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Yonanas Maker

Yonanas Maker

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Firstly I have been rading the reviews and honestly cant fathom how these people can find something so easy ,so hard .

I bought mine 2 weeks ago on sale ,brand new for $17 I have always wanted one but out of my price range.
So it was delivered,and I had mango,pineappple already frozen in the freezer.
I unboxed it read the i structions and it was so simple. Doesnt take much effort to defrost fruit for ten minutes,
I tried it the next day and it took 2 bananas and a handful of raspberries to make soft serve we enjoyed it. It made 2 small dessert bowls half full.
Just shove the fruit down the shute and its done in seconds. Whats to complain about being hard?
4 pieces to pull apart and rinse under the tap in under a minute.
A rubber ring inside a cap that scews onto another cone of very small,blades.
I find it great,if you fruits too icy then maybe it wasnt thawed enough.
I find it great and have used it three times in two days lol
Banana flavour is awesome and it help with fruit intake for littlies as you know exactly whats in it . Just fruit. Im glad I finally got the chance to own one

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Nice item

Nice one, blend your frozen fruit into a ice cream alternative. I love it for summer. One issue is you always have to use banana as base or the dessert will not be creamy as it should be, I tried use banana with mango and just mango. The outcome is not good on just mango

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Love it

So easy to use and clean. I had.my doubts about it tasting like ice cream, but yum I now can have healthy desert every night without the guilt. It is much cheaper than the Tutty Fruity machine advertised on TV. My favourite mix of fruits is mango pineapple and bananas.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great for any kind of banana flavoured ice cream

Simple and easy to use. Easy to clean. Can mix any fruits as long as there is banana in the mix. All fruits must be frozen and the mix, I have found needs to have a larger portion of bananas for the ice cream to be creamy. This ice cream maker wouldn’t suit anyone who does not like banana ice cream, which I found out were my kids! I have tried using the machine without the banana, but it didn’t quite work as the ice in the fruits melted too fast, as I was trying to get the frozen fruits through the machine to make a decent bowl full for each kids dessert. They ended up with half melted fruit mush and some sorbet style ice-cream. I must admit, we do not use this machine much, however, if my kids loved bananas I would definitely use this much more often for quick easy healthy dessert alternatives and the machine is really very easy to clean.

Date PurchasedDec 2016

First time I have used this and loved it

I actually thought it was going to be a dud by the time I got round to using it. I then found it was so easy to clean and use and I made the most delicious desert. I know it is advertised as just fruit but I froze one third yogurt with cherimoya in ice cube containers. I alternated frozen banana pieces with a block of cherimoya/yogurt. This was just scrumptious. I will do it again even without the banana. I will leave the machine out in my kitchen so it is easy to use.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

VERY disappointed - nothing like ads, and company ignores emails

Reading these reviews, I really had to wonder if I had bought the same machine. I am utterly stunned at the totally different result. Every fruit I have used - all it does is come out as minced and crushed icy fruit. NOTHING like the creamy ice-cream like consistency they show. Am I missing something? Do I have to add ice cream, or milk? But instructions don't show that. All I get is crushed up icy fruit! Tried different fruits, no difference. Just a crushed up mess. Sent email to company - no courtesy of a reply.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Best invention ever!

AMAZING! Best idea ever to get kids and adults to eat fruit. Easy to use, easy to clean - 5 parts in total. Tastes so creamy and smooth. Great dessert option and way to increase your fruit intake while thinking you're eating sorbet! No additives needed, just frozen fruit! A worth while purchase or gift.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Nice Dessert - Caution is Needed!

This appliance makes a nice dessert, if you are very patient. There are several things they so skillfully hide from you in those impressive infomercials. Yes, in my experience, it is an Overrated Device with dishonest Sales Tactics. Firstly, they show you the delicious strawberry soft-serve, if you can afford lots of strawberries for each serve, you may settle for banana soft-serves to economize. You need to decide in advance, how much you can outlay on fruits of your choice before you buy, to be fair. Secondly, those parts they show you how easily they slot together - the truth is, you actually have to collect about a 1/3rd of your ingredients the other side of the scoop you see, to avoid wasting them. Thirdly, this device is Not quick, easy and simple to clean like the infomercials would have you to believe – it actually gets quite messy and requires dissembling and reassembling each time you use it. Fourthly, the frozen fruit must not be too hard - because it will refuse to work - or left standing too many minutes - because it will go to absolute mush in the device instead of the serving bowl. If you have patience and acquire the nac of using the Yonanas, you can make some nice desserts. Be aware, they can break quite easy if you do the wrong thing - I chose to skip further hassels with it and find that my Ninja Pro 900watt makes very nice slushies for me with little effort. The Yonanas could work well for you - I just think you have the right to be adequately informed before you buy one of these.

August 7th 2017 Update: Please Be Cautious - You Should Read

Sorry to let you know that this machine AND any like it (other brands) leave bits of plastic in your food. Soft-Serves are fun, if you can be patient with the device and cleaning but after that, there is a risk to your health if you make these Soft-Serves often. I discovered this from thorough research. Take Care!

Date PurchasedMay 2015

Healthy Option

Totally health as you can use fruit in season. No more wasting over ripe bananas. Bananas are not required for every recipe. Peal and cut your fresh fruit and place in the freezer over night. Take out of the freezer for 15 minutes before use and pop into your Yonanas maker. So easy. Wash up is easy when finished. YUM

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Sweet buy

I bought this in a thrift store because it looked interesting. I tried it first with banana & hated the taste. Too sweet & cloying for me so was disappointed & was going to write it off. Thought I would give it another shot & I bought a bag of Compliments Mixed frozen fruit,. Has every kind of fruit imaginable. Did not use any banana. Bingo. What a treat. That one bag made a good sized bowl enough for about 3 people & it tastes fantastic. Definitely a keeper. Best of all, it was brand new & I only paid $6.99 for it.

Puts shredded plastic into the "ice cream"

Loved this machine at first as it produced a nice creamy ice cream like product just like it says on the box. After only a few uses I found that it was grinding one of the seals on the machine into the ice cream so you ended up eating bits of plastic. Took it back and swapped/upgraded to elite version, but this had exactly the same problem. If you google you will find loads of people complaining that it grinds plastic so it is a very common problem. I have friends who have a yonannas and their machines have same problem but they didn't notice the ground up bits of plastic seal until I pointed it out to them.

Much better when it is on special

It has outplayed many of its competitors in supermarket. A naturally way to have ice cream/yoghurt/sorbet at home without wasting fruit and getting more weight. All in all, it comes with great value and bonus pack, can not believe it was priced over 100 bulks. Recipe book is dated 2014 but still plenty of choice.

Great ice cream alternative

When my hubby first saw this on the Today Show he had to have one - so after hours of convincing we purchased one and are certainly not disappointed. It is so easy to turn fruit (and in the tropics we have lots of it) into the creamiest desserts. Our favourite is a mix of mango and banana - add a few strawberries and you've got tropics in a bowl. The grand daughter loves it and when we have dinner guests it is usually what we serve for dessert and everyone asks what sort of ice cream it is - when we tell them they are stunned. We do love our Yonanas.

Would've given 5 stars if it didn't shred plastic and put it in the 'ice-cream '

I love the product made from this machine! It tastes great, has a fantastic soft serve like texture and is healthy. After the 3rd time of using the machine we started to notice shavings of plastic in our dessert. We took the machine back and got another one and I'll be taking this machine back tomorrow to get a refund.

great for summer

I have only just got my dessert maker and i found if you put bananas in to early u may have shredded ice so wait the 15 min and u get beautiful creamy banana soft serve .. its not a terrible machine u just have to read intructions have patience and experiment even .. enjoy

yonanas elite

Got this lil beauty from gumtree never used...makes perfect desserts that taste like ice cream..i my self hate banana but some recipes u cannot taste banana at all ..eg .used with cacao..peanut butter..protein powder....anything can be used just get out ur frozen bananas.roll in powder sugar what ever u feel like..add pieces at a time then ur extras eg nutella. Nuts.m&ms...then banana... enjoy and experiment.. only thing i found wrong with this machine is it tightens it self while working..found it hard to undo when ready to clean....otherwise healthly great desserts

Exceeded Expectations

I am cautious when new products come out as the claims usually fail to deliver. We bought it on sale as I didn't want to spend too much on a product I had never seen used, just recommended.
The Yonanas dessert maker was better than I hoped. The end result is tasty and healthy. It is easy to use and clean. I have only tried bananas so far but will be trying other concoctions in due course.


This was a terrible product. It's supposed to be very easy to use, put frozen fruit in and out comes soft creamy yogurt! No. Instead everything just domes out whipping and shredded. A very difficult to use appliance.

Great sorbets

This machine is great for making sorbets! If you aren't a fan of bananas in everything then try the 'no bananas recipes' on the Yonana's website. My favourite atm.... watermelon, rockmelon & a few coconut milk ice cubes. Sweet and very refreshing.

The best nicecream I've ever tasted - and healthy to boot!

The last nicecream we made was better than what we had tasted from a great gelato bar - peanut butter swirl in frozen, overripe bananas. So good that we fought over who would lick the Yonanas clean (being careful of the blades, of course!)
We cannot rate this machine highly enough. Your imagination is the only limit to the possibilities of nicecream you can put together. Last one we made was frozen cherries (from a jar, but squishing them first to ensure no stones remained, even though they were pitted already), frozen overrripe bananas, dessicated coconut & dark chocolate thins (also put in freezer first). Just like a cherry ripe ice cream!
Whether you taste the bananas really depends on the type of bananas you use and the ingredients you add to them; peanut butter just tasted like real ice cream. One batch of our other creations tasted too much like the long, thin bananas we'd used, but since we like bananas, it didn't matter.
The machine has been serving us well for more than 2 years and has coped with frozen mangos, chocolate, berries, cookies, hazelnuts, just about anything we throw at it (but not ice).
It does not seem to make a lot of noise for us when grinding the ingredients, so we don't have issues with loud working. It sometimes goes a bit slower when faced with harder ingredients, but we don't push the plunger down as hard or fast then, to let it cope.
It isn't hard to clean if you rinse it immediately and use a brush for the blades and spout area. No fatty or oily ingredients are used, so nothing sticks to it much, making it so easy to clean. You do need to wipe the excess out first (and there is a bit left over in the Yonanas after finishing, but someone's tounge and fingers are always at the ready in our home!
A bit of work for so much gain!

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Questions & Answers

Can you refreeze what was already frozen or do you have to eat it as soon as you have made it into a smoothy? I want to make a big batch and eat later save making new batch each time
1 answer
I’ve made small batches and put in a container ,I’d eat it within a few days,not long term as I tried banana and berry long term and it went discoloured ,like a brown,maybe air got in container,but we don’t have ice cream left in the freezer long lol I just freeze lots of fruits and do it as we need it

Is there a trick to taking the unit apart for cleaning. I can't get the 'chute' to turn to unlock it and I am afraid if I force it the plastic will crack or break. It has been awhile since it was last used. Any ideas or suggestions?
5 answers
I've never had a problem turning it to take it apart unless maybe it has been wet when put away and has perished. I'd just force it and see, but yes it may break.I agree it can be a bit hard at times. I just turn it sideways,lean it against me and hold the bottom part still and turn the shute part. It gets easier with wear. If its stuck spay a bit of cooking oil between the parts,that worked for me.Thanks for your response. I actually sprayed it with some PAM cooking spray and it loosened it up.

I just used my Yonana Elite Red for the first time, and the motor didn't work at all. However, I didn't buy the machine in Australia (my auntie is in the US and she bought it for me last year). Didn't have time to use it until now... but it didn't work at all. I wonder where I can get it fixed here. Such a waste if it cannot be repaired. Also I would love to know how much is the cost for reparation? I am in Sydney. Thank you very much!
1 answer
The us model might be 110Volts and not with 220V in Australia?


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