

Very prompt and professional service. Took the hassle out of phoning the utility companies myself. Staff member was very polite,thorough and covered all grounds. My gas, water and electricity were all on as promised. Definitely recommend this company.

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Antoniette, hope you've now settled in and enjoying your new home.

Good customer service

Prompt attention was given to us and also the cost, process to connect and disconnect power was explained to us. An email for further communication and confirmation of above was forwarded to aide record keeping.

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Good luck with your move Francine, and thanks for the great recommendation!

Great service

Found this service absolutely fantastic 1 phone call and all was done. Staff was amazing nothing seamed to be a problem. Would recommend going through them to anyone. Service is well organised

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That's awesome to hear, thanks Kaylene!

Stress free connections

Details were correct with feedback from supplies everything as it should be we will rest easy knowing that everything will be ready for us and secure in knowing that services will be disconnected from previous residence highly recommend

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Good luck with your move, and thanks for the feedback!

Great initiative.

Ease of use when moving house. The process became less stressful knowing I had Connectnow to setup my services! Connectnow were prompt with their responses, and showed me every step of the way via email.

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Wonderful to hear - thanks Dan!

Wonderful service

The representative on the phone was extremely calm and polite to my questions while taking me through the process step by step. Manage to sort everything out in the first call.

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Hi Sean, that's excellent to hear. Thanks for the feedback!

Wonderful Service and Recommendations

The staff know exactly the services they provide. Very helpful and easy going. This service should be all around the world as it saves so much time for those who just came

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Thanks Norah!

Stress free moving

These guys took away a huge stress,by getting the utilities connected to our new residence. Asked about internet connection and what needed to be disconnected at the other place. Everything was in place when we moved in.
Friendly and efficient staff. Thanks team.

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Glad we could help make your move that much easier. Thanks for the great review!

Exactly as they said.

These guys helped me get my apartment connected to utilities. The representative on the phone was extremely calm and polite to my questions while taking me through the process step by step. I did have a lot of questions as I am new to Australia. The process went almost exactly as what I had been made aware of. I definitely recommend them.

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Thanks for the recommendation, and welcome to Australia!

Quick and perfect

Connectnow has a Will trained qualified team providing fast service and quick response with various options onboard.

Alos they keep updating the customer by sms or emails for each service request either through them or through the survice supplier.

Thank you

Slick Service But Insanely Costly Bills

I chose Connect Now for convenience but it came at a price. My first bill just came in for gas. I only run a gas stove top and don't use it often. So I was surprised when my bill came in for 59 days. Turns out $60 of that was service fees, with a daily rate of 92c. That's $350 a year for doing nothing but sending me a bill and leaving the gas tap to my apartment in the on position. Electricity rate is the same. I'll connecting to a new supplier so in the end saved no time and got ripped off. Watch out guys and check the daily service charges

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Hi Mike, thank you for taking the time to share this feedback with us. The rates can vary depending on the gas distributor in your area, and which retailer you signed up with. If you'd like, we can get one of our specialist team members to investigate, to make sure you're not overcharged. We'd be happy to help - can you send us a direct message with your contact details and we can investigate with your energy retailer directly on your behalf, to save you time?

Great experience

First time user, as I was frustrated with disconnecting and connecting services from a previous move I took the plunge and tried connect now. My experience was rewarding the staff member was very polite and helpful explaining all details. Connection took place within a few days and he was in contact with me throughout the process. Recommend them as they eliminate all the hassle and frustration waiting on phone for hours just to be transferred. Congratulations connect now fora wonderful service and thank you.

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Helen, thanks for sharing your experience with our team. Hope you've now settled into your new home.

Exceptional customer service

Easy, quick and informative process. Congrats to the agent I spoke with who provided everything I required in a short space of time. Usually I dread these type of calls, but this was easy. Well done all.

Excellent service!

The service was simple and cost effective. They took care of everything. Made the move a lot easier knowing that utilities and internet were taken care of. Would recommend to anyone.

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Great to hear, thanks Tyler!

Quick and Easy Service

Staff/Vendors are highly-skilled and quite knowledgeable. I found them very flexible to suit your availability and while maintaining the quality of their working standard..

Great network of Connectnow. Would highly recommend to use Connectnow services.

Awesome service!

I was weary to use this service but I highly recommend it. Staff were friendly and helpful and knew what they were doing. No problems at all. Completely satisfied customer.

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Hi Sonya, thanks for the wonderful feedback!

This is so good. Trust me

Well, for the first time, I'm going to move to my house and I had to turn on water, electricity and gas. In fact everything took no more than 20 minutes and everything was already scheduled and regularized excellent telephone service, all explained very clearly. when he turned off the phone a sense of peace and comfort knowing that everything was settled.

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Hi Guilherme, we love hearing that you had a great experience with our team. Good luck with your move!

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