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Cardiotech CV9

Cardiotech CV9

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be aware of the after-sales warranty 'support'!!!

The machine?
In one word - amazing. It's inconceivable that standing, squatting and holding poses on a machine can exercise your body. But exercise is what it does. It won't do much for your cardio, but if you want to be toned all over, and don't want the hassle, expense and inconvenience of constant trips to the gym, then this machine will satisfy your body sculpting needs (unless you plan on going for Mr or Miss Universe).

It's simple. Turn it on, choose a speed and time, then strike any pose you want, to target the tensed muscles. For example, if you strike a push-up position for say, a minute, it will work all associated muscles - WITHOUT YOU ACTUALLY HAVING TO DO A REAL PUSH-UP! If you pose in the sit-up position, it will work your gut muscles. It's incredible.

The Results?
Within about ten days, I began seeing definition in my muscle tone. My daughter used it for one week and complained it wasn't working. I told her to turn it up to max power. A week went by and she excitedly exclaimed 'Dad look.' She flexed her arms and her triceps were showing. So too were the muscles on top of her legs.

Believe it or not, my heart rate gets up to around 130bpm just by doing the poses for 10-15 minutes. You don't actually need to 'do exercises' - just stay in various poses for a minute each.

Build Quality?
Really sturdy. This is built like a tank.

What about noise?
Not too bad. Quite quiet actually.

Here's the thing. The machine is great. But...my machine's mat was never placed with 100% precision upon installation. I'd say about 4% of it was 'not quite right'. Over a year that 4% has grown to about 10%. Doesn't seem like much, but it's enough to make a rattling noise as rubber hits metal. So I arranged for a fix through the 5 year warranty. Great. Until the repairer rang and said it would cost me $125 for a call out fee. For goodness sake, the job is literally one minute, maybe two (I've tried reseating it, but it's harder than you might think cos it's so heavy and sticky). Poor form Cardiotech - seriously?


9/10 for the machine.
2/10 for the company that seems to have a ridiculous policy of charging exorbitant fees to come fix their initial mistake. Seriously, if they truly pride themselves on after sales service, ditch the fee - makes them seem shifty.

POST NOTES: Someone from Cardiotech may read this now and say something like 'Thank you for the wonderful review of our CV9. We are sorry to hear of your unfortunate experience with our service department. Please call us toll free as we would love to help you rectify the situation.'
Newsflash - I did speak to them. They wanted $125. I won't change this review.

Happy 2017 and all the best with your exercise goals.

Back Dancing

I recently bought the CV9 Vibration Machine. My Wife and I are both feeling the benefits already.
Comfortable and easy to use with the touch controls. We are enjoying the massage function especially.
Not so young but young at heart, we like to stay fit and healthy.
And thanks to the CV9 our balance and strength have improved so much we are even back dancing. Great piece of equipment.

Questions & Answers

How many calories do you lose with a ten minute session?
1 answer
Your question is actually huge Marie. I can't answer it simply but I'll try .. all movement burns energy/calories. Using the CV9 can range from gentle therapy movement through to hard exercise positions and with different settings/speeds/force, so the calorie burn varies.. Much more important though is that is you increase your fitness and muscle strength a little even, you also increase your metabolic rate..then you burn calories at a higher rate all day and all night, even sleeping.. contrast this to running on a treadmill where you only really burn calories while you are using the treadmill, then 5 minutes later it's all stopped.. But is this the right machine for you or the right way to meet your exercise needs and goals? you haven't given enough information for anyone to answer.. if its all about calories I am going to presume you want fat-loss and overall fitness, and yes the CV 9 could be a great place to start.. Moderate your eating also of course......... I hate the How many calories question (sorry not personal). It's not the right question to start with. it all depends on your needs and goals.. Please contact a Cardiotech agent (I am not one) and if you don't get the answers you need, ask them for the email of the CEO or see if you can locate my email and I will guide you. Cheers


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