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Davidoff Cool Water Man

Davidoff Cool Water Man

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4.7 from 18 reviews

It’s really good .

It’s really good . Especially for the summers.
Stay cool with cool water. Will definitely stick to it .for sure

Subtle but Tons of Compliments

Started using this about 18 months ago, body wash, body spray and cologne, it is perfect. Not too strong but a fresh scent I will not stop using it and I get more compliments on this than others I;ve used in the past.

Buy the cheap version, which is based on this stench.

CAN YOU SMELL THE STENCH? I've smelt alot worse, but this is a poor effort from Davidoff, especially considering that the similar to from The Pound Shop smells awesome, so don't buy this rubbish!

An absolute winner!

My secret weapon. Most woman simply loved this fragrance. Its a must have for me. I used to buy a 6.7 floz. a year. Girls ask me what the hell its that sensational and fresh smell I am using.

Very refreshing & energetic fragrance

Bought this after knowing about from friends... very refreshing & yes, people love the fragrance... love to see people asking what perfume it is and would like to buy them....


A calm aquatic note is livened by mint and green nuances, spiced with coriander. The unmistakably floral neroli essence and geranium based middle note makes it typically contemporary and masculine. The cedar and oakmoss end note is lightened up with musk.
Nice and good fragance
nothing dislike about this

First bottle but not my last

Just perfect, getting compliments about my smell lol.But seriously a great fragrance that i wouldn't recommend simply because I wanna keep it to myself lol.
smells the best, enough said.

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Love it, burn it in a diffuser that makes our beach house smell beautiful. Like you invited the ocean in.


This fragrance is very refreshing and the scent is not too strong. All scents are just made for the right proportions. Not too sweet and not too light. The aroma is very refreshing and would suit men of any age group. I have given this to my brother, partner and dad. All of them loved it. Price is also very value for money. I would recommend for anyone.
A classic. This is one of my favourite perfume. I have been given Davidoff Cool Water for Man for my family and friends since 2000 and everybody loves it.
The scent doesn't last very long.


This fragrance is different to most other aftershaves for men. It's so much more lighter, fresher and more pleasant. I love this fragrance on men. It's such a fresh and clean smell.
I love the smell, it's so clean and fresh.
Too many guys wearing it


i gave this as a present to my husband. it was bundled with a shower gel, so it was a good value for money at that time. the scent suited him, it's one of his favorites. it's good for every day use. but he stopped wearing them because too many people are wearing them
i love the smell, it is very fresh and 'manly'. nice container too, and you will get a good bargain if bundled with the women's version
a bit too popular, a lot of men wear this. some put them too much it can be overwhelming


I like this fragrance for men as it is a good one to wear on a daily basis. It is not overpowering but can be a drawback in that it is not long lasting either. This fragrance tends to be quite reasonably priced and is always good to buy if you want something not too expensive but does the job. It has a fresh scent which I believe most men would like and therefore makes a great inexpensive gift, allowing you to spend that bit extra on a gift set or something else.
Fresh scent for day wear; Not too expensive; caters most men
Not very long lasting


This fragrance has been around for ages and I still find it quite pleasant. It suits most age groups and has a fresh, clean scent that works well for most guys. If you are buying a gift for a male then this is a good choice.
I still really like this fragrance and for a while, I know of quite a few women who wore it as well. Its not a feminine fragrance but it also works ok on the right skin type for women.
Very distinctive and a lot of men seem to wear too much of it so it becomes very overpowering.


This is by far the best fragrance I've ever laid my nose on. The only scent that I prefer for my husband. The scent is not too strong yet it is very manly. It is lingering but not irritating to the nostrils. Fresh and clean scent that your man can wear all day long on all occassion. It is a must buy. Great to give to the special guys in your life. Can be used by young and old. From young adults to the middle aged. Once you tried it you wont stop using it.
great fragrance for men
nothing to dislike


Davidoff represents CLASS - buy online at Perfume Connection for a fraction of RRP - where you know they sell only genuine fragrances!
Great crisp and fresh smell. Relatively cheap at the moment - can be bought especially online for something in the vicinity of $50 for 100 ml online, which is cheap compared with a RRP of over $100. Just be careful with buying on Ebay and other non-reputable online websites because this fragrance in particular has been the subject of MANY MANY KNOCKOFFS.
has become so popular that many man now wear it which makes it somewhat less exclusive. you can find a fake version of this (which smells quite true to original) at almost any market for around $5 or $10 - which also detracts from the value of the original.


I have always loved Davidoff perfumes and Davidoff Cool Water Man is one of the ones I like on men. The fragrence is rather gentle so it leaves a long yet refreshing impression on people. I bought this as a present for a friend a while ago without knowing his taste but lukily it turned out that he likes it alot so I can assume it is a good gift idea as well if you are unsure of what their taste is like.
the scent is very refreshing and lasts for a long time
the bottle design is a bit boring


Fantastic, love the smell, which results in lots of use. This is the product to buy if you love your man, but be careful others may be attracted to him.
Smells terrific
use it too frequently


One of my all time favorites for my guy he smells beautiful without an overpowering smell. I also love the women's variety of the same perfume they are both heavenly.
I love the smell, there is something about it that just screams out watermellon and fruity sweetness.
Well it used to be the price but now it is really cheap around $50.


My hubby tried this fragrance after using Joop for a year. He has now decided that this is his favourite as it has such a wonderful and unique scent and lasts a long time! Only one or two sprays are needed and the bottle lasts a long time! Highly recommended!
The colour of the bottle is beautiful, it comes in very nice packaging, the smell is so fresh and crisp and lasts a long time, it makes my hubby smell amazing, the advertisements for cool water are pretty cool and convincing
It can be expensive and there are a lot of knock offs

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Cool Water Man
Release dateSep 2006
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