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Calvin Klein CK One

Calvin Klein CK One

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What happened to the scent?

I spray CK One on one spot, 2 or 3 good pumps and smell... there is hardly anything there!! Never mind after an hour. What happened to the scent. I used this perfume many years ago and I remember it being almost overpowering after several hours of wearing it. Now it is like spraying lightly fragranced water. I almost accused the store I bought it from of watering the perfume down until I read the reviews. Yes, in the 1990's it was a great perfume. But now it's barely there. What happened?

CK one dissapointed!!!! no value for money

I use CK one and love it dearly but the CK one that I bought recently does not smell like ck one and does not lasts. To an extend that cheap body sprays are even better last longer than the CK one . Can CK please help by looking into this

It's absolute rubbish!

How can Calvin Klein get away with selling such junk to the general public? This stench lasts all of 2 minutes, if you spray half the bottle on you? so they must be making a fortune, out of all those suckers that keep going back for more!

This smell is my life

One of my very first boyfriends used CK One and almost 20 years later when i smell a guy who is wearing it, my heart melts a little bit, i have a bottle myself to use occasionally, just wish it lasted a little longer, the smell lasts about an hour, perfect for a first impression smell


Male. Have used CK Truth, and CK One Summer, both of which are favourites, so thought I'd give One a try. It's not in the same league! Very light, a bit citrusy but little else. Doesn't last much even in Australian winter, but it is reasonably priced for a large bottle, which is just as well as you need to use quite a lot. I'm not sure I would buy it again.

its an ok scent

it lasts long enough i dont really think its great on projection but nobody isnt going to like your scent if you wear this and that is my review on calvin klein ck one


Its really good! I am using it from 2005. My friends and other people of circle appreciate it! Its in affordable price which is also a plus point! For all season relaxing fragrance make me happy and fresh! Use of it is like adding to beauty! I am lovin it!!!


Whether it's matched with formal attire or casual clothing, this fragrance is indeed an "essential" accessory for any man - or women. It's classy-essence and crisp smell definitely deserves to be used by many. It works in all seasons: Summer, Autumn, Spring and Winter. Again, whether you pair it up with warm clothing in the colder seasons or use it with clothing for summer, this is a definite must. Highly recommended!
Luxurious fragrance

Love it

I get positive comments on "One" all the time. I like wearing this scent to work, its not to over the top. Its also good in summer, i feel it is crisp, clean & airy. The fact that it is a unisex scent also appeals to me, in fact, my husband and i both wore it when we got married.
I feel it is crisp, clean & airy

Tried and tested classic from CK

I have been using this fragrance since I think the mid 1990s! Its staying power says it all. This is a good, clean citrusy fragrance which can be used by both men and women. It is a classic scent by Calvin Klein and sells for a moderate price
It has a great clean smell, and enlivens the senses
There is nothing I do not like about this fragrance


This is such a nice clean smelling fragrance. It smells so fresh and orangey and I guess it is unisex. I bought it at a very low price a couple of years ago, I think it has gone up a bit now. But you can still find it lower priced at some of the chemists. I think its best for summer use because its so light.
I drove out to another pharmacist to buy this one from them because they had it on special. And it was worth it! It smells so fresh and clean, and it is unisex which is very unique.
I have a feeling that its meant for the younger crowd, so I dont know if older or slightly older people can wear it?


Started wearing it when it first came out. Great simple smell you can wear everyday if you wish. It seemingly goes away as the day progresses but you still get nice wiffs of it once in a while which indicates that it actually stays on even if you don't notice it all day. It's a light fragrance so you're not going to "skunk" out your collegues in the small office with you. I've tried it layering with ck one soap, deoderant, and the spray itself, gets pricey unless its in a gift pack. great for girl or boy!
Fresh, simple, young, non-overpowering smell. Great modern clean packaging/bottle.
Gets expensive and doesn't stay seem to notieably stay on all day to the user/wearer. Layering will help with this.


this fragrance was originally sold as unisex and now more marketed for males. it is very very citrusy. you do get alot of fragrance for a low price and it is calvin klein which is a pro if it is sitting on your dressing table. probably more suited to young males or females. can be found everywhere in shops and online. probably the largest amount of designer frangrance you will get at such a low price. if you like citrus scents then you will probably really like this one. dont expect it to last all do though.
alot of bang for your buck
not a great scent


CK One is one of the few true unisex perfumes on the market. I find most perfumes smell too much like toilet spray for my liking whereas CK One has a gentle but pleasant scent. I've often had people make compliments when I'm wearing it. It's not cheap but if you're only going to own one perfume (or share one with your other half) then this is the one to go for! Try pick up a bottle duty free.
One of the only perfumes that smells better on you than it does it the bottle


It's a nice fresh fragrance, more for boys perhaps but can also be worn by women. When this perfume came out in the 90's it was so overused though. Every second teenager seemed to wear it therefore I'm still a bit over it, but it is a lovely smell.
One of very few unisex fragrances. It has a fresh and crisp smell. Very pleasant.
After being overused by so many in the 90's I am over it.


CK One was first released about 10 years ago, but I still enjoy using this fragrance now. It has a wonderfully distinctive fresh, fruity fragrance that is noticeable without being overpowering and can be used everyday. It comes in a stylish, frosted glass bottle It's not too expensive to buy and can be found at most stores that stock perfumes and fragrances. Despite being 10 years old, CK One is still a popular frangrance due to it's refreshing scent and will keep it in mind when I'm shopping around.
Refreshing, fruity fragrance that you can use everyday
Scent starts to fade fairly quickly


A great fragrance on any men/boys. This fragrance can get too much if worn everyday because the scent gets very repetitive as a lot people tend to wear this fragrance. If you don't mind wearing a common fragrance, then it's a great fragrance for you. This is a great fragrance for men/boys who like the fresh scent.
Smells nice and fresh.
A very common fragance that men/boys wear.


This is my first door to fragrance world. it is a great and affordable for me. I tried it with some sample my friends gave me and love it so much and I am still using it after 10years ago.
It is good for mostly all casual occasions giving you a fresh, nice, energy scent making you feel young and enlight. It is also great for office use, small meetings provided you dont overdose it(1-2 press).
Great value for money, fresh scent and yet not too strong. Ease for those people with fragrance sensitivities.
Fresh, energy feels, natural


it is really good for day time and all occasions.
young, fresh and energectic can sense from this fragrance.
encourage young people to buy this product even though the packaging is not that attractive.
i used CK One when i was 19. it really suits young people as the scent is not strong. it gives you fresh, energectic and simple.
not long lasting and need to use it quite often.

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