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Cuisinart ICE-30

Cuisinart ICE-30

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My children bought me this last Christmas, I used it once and 9 months later have got it out to use again and it doesn’t work at all. Very disappointing

Purchased in December 2018.

Awesome ice cream maker

Super easy to make delicious ice creams and sorbets! Recipe book has delicious recipes in it. Homemade ice cream is well worth making, it's cheaper, tastier and you know what ingredients are in it. Easy to make a vanilla ice cream and add any number of different flavourings to suit different desserts. Easy to clean, wash, use.

Date PurchasedJan 2014

Not as good as I was hoping!

There's a definite gap between the plastic blade/churner & the side of the bowl, big enough for your initial ingredients to snap freeze pretty much to the side & create a hard edge around the whole inside bowl.

The plastic blade just isn't close enough to the side, or even bottom of the bowl the scrape away at the mixture as it builds up. You are left with close to half your mixture frozen solid to the bowl.

The only way to fix this is to manually stand there with a hard plastic spatula & help scrap away at the build up. Even then you can't keep up with it all & still have quite a bit frozen solid to the bowl by the end. : (

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Terrible, waste of kitchen space

I don't know what I am doing wrong but my ice cream just sticks to the side despite following the instructions precisely, I have tried many times but it just sticks to the side and I can't get it off, I have to scrape it off the side or just forget about half of the batch and let it melt away in the sink, I make better ice cream using my Vitamix!

Does the job but so do all the others

Got this machine mainly because it holds 2L, freezer bowl is nice and sturdy and freezes well. The let downs are the flimsy plastic mixing paddle and the noise of the machine. It is so loud when spinning and this is due to the bowl spinning around rather than the paddle. I think for the price it is a big let down, any cheap machine will do the job just as well don't waste your money.


I purchased my ice cream maker from Kitchenware Direct about 18 months ago and I love it. It's quick (about 30 minutes) and dead simple to use. Although a little noisy, it's no worse than a blender (except it needs to run longer.... dah)
For anyone out there who likes minimum effort and small cost with great results combine: 2 cups store bought custard + 1 cup cream + 1 cup condensed milk. Churn for about 30 minutes.
This is a great base for you to add anything you like at the end..... my fave is 1/4 cup coffee granules a few minutes before the end.

Very Cool!

I love my lime green icecream maker.
It is great for summer and perfect for my family as we are all lactose intolerant.
This little machine allows us still to have a summer delight by using coconut milk instead of regular milk. Even my 7 month old loves his caramel ice cream.
The only down fall with this machine is the noise!!! It isn't quite and we have taken to hiding it in the laundry so we can still have a conversation in the kitchen :S

Worth it

I've been thinking about buying a ice cream /gelati maker for some time and did quite a bit of research between this model and those double the price that didn't require freezing the canister overnight. Very happy with my purchase freezing the canister has not been a problem at all.

Love my homemade icecream

This little machine never lets you down. I have made countless ice creams, all different and all delicious with this and it is always so simple, you simply mix the ingredients, pour into the attachment and walk away until it's ready. It is quite noisy for such a little machine, but i find the end result negates the noise entirely and most of the time i leave the kitchen while it churns away. I keep the attachment in the freezer all the time so that i am always ready to make some ice cream if the mood strikes, as it does take a fair few hours to cool down to the correct temperature to use it at, if you store it outside of the freezer.This was a Christmas gift last year and was not a disappointment, i would absolutely recommend this product to anyone i know, in fact i already have.

Love the convenience!!

Love my Cuisinart ice cream maker - within half an hour we have delicious ice cream of whatever flavour we desire. Knowing exactly what goes in it is a huge plus for me. Frozen yogurt and gelato are just as simple and easy to make - my grandchildren love it. Reviews said it was noisy but I pop it in the laundry shut the door and it's not a problem. When it's done I pop it in the freezer for 15 minutes and using a hard plastic scraper find it easy to scrape out and enjoy!!

Ready for summer!

If you have kids or if you are just loving Icecream then this machine is for you!!!!
Money saver, cost effective and you are in control of what the ingredients are. So simple so easy to make Icecream, sorbet and gelato!!!!!!!!!Imagine adding fresh Summer fruits to the Icecream maker, gourmet and you are the chef!!!! Bon Appetite!!!!

Not as noisy as everyone claims!

I bought this with some hesitation after reading reviews saying that it's incredibly noisy. It was on sale for $99.95 down from $169 so I figured, why not!

I was pleasantly surprised when I turned it on and it was nowhere near as noisy as I expected from reading the reviews. I read one person say that they downloaded a decibel app and it registered at 120+ decibels! I thought I'd do the same and see what I got. Below is a screenshot:


As you can see, it was nowhere near 120 decibels. The most I managed to get was 95 (the sound of a car running) and that was holding my phone right on the machine near the motor. Mostly it averaged between low to high eighties and that was standing next to the machine. I didn't think to try from, say, the next room over or further away! I have a Thermomix and its a similar noise level to that when it's cooking a sauce and far less noisy than when it's crushing ice!

Moving on. The machine makes lovely ice cream! I was stumped by the fact the arm inside doesn't turn and I tried to get that to turn like an idiot before realising it's held in place by the lid and the bowl spins around it!

The only down side would be that some of the ice cream stuck to the sides and I gave up after five minutes of trying to chip it off with a spatula (because you can't use steel tools) before giving up and flushing it down the drain.

All in all, though, I'm happy with the outcome and the bowl has gone straight back in the bottom of the freezer so I can make some more tomorrow! I'm thinking because I didn't let it defrost entirely that I might be able to do it sooner than 22 hours!


Easy to use.
Makes great ice cream quickly.
No noisier than a blender.


Ice cream sticks to the sides.
You have to freeze the bowl for 24 hours before using. Normal for this style of machine but frustrating when you just want to make a metric tonne of ice cream!

Great Machine, worth every decibel!

I was lucky to get the Ice-30 on sale for $129. I went with it over the Ice-21 because the only complaints for the Ice-30 were noise while some reviewers on the Ice-21 page said the motor can be weak. The way I see it I'd rather a tough, albeit slightly louder machine, over a weak motor that will break down sooner. Not to mention there is 500mls more in the 30!

If you're thinking of buying it because you want to go healthy but don't want to miss out on ice cream there is an amazing recipe for a coconut ice cream base with a blueberry jam mix-in in Pete Evan's Family Food cookbook. It was the first thing I made and it turned out amazing!

makes creamy delicious ice-cream !

This machine works much better than anticipated - although a "tad" noisy , the ice-cream it produces is worth it ! Also great for making slushies ! Easy to assemble & operate - very little clean up !

Great ice cream is worth the noise

My old Krups ice-cream maker died and I was trying to decide between trading up to an Icecream maker with a built in compressor or buy a replacement stick the bowl in the freezer variety. After researching online, I decided to go with the advice of icecreamscience.com and buy the Cuisinart ICE-30. My decision turned on space - the heavier compressor machine would need to live permanently on the countertop whereas the ICE-30 could be put away into a cupboard. I bought the lavender model for a hit of colour.
The housing is plastic and the engine in the base turns the bowl in contrast to my old ice cream maker where the bowl is stationery and the paddle turns. It is noisy, but not any noisier than the old Krups, However, it is much easier to clean.
In the first week we made our old peach mango gelato and also cookies & cream using the simple vanilla Icecream in the supplied recipe book with crushed chocolate Oreos.
Icecreamscience.com was correct, the texture of the gelato and Icecream was beautifully silky and much, much better than what our old machine could do. And it was quicker too. With pre-chilled ingredients it took only 25 minutes to churn a batch of cookies and cream to soft serve consistency. A couple of hours in the freezer hardened this to premium ice cream consistency.
Verdict? Worth the noise. I'd give it a 5 star if it was quieter.


Noisiest machine ever. Cuisinart should supply a set of ear muffs with every machine. Noisiest appliance that I have ever owned. Louder than most outdoor garden appliances. Louder than your average car, louder than a motor bike. Thought the machine was faulty due to the noise, but Cusinart and David Jones assure me the machine is normal. The ice cream and sorbet is ok - but you seriously wouldn't bother.

Noise, noise, noise!!!

Extremely Noisy Machine

Makes great ice cream but the noise is unbelievable! I downloaded a decibel meter app - 125 decibels at 1 m. distance. I rang cuisinart to check if the noise was normal- ran the machine so the operator could hear the racket- assured machine noise was normal. A Harley Davison idling in your kitchen would be quieter. Seriously the noise is totally unbearable, it is without doubt the noisiest machine we own- noisier than the car, noisier than the lawn mower, noisier than garden blower.
Makes good ice cream
Noise noise noise- loudest appliance ever

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I wouldn't say my what that noisy but def noisier than I expected - like I can hear it working at the other end of a large house. BUT not impressed with the final product - all the ice stayed on the edge of the freezer bowl, no doubt the mixer/blade is supposed to shave the frozen sides off as it turns but mine had about 1cm of frozen solid left after pouring out runny icecream - not happy with it.

Very, very noisy

Whilst this machine does produce a quality product, the 30 minutes it takes requires that, unless you buy some industrial strength ear-plugs, the machine be in a totally different part of the house (and we had to move ours 2 rooms away to carry on a conversation) . I "traded up" from an ancient Phillips machine made 30 years ago, and that was silent in comparison. Surely, in this day and age Cuisinart could have done much, much better on the silencing aspect.
Quality outcome.

Works a treat - just be patient and follow the instructions

A new purchase for our household this summer. Very keen to getting it going once it arrived, but should have followed the instructions closer. 12 hours in the freezer is not the same as the 24 it recommends. To date we've had 2 batches of ice cream and both have been fantastic. It's not a money saver by any means (ingredients cost well more to make ice cream than to buy a punnet), but good to know what's going in. Looking forward to making the next batch now!!
Easy to set up & clean
It's quite noisy

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We have had this machine for nearly 12 months. It does make ice-cream a bit more expensive then the stuff you buy,unless you buy the gourmet types of ice-cream. Have to agree with deb, it is quite noisy, but when you are eating the product you forget about the noise. Worth the price for the creamy ice-cream it produces.


Good machine, sometimes when using thicker recipes the ice cream will stick to the bowl and will be chucky when u take it off which also can be difficult, but in all myself and the family love coming up with all different types of ice-creams, would recommend to anyone over the cheaper brands
easy to use, nice looking
The bowl takes up a alot of space in the frezzer and a bit noisey

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What is the weight of the ice-30bc?
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My churner hasn’t fully frozen after 2 weeks is this normal?
1 answer
Hi Andrew, it should freeze overnight... I'd be contacting the manufacturer

Do we need to buy an extra transformer for this ice cream machine to convert the 220v to 110v to suit the Australian power supply? Does this ice cream machine run on 220v or 110v? I've got the exact ice cream machine as a gift from the US but the power supply and power plugs are such a hassle.
1 answer
Hi Christyn - I googled the following hope it helps. www.tortech.com.au/step-down-transformer-australia/usa-step-down-transformer A Step down Transformer is the ideal solution if you have an appliance designed to run on America's 110/120 volt system but is needed to run here on Australia's 240 volt power. This transformer converts 240 volts down to 110/120 volts to allow your USA appliance to run in Australia.


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